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  1. Can somebody Verify the Numbers here? https://animesamurai.xyz/why-macross-delta-frontier/
  2. Well from episode 20, Max was promoted to 2nd Lt. to First Lt. (shoui to chuui). I would assume that the guys that were with him during the Shao Pai Long movie were in his command. But during the episodes of love concert (episode 22) he was still flying with Hikaru. So we don't know when he actually assumed command and got his VF-1J. Well from the watcher's point of view, custom paint jobs are there such that you can identify who is flying in the middle of battle. I wonder what would happen if they just colored them all brown hehe. But from the macross point of view, I'm not sure. They usually don't point out valkyrie colors until Milia colored the VF-17S in Red in M7.
  3. Ranka Lee is another inconsistency I guess. She is Quarter Zentradi (But I think so is Mirage). And besides Ranka, which Zentradi had moving hair?
  4. Who's idea was the "Milky Road" anyway, that you can travel between city ships using cars and motorcycles? Good thing they made island cluster ships...
  5. He lack sense though, when you watch Dynamite Seven. He saw the whale poachers steal weaponry and during the shooting he tells them to stop and he then whips out his guitar and starts playing, with less regard to being caught in the crossfire.
  6. Here is another I was wondering about, When the Protodeviln were frozen, who was commanding the Supervision Army? I would assume directives based on the mind control. But without the leaders, the objective of the army becomes useless. And if there are still remnants of them, then there are still surviving protoculture right?
  7. If there was one thing that annoyed me with Macross 7 at first was the repetition of Basara with Planet Dance and Totsugeki Love heart in the first few episodes. If they had added one or two more songs I guess I won't be as annoyed (which they did as the series progressed) The Try again Finale was awesome though... Also, I don't know if I am amused or annoyed at the repetitive scene of Gamlin ejecting a laser cartridge and shooting Gavil in his Saubergeran with it in a number of episodes. Emerald Force didn't get much love in the series. It would be nice if the the Thunderbolts can bring down some of the vampires as well. Something I saw in Frontier where the 171s were cannon fodder until Machida. I wonder how would the Protodevlin fare when the face the Vajra?
  8. Well usual anime now run from 12 to 25 episodes, then extend it by seasons. The exceptions are the long running manga series like Conan, Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece. Those spanned hundreds of episodes. I remember reading about Macross only planned 27 episodes, the last being "Ai wa nagareru" which was the attack of the Macross along with Britai, Laplamiz and Kamujin's fleets. There was an additional order of 9 episodes. Have to verify that again though. Macross 7 had 49 episodes... I felt it was too long. But I guess it was profitable enough in Japan that it had also 2 Encore Episodes, 2 Movies (Fleet of the Strongest Women and The Galaxy is calling me, and an additional OVA Series (Dynamite 7) If there was something weird with the art was the Zentradi Ears... They become more elfin with each sequel... Milia... Mylene... Klan... Mirage... they are more like Zolan then Zentradi. Yeah, it would be nice if there was a focus on the Destroid Pilots. We have only seen Hikaru pilot a Spartan and a Lt. Dern pilot a Tomahawk. Protoculture is something I want to see in the future series. Why are there 0 survivors? Aren't some of the members of the Supervision Army that were brainwashed also protoculture?
  9. Question, Since harmony gold holds the trademark that they filed for, why does it go back to tatsunoko? Isn't distribution license different from trademark? I mean anybody can trademark anything as long as no one else filed for it right, regardless of who owns the intellectual property. So I can see that Tatsunoko cannot distribute the original series as well as long as HG holds on to the trademark. Or I am wrong?
  10. If Mylene and Emilia can generate a lot of song energy, and even Milia can sing, I think Mirage can do it too, unless she really is the black sheep of the family when it comes to talent.
  11. Yeah, but we were discussing that this is the same bacteria that almost killed Sheryl until she was saved by Ranka (magic or by blood transfusion in the movie). So only the bacteria inside Sheryl were stabilized. But did it influence the other bacteria that remained? I don't think Ranka was that powerful. So when the fold bacteria occupied other bodies it would be fatal to them as it was to Sheryl, unless it was magically programmed to stay in the guts. Also yeah, I looked that there were other Vajra Colonies other than the one that frontier encountered, because the song was actually meant for inter colony communication/breeding.
