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  1. OMG I NEEEEED that Homer Simpson designed car!!!!
  2. My AutoArt Bugatti Veyron came with a little rounded on one end tiny metal tip on the other end little smudger thing for opening the doors on the car. It was PERFECT for helping flip out landing gear doors, tiny flaps, doors etc on Valks, I don't know what I did with it though!
  3. That is freakin awesome! I need to find some of that Hobby Lobby Metal pattern stuff!!!
  4. It'll be fun to see if they copied any of the Newage Seekers engineering or came up with something ridiculously over-engineered and super expensive...like they've been doing..
  5. Pre-ordered a set of TV Supers for my Rickaru 1J from Anime Export. Still available.
  6. Sneak preview of Sunday funday at the Bandai workbench! No paint, no nothing, just straight out of the box.
  7. @borgified -- maaaybe, I want to, so I can make a space bridge out of the bases, but summer funds are super tight around here, and if I do anything I want to pre-order the Magic Square Megs...
  8. Dark and Hannah are on my list for sure. I binged the four part Jeffrey Epstein Filthy Rich documentary on Netflix yesterday. Yikes...what a nut case! Good watch actually. Definitely some shady sh*t going on behind the scenes of that whole debacle!
  9. @CrossAir, I own the weathered edition of the Aoshima, got it when it came out, while an awesome piece, the motor stopped working after not many uses, and there are just two pilots in the front cockpit and then a grey wall. No "Dom" area. Also one the door hinges doesn't close all the way, and the weathering is a bit weird, kind of like the old Yamato Rickaru Weathring Specials. I guess the point here is, it's cool, but not worth a ton of $$$ on Evilbay.
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