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  1. Okay, had a weekend with the 1/60 YF-19. Transformed it a few times, no issues (as in stressed plastic). Although the connection between the nose fusalage does worry me a bit. But not too shabby all around. Just wish it wasn't 200 bucks...
  2. The finacee informed me that the box arrived today, so I'll be able to vote soon. The crooked gunpod and landing gear might irk me a bit, but overall I really won't mind too much (especially since there are fixes for those). What will bug me is if any of the breakage occurs. Which will resort in me having to repack and return to BBTS. I think why the YF-19 is getting loads of crap was the price. Okay, the original 1/48 VF-1's may have had problems, but look at the price? $130-145 bucks. Still no chump change (some parts on my car costed that much), but a little easier on the wallet then 20
  3. Got the news that mine is coming in today, YAY! Hopefully no issues. Anyway, I've been seeing a lot of b1tching about the problem, but what about correcting it? Perhaps there should be a "how-to" to correct any Yamato flaws (like a little glue here, etc). Graham, thoughts?
  4. I finally got around to watching the first two discs, not too bad so far.
  5. Still patiently waiting for my YF-19 (BBTS still has not shipped mine yet). Hoepfully I will not experiance any of the same problems you fellas are. Although I find this thread very informative.
  6. Wow. Wish I checked this thread before I placed my order. In any case I don't anticipate transforming the YF-19 multiple times, so I should be good?
  7. Thanks! BTW, Chowser and UN Spacy were both great to work with, thanks again fellas!
  8. Hmmm... If you do not intend to play with it too much, I say okay. Otherwise forget it and hope that their QC improves with the Lancer one.
  9. I was able to return my busted arm Alpha last week and got a new one yesterday. While nothing has falled off (yet) the legs will not come all the way out and the arms when in figher mode, do not connect with the legs very well. F Toynami. What the hell kinda QC does that company have????
  10. So, I got my blue Alpha last week, and I was the victum of bad QC by Toynami. 3 strikes for that company (I'll explain more shorty...) Anyway, back to the Alpha... Yes, my missile hatch on the right should fell off and to add insult to injury, it appears that Toynami glued the swivle joint on the upper right arm. When I tried to turn ir, the arm snapped off! ... I was a wee bit ticked. I'm gonna try to see if I can return it for a new one, wish me luck! Anyway, back to Toynami. 1st Strike - MPC VF-1S, the head lasers were super loose. I had to use tack putty to be able to hold them into pl
  11. Well, I finally convinced myself to pick up an Alpha (despite the fact that now I own a G35 Coupe and the payments are killer, lol). Anyway, the only reason I pick ed it up was that when it is combined with the Beta, the fighter looks so damn cool! Is a Beta coming out any time soon?
  12. My inventory: 4 - 1/48 (Strike VF-1S Roy and Hikaru, Super VF-1A Max, VF-1A Low Viz) 4 - 1/60 (VF-1D, VF-1S Roy, VF-1A Cannon Fodder, Q-Rau Miria) 2 - 1/72 (FAST pack VF-11B, FAST pack YF-21) Also, there will be one more added to the list shortly... the VF-1J GBP 1/60.
  13. Alright BBTS and TMP, when's it coming here... May's almost over y'know.
  14. I dunno about the rest of you, but generally, I like the design (upper legs/hips look a bit bizarre). Also wish Yamato would go would print the skulls on, too. 1/100 scale? Isn't that gonna be small? Also, the most vital question: WHEN THE F^$% IS BANDAI GONNA GET MACROSS ZERO TO THE US?!!
  15. Actually, that does not mean it is a limited edition. Miria 639 is her desiginated name in DYRL because the Zentradi were all clones, so I suppose the "639" is a serial number. thanks...actually...I was trying to be funny...guess there was only crickets after that joke... thanks ladies and germs, Ill be here all week...new material every night!! WOKA WOKA! My mistake. To my defense I posted that early in the morning.
  16. Actually, that does not mean it is a limited edition. Miria 639 is her desiginated name in DYRL because the Zentradi were all clones, so I suppose the "639" is a serial number.
  17. Right on, well put VF-18S! I don't have too big of issues with my room (although my collection is big, not many of my friends/family see my room, so it don't matter). Now, my cube at work on the other hand... I do have a few anime posters on it along with some little Macross and Eva figurines. SOmetimes some co-workers see that along with my numerous car pictures and think "Oh, God...".
  18. hmmm... '03 saw a big spike in anime/toy spending... so I would have to say toys alone come out to the neighborhood of $3,500. Including anime = $7,300. Stupid God damn hobby! Although, luckily I have a pretty good career, so that helps(especially saving for the $12,000 down payment for my caribean blue G35 coupe in June '05).
  19. Got mine from BBTS yesterday. That thing is BIG, really messing up my arrangement of my room. hmmm... I think I may need some more shelves... Now, about the toy. Very cool, and best of all, I don't have to but no #$^#%ing decals on! Although an articulate Miriya figure along with a removable helmet would have been nice.
  20. Funny stuff, very funny stuff. Especially, the race and Seagal Vs. Alien
  21. That's disturbing... Amusing, sure, but disturbing none-the-less
  22. From the pics I've seen, the visor/helmet does not appear to be removable (bummer ). Hopefully, BBTS will get them in soon. Speaking of which, Joel from BBTS informed me that the GBP Armored VF-1J was not delayed and it will be shipping to them in about 2 days. That would be sweet, if I come home from my vacation in Vegas and low and behold! The Armored VF-1J, Q-Rau, and my Bandai Super VF-1S arrive at my house!
  23. MAY??!! You got to be freaking kidding me!! Graham, is this true? Hmm, maybe now would be an opportune time to use my credit at BBTS towards the Super Miriya Power Armor (aka Q-Rau).
  24. I was just checking it out on RT's site. It did not say anything about it being 1/55. Hopefully Toynami will up the scale for the Alphas. I dunno if I will pick it up though, not too big of a fan of the Alphas of Mospeada for that matter. Now, the Alpha+Beta on the other hand... On a semi-related note, BBTS buys back old (or fairly recent) toys and I was thinking of selling back alll my MPC Valks w/armor to upgrade to either: A. 3 TV Super VF-1J 1/48's: Hikaru, Max, Millia -or- B. 1/60 Yamatos: S Max, S Millia, S. Hikaru, VF-1S Roy. Decisions, desisions...
  25. Now, a beter pic of my shelfs with the 1/48's and MPC 1/55's. Now, If i can only figure out were to put my Low Viz when the 1/48 Hikaru comes in... EDIT (Another bright pic, stupid camera...)
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