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  1. Old Man


  2. Better get some cellophane on those bad boys
  3. Where's a good place to pick up some cellophane? Amazon?
  4. Hey David, how many valk boxes do you think can be stacked before bowing ensues? I have some of my doubles bubbled wrapped and stacked, but now I'm worried about the bowing.
  5. Old Man

    Hi-Metal R

    I was thinking the same thing
  6. Old Man

    Hi-Metal R

    1 at HLJ and 2 at AmiAmi. I'm a happy camper
  7. Old Man

    Hi-Metal R

    Much appreciated!
  8. Old Man

    Hi-Metal R

    I would have to agree...but I'll still bite
  9. What a beauty! Looks like it would coming right out of the Yamato factory. I wish I had the skills and cajones to paint mine up.
  10. Weak!!! I might have to pass on the Premium Finish Version after all
  11. I have a few T-Rex soldiers myself, and the only one that's painted yet is the one that I bought that way It would be great to see a buildup of your second Regult. Your first one turned out spectacularly.
  12. This is more appropriate in the 'Wanted' section, but check your PM.
  13. Well, at least you still have the HDP Regult, and a T-REX Zentradi Soldier to boot. I love seeing any and all photos you have of them! I recall you mentioning you had a second Regult. Any plans for a DYRL? version?
  14. No Cavaliers, Angel Birds, or VF-X for you, Ignacio?
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