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  1. Damn! I might be in for that.....but the Ewan Obi Wan series just announced as well???!!! Disney might have my monthly money with both!
  2. I thought I had read the same. And that "they" were gonna go with an female non white bond...guess that died quick.
  3. Didn't we already GET a bond in Jamaica with a lot of weird voodoo type stuff back in the Roger Moore days? Keep bond in England/Europe/Russia or somewhere. (No offense meant to any Jamaicans here).
  4. ahhh, the memories to this day of that metal hitting your finger nail full force when you were a kid.....
  5. uhh ohh -- I saw it on Amazon or Netflix one the other day, and thought about watching it....no huh? run away???
  6. I always wondered if there was a massive "Dining Room" on Ent D somewhere that we never go to see in the show, or did people just return to their quarters for all meals and go to Ten Forward for fake alcohol/chocolate sundays and the occasional bar fight?
  7. loved the last one. Sooo brutal, but a good movie. I'm in for this one!
  8. Finally another Ghost X-9! Nice job!!! Looks good alongside the 21 and 19! Good luck on the Hase kit! Keep us posted!
  9. True....but honestly, if you could pick any ship to be on for like 5 years, gotta be Ent-D! Soooo huge and luxurious! It would be my pick, hands down!
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