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  1. LOVED this episode!!! Can't wait for more! Rosario Dawson absolutely NAILED the character. Always liked her in other things I've seen her in.
  2. Runabout front cockpit and transporter room complete. People and chairs coming later.. Taking votes for easter egg black tie fighter pilot repainted in Trek colors standing at the console or in the transporter... LOL
  3. I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Prowse a few years ago at a con in Irving. He wasn't in the best of health even then. A very humble, gentle giant of a man. I shook his hand and his hand engulfed mine (I'm not a small guy), paid for him to autograph one of the pics they were selling at his table. It sits behind me in my Star Wars case behind my Master Replicas Darth Vader ESB saber. I'll never forget meeting Darth Vader. RIP sir. Thank you for all the memories!
  4. Yeh. Same here! Don't forget a Goliath transforming truck too!!!
  5. @TangledThorns - The Crown is next on my list after I slodge through ST Disco.
  6. I'll more than likely try to snag a 1D since its TWE.
  7. Thanks @Chronocidal. Yeh, I had warm white and cool white LED's, but I'm a warm white interior kinda guy for Trek interiors, especially Starfleet stuff. I haven't decided how to pull off the windows yet, but I was considering a slight blue tint to either the plastic ones that come with the model (easier and pre made to fit, but will lose clarity into the front and rear areas where all my hard work will be seen) OR just make custom window sheets out of lighting gel (harder only because of those canted front two cockpit windows). Stay tuned!
  8. amazing video transfer there! Best I've ever seen Plus look.
  9. Back when men were men, women were women and cartoons were made for adults, but kids loved them. They worked on both levels. That was the brilliance of the old cartoons.
  10. Great update @MechTech! That's some tiny detail work! Welcome back @CrossAir! Over here we've got some actual work being accomplished on the Runabout. Stripping of the Cat's Eye back down to the resin still goes on slowly out in the garage from time to time...
  11. Cool video. I don't think that thing is gonna ever make it to a museum. Shame. I hope I'm wrong.
  12. Well!!!, I got through Season 1, wow...I mean yeh, it was...different...I could sit hear and trash a lot of it, but I gotta say I did like the alternate universe stuff, Michelle Yeoh is awesome as the evil Empress. I liked Lorca turning out to be super evil bad guy. I liked him a lot, guess he's vapor now though. Anywhooo, I watched the 1st episode of Season 2 last night. Man, that Enterprise sure does live up to the hype! Gorgeous! Obviously, Anson Mount as Captain Pyke is the highlight so far, and I don't care what anyone says, I love Tilly!!! She's my favorite female on the show! I have
  13. Whoa -- I thought I was pretty up on my 80's aviation, but I have never seen that thing before!!!
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