  12. Is the VAR syndrome fatal? This is the same fold bacteria that gave Sheryl a terminal illness. If it is spread out around the universe after the Vajra left, why aren't there reports of people sick with fold bacteria in their body?
  13. Giant Space Alien Military that doesn't mix genders and Ride Mecha? Hehehehe... Riding Battlepods or Power Suits? That would already scream lawsuit I think
  14. Well from that they tried to distance themselves to anything Macross, that ended in less than the expectations they set. Well I think they could still use the Mospeada Mecha instead, although when comparing spec by spec it is much slower and less powerful than the VF-1. The warship could be generic. The race of humanoid giants who also pilot mecha is a stretch though as that is a Macross idea.
  15. I've heard about that thinking caps thing, and it is weird. Current Macross Technology has BDI/BCS for use with Cyborgs as it takes too much concentration and stress for non-cyborgs to use it properly. I remember that Guld needed to empty his thoughts first before he could fly the YF-21. I never watched the Shadow Chronicles, but were there Macross terms used in that movie? Like Macross, UN Spacy, Zentradi, the UN Spacy Logo?
  16. Owarimonogatari Season 2. Just Finished Mayoi Hell
  17. Harmony Gold Trademarked the name "Macross" in the US other terms like U.N. Spacy, the Logo. So unless we remove the word "Macross" from all animation, as well as the other terms that they trademarked, they could still block it, AFAIK.
  18. Voltron had it's reboot, Thundercats had it's reboot, even He-Man. We have had a lot of 80's animation reboots but if Harmony Gold really has all the rights to the Macross IP they should have done it already, I mean they could have asked Tatsunoko for funding if that were the case. But maybe they actually know they can get sued if they try to make one. Or maybe they attempted to and Tatsunoko or any other company would not sponsor it.
  19. Here is a question, var syndrome is affected by the apples and the water, right? So if Federal NUNS suddenly appeared, they won't be affected by King Ketchup's singing right?
  20. Well to be fair, Alto and Hayate seemed to be the only one acting their ages. Hikaru, Max and Kakazaki were 16~17 years old. Hikaru fluctuated by showing a lot of Maturity (when asked about Zentradi Acceptance into the ship) to switching from Misa to Minmay in each episode. Max was asking himself if he can be a good squadron leader when he was given one. And Kakizaki thought that going to a nice place meant going to a night club. They should not be 16~17. Hahahahaha! Gamlin is 17, prefers enka to rock and roll, he acts more like an old man though. Basara acts more like a child at 21 Alto had teenaged angst, based from his relationship with his father and what he wanted in life. Hayate was a Hakuna Matata kind of guy. Well we have these ages because the target audience is close to that I guess. Ken Washio is 18, Joe Shimamura is 18, Amuro Ray is 16, Ken'ichi Go (of Voltes V) is 18, Koji Kabuto is 16. Only Isamu and Guld were older at 24
  21. I dunno, I kinda got turned off by Delta during the second half of the series up to the point that I wasn't really excited when an episode was coming. And it was always a 5 vs. 5 (or 4) matchup. I'm not sure if the staff got lazy. Comparing Macross Episode 27: Ai Wa Nagareru or Macross Frontier Episodes 24~25, Episode 26 felt, I dunno, less epic and it was like just the delta squadron and the knights vs. Roid's forces. I know it was more focused on the singing but in that case, Basara wins in Macross 7's final battle. Well I do hope the movie does better...
  22. In this case it's not valkyrie, it's Walkure. I think it was actually Walkure that sparked the demand for this instead of the merchandise. It's kinda like Macross Delta existed because of Walkure. Hehehe! But I do hope there are more battroid battles.
  23. Didn't they say there were a lot of Zentradi Fleets scattered around. Did Chlore's Fleet have the same size as Bodolza's or was it reduced because of DYRL. As I recall the fleet in the First TV series was really massive. 4 million ships in all. Would doing a new series with a macross colony given their advanced tech encounter a fleet out there would interest watchers?
  24. But would a movie about transforming fighters against a race of humanoid giants bred for warfare already refers to Macross. I mean, what other series had those? If I remember correctly, the Shadow Chronicles killed off the Zentradi so they won't be able to include them. Not to mention they never used that word in the first place. How would the reimagining look like then? Hmmmmm...
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