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  1. Made my order for a Strike Pack. Piss easy! Now I gotta agonize over getting one or two more...
  2. Just placed the order on NY @ 29900 yen shipped. Ridiculous but whatever. What a dumb preorder process.
  3. I don't remember...was Nin-nin successful at fulfilling orders in the past?
  4. I clicked on add to cart and it was over.
  5. Sounds good to me buddy.
  6. I was replying to the other dude. I agree with you here.
  7. At this rate I don't know but I still doubt there is gonna be madness for the fast packs.
  8. Agreed. A little empathy is nice
  9. So what's your point? We can complain about a process that is still lacking right?
  10. What do you mean why are we complaining? Maybe it worked out for you because you got lucky. The rest of us saw jack happen for an hour.
  11. I'm 565 at NY. Surely a ticket system designed by idiots. Hahaha
  12. Night wasn't a complete loss. I got the two Figuarts Star Wars figures, Bulma, and the samurai Kylo Ren figure at least.
  13. Damn, HLJ. Im just trying to buy Figuarts Bulma and you error out on that? Great web design there.
  14. I'm happy with my Yammies and Arcadias. I really don't need to collect 1.48 so the scalpers can go screw themselves. Also, Bandai's loss
  15. Agreed. Their new websites are bloated crap.
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