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  1. Wanted: YOU

    Hello. I have my own site, but I'd love to contribute. You can contact me via gmail ghostlightning[at]gmail[dot]com, or via google wave ghostlightning[at]googlewave[dot]com. Just visit my site to see what I've done so far in terms of Macross love, and anime/manga in general. I have some very specific ideas too, if you're interested; but I'd rather not discuss them here (also I don't get to visit this forum as much as I'd like).
  2. We Remember Love

    New Post! Discovered Deculture: My Fair Minmay ~ Dreaming Prelude
  3. We Remember Love

    New Post! The Sighs of Kawamori Shouji: Macross Frontier 10
  4. We Remember Love

    New Post Oh Macross, It’s Just a Popular Song, of Course it Was a Love Song: Do You Remember Love?
  5. We Remember Love

    We Remember Love updates every 48 hours. Macross related posts update every week either Friday or Saturday. Check the Archives! Here are the Macross-related articles
  6. We Remember Love

    New Post: Friendly Fire: Macross Frontier 09 (How many ongoing narrative plot points is effectively moved forward despite telling a side-story; it’s a feat indeed)
  7. We Remember Love

    New Post! Macross Frontier 08 PISSES ME OFF: We Remonstrate Love
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    New Post! An Introduction to Warfare in Macross: First Fight (Macross Frontier 07)
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    New Post! The False Farewell: Macross Frontier 06 (Bye Bye Sheryl)
  10. We Remember Love

    NEW POST! How to Date an Idol Excerpt:
  11. We Remember Love

    New Post! Moé Just Doesn’t Cut it: Macross Frontier 04 (Miss Macross) Excerpt:
  12. We Remember Love

    New Post! Powerful Dialogue Sells the Show: Bakemonogatari 03 (Mayoi Snail 1) and Macross Frontier 03 (On Your Marks) Excerpt: There are two kinds of dialogue that I consider excellent, and while some shows may only have one of each, both add considerable value to the experience of watching them. These are: Expositional, qualified by economy (no text dumps explaining how the world works); and Color, often characterized by (but not limited to) capriciousness and cleverness (adding oodles of character to the characters participating in the conversation), also it is about something. For the purposes of this discussion, I mean dialogue simply as the words in the script (not strictly distinguishing exchanges between two or more characters). In this post I’ll look at two episode threes as examples: Macross Frontier, and Bakemonogatari. Continue reading ‘Powerful Dialogue Sells the Show: Bakemonogatari 03 (Mayoi Snail 1) and Macross Frontier 03 (On Your Marks)’
  13. We Remember Love

    New Post: Drawing a Triangle: Macross Frontier 02 (Hard Chase) Excerpt:
  14. We Remember Love

    New Blog Post! I started the blog when Macross Frontier was already completed, so I kind of missed the ship. But now I've practiced a lot on some other anime so I can give this show the love that I've always wanted to give it. And so I share: yakk! deculture: a close encounter with macross frontier See you all there!
  15. Ask Warsaw Philharmonic about Yokko Kanno

    So cool. Here are my questions: 1. How did you feel when you found out that your music will be a score for animated works? 2. When you first worked with Ms. Kanno, she wasn't a known/established musician; what did you expect coming into the project, and how was she different or similar to what you expected? 3. What are your favorite pieces (consensus)? (Name 3-5 and the shows they are from)