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  1. Bandai DX VF-31

    my Messer parts are still just sitting in LA customs since 11/11. FAIL... Glad I have my wedding that I have completely planned and executed to keep my mind off that slight annoyance in my life! LOOOL! So I have to set the record straight, I hadn't checked the actual USPS Tracking website, only the link from NY. LA Customs only had it on the 11th and 12th and sent it on it's way to to Fort Worth...however... UPDATE! Just checked again and now I see this! HAHA-- It was on its way to Fort Worth on the 15th, but apparently it wanted to go down to San Antonio for a margarita and some mexican food! Your item arrived at the Post Office at 5:58 am on November 17, 2017 in SAN ANTONIO, TX 78218.
  2. Bandai DX VF-31

    Soooo...I have NEVER had my stuff from Japan go through LA before--always has come to Chicago and then down to Texas..NEVER have I waited more than 3 or 4 days for an EMS package to get to me...this time...NY sent it to LA. AND THERE IT STILL SITS!!! WTF???!!! over a week now?! (Referring to my Messer Super Parts) IF i didn't have my own wedding in 2 days I might be slightly pissed right about now...
  3. Predators in 2010

    I enjoy re-watching Predators every now and then. It was a decent flick. I was hoping for a sequel eventually!
  4. Kidslogic robotech SDF-1 statue

    I do actually like the base!
  5. Predators in 2010

    impressive collection!!!
  6. 1/48+fp's, 1/60+fp's, 1/72, 1/2k, 1/3k,1/100 and now 1/144

    absolutely! Iove that shot!
  7. Prime 1 Studio Non-Scale VF-1

    I have it on all my 1:60 VF-1J's -- it's kinda like the "TURBO" thing in the 80's. Put "TURBO" on it, it just makes it cooler!
  8. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Looks great! Awesome job!
  9. Prime 1 Studio Non-Scale VF-1

    I agree wholeheartedly...this thing just looks horrible proportions wise. Cool idea I guess, but NO WAY I'd pay that for one even if it didn't look like *&*^

    I will admit....these look pretty darn good from this pic....I might jump on the wagon if Jenius gives this a halfway decent review! I would love to have all 3 if they cut the mustard!
  11. Hi-Metal R

    Finally found a use for the fiancés antique hatbox dresser... and no.. she isn't home right now...
  12. Hi-Metal R

    WOW! Must have one of those!!!
  13. Hi-Metal R

    I worried about the tightness of the regults joints from the get go. I didn’t think they were tight enough out of the box so it wouldn’t surprise me if people’s start going bad quickly..hopefully someone has a fix.
  14. The Transformers Thread Next

    On mine the plug in the gun barrel was not glued in at all, pulled right out, almost fell out. The silencer was a different story, it was glued in rather well. I drilled a pilot hole through the center then managed to get it out with a pair of pliers. Got most of the glue residue off with goo gone after that. Annoying.
  15. Hi-Metal R

    This will be my first anything from Macross II -- I'm pumped for this little guy!
  16. Macross Island Diorama

    amazing stuff!
  17. Bandai DX VF-31

    After I chatted online with them yesterday, and asked them politely what the deal was, oddly my order shipped out last night!
  18. Netflix Original Stranger Things

    Yeh, Nancy and Will's brother didn't really have a whole lot going on this season, other than the "so, how was the pull out?" scene, which pretty much made me crack up!
  19. Bandai DX VF-31

    Sadly I can't join in the happy news of NY shipping to me yet...sucks, I've never had a delay of this length from them. Also, oddly, it shows I have another Drakken Parts set on order with my Messer parts...which I'm 99% sure I didn't order..hmmmm....I totally do NOT need another set of those. Guess if they ship to me I'll have them up for sale here the next day.
  20. Netflix Original Stranger Things

    Steve totally became my favorite character this season, when the season started, I was like oh god, not Steve again, but once they paired him up with Dustin, and they got rolling, I really enjoyed his character the rest of the time. Those two have some good chemistry together on screen.
  21. Macross Island Diorama

    I am totally in love with this project!!! Can't wait to see it complete!!!