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  1. Awesome! What scale and brand is that Abrams tank? Might have to get one myself.
  2. Hobby Master. 1/72 scale. You can get it here: https://www.flyingmule.com/products/HM-HA19011
  3. Personally, I would deny, deny, deny! Kids crave what they can't have! And when they become adults, I'm hoping for a backlash where they try to get back at me by buying their own collection! . . . j/k
  4. I could've gone into Hot Wheels collecting but I realized early on that they didn't really fit my tastes. Pretty much gave away the 100 or so I had collected. Decided to mainly stick to Tomica Limited Vintage and the occasional Kyosho for 1/64.
  5. I saw Nine-0-Nine first hand many years ago. Even climbed inside and checked out all the crew positions. Really sad and tragic news this is. Lives lost and a rare WWII classic destroyed.
  6. If you want to use a pen type panel liner, then GM20 Black, GM21 Gray, or the "Real Touch" markers should be safe. AFAIK, these are the ones that use water-based acrylic type ink.
  7. Here's my collection of 1/64 diecast cars. Mostly Tomica Limited Vintage Neo and Kyosho. How many can you identify?
  8. It's probably also a big wasting of money due to inefficiency. India could probably shave their inventory into 2 or 3 fighter aircraft types. There's plenty of well-proven fighter jets out there with plenty of service life years ahead and extensive support. The fact that they have 7 different fighter/strike aircraft types suggests rampant corruption, lack of committment, and/or years of not having a clear plan for their air force.
  9. 2 notes. 1. The USAF has never objected to nor neglected the CAS mission. Just because they don't want the A-10 doesn't mean they object to doing the CAS mission. It's a fallacy. 2. Even if the Army took the A-10s and AC-130s and setup it's own fixed-wing air division, it won't make a difference. Ever since the Goldwater-Nichols Act of 1986, the individual services do not conduct it's own war activities. As such, all air assets (USAF, USN, etc) are now under the control of a regional command (such as USCENTCOM during ODS) tasked to complete its mission. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldwater%E2%80%93Nichols_Act
  10. The problem with the Super Tomcat 21 is that it wouldn't have solved the heavy maintenance issues inherent to the Tomcat, the huge costs per plane, the increase in weight on a already super heavy fighter, the lack of any stealth features, and the disadvantages of variable-geometry wings in terms of agility. While it's unfortunate that the Super Tomcat 21 never happened, in retrospect I think the Navy made the right choice in purchasing the Super Hornet.
  11. My camera from 2007 started acting funny last year as well. Purchased a brand new one earlier this year once I learned that the RAF Red Arrows were making a North American tour. Went to the NY Airshow at Stewart Int'l Airport last weekend. My 3 best pics of the day. 2 of them are of the B-25.
  12. Also: "infamous Skull Squadron" ?
  13. Just make sure your camera is charged up and there's plenty of storage space in the memory card. The Boeing factory doesn't allow any cameras, including smartphones, inside though.
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