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  1. I have a 1/72 scale diecast model of this exact Tomcat. Come over to 1/72 scale.
  2. BTW Nausicaa will be in theaters next Monday and Tuesday as part of Studio Ghibli Fest 2019. https://www.fathomevents.com/events/nausicaa-of-the-valley-of-the-wind-studio-ghibli-fest-2019 I'm going to a showing on Tuesday. I've never seen any Ghibli film at a theater so this is going to be a treat.
  3. I like the idea of a gunship version of the SB-1 Defiant that Sikorsky-Boeing teased.
  4. While the powered exoskeleton or powered armor concept is nothing new and has been around in real life and fiction long before 80's anime, the designs as we anime fans think of today probably starts with illustrations seen in the 1977 Japanese translated printing by Hayakawa Bunko of Heinlein's Starship Troopers. The illustrations done by Katou Naoyuki and the mech design by Miyatake Kazutaka (both who were with Studio Nue). This design is considered by some anime fans to be the starting point of Gundam and all other anime-style powered suits and "real robot" piloted mech.
  5. Pleasantly surpised that there are two baseball themed anime this season with Cinderella Nine and Mix. Of the two, Cinderella Nine has more of my attention as Mix is based on Adachi Mitsuru's manga series which I have been reading for the past 6 years.
  6. Where did you get it? I'm looking for one as well, but prices for these have been too high for my wallet.
  7. In general, all models from the higher end diecast aircraft manufacturers are limited. Typically around 1000 to 2000 pieces. Usually higher amounts for the first few releases of a given mold.
  8. 99% correct! The JASDF Phantom is a F-4EJkai of 8 SQN which also wore the blue-on-blue camo. Can't fault ya there as you couldn't see the tail marking and it's also hard to see the ASM-2 missile hanging from the pylon. The Mirage is indeed a Mirage 2000.
  9. Only the Sanka Mk.B is fully diecast. From a company called Organic (I've never heard of them). The ads said it was 1/72 scale but in hand, the size of the model fits in better with 1/100 scale. The Crusher Joe Fighter-1 and Fighter-2 are from Wave. They come fully painted and built. All plastic. The Super Sylph Yukikaze and Mave Yukikaze are from Alter. They come fully painted and built. All plastic. These are truly amazing pieces that look like they were made by expert kit builders. The real life JASDF jets are half-diecast half plastic magazine pack-in models from DeAgostini Japan. The Mirage 2000 and MiG-29 are the Amercom brand half-diecast half-plastic models (which I believe are also magazine pack-in models). The prop fighters are pre-painted kits from Doyusha that you have to put together with a bit of glue.
  10. My 1/100 scale aircraft collection. Can you ID all of the non-Macross aircraft?
  11. Vifam7

    Hi-Metal R

    Quite possibly the best from Bandai's Hi-Metal R lineup. All it needs is a bit of panel-lining to bring out the details.
  12. Vifam7

    Hi-Metal R

    Mine arrived from Amazon JP today. The package is much smaller than I thought it would be - which is good as I'm running out of places to store all these boxes.
  13. Vifam7

    Hi-Metal R

    Just for reference, here's a size comparison between the Hi-Metal R and the Wave 1/100 kit.
  14. In preparation for the Super Robot Wars T game, I watched Expelled from Paradise. It touches on familiar sci-fi tropes and topics but it was overall enjoyable. Shame that it was only a 1hr40min movie. It could've easily been an OAV or TV series, but then it might've not had the brilliant CG animation quality. I had a feeling that Itano Ichiro was on the staff as there was a good amount of Itano circus going on.
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