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  1. Simple, I spend far more time in my office than in the back room of my house where these were just sitting and getting dusty...This way I get to display them where I can see them every day. I have lots of models and toys around my office. Never had a problem before this incident.
  2. Bad thing about having these at work, one of my employees came in and starting touching things. Next thing I know 3 have fallen off their stands and hit the ground. OF COURSE it was the very delicate Enterprise J....Yeh that nacelle broke right off. Another was the Nebula class that the radar dome thing and one nacelle popped off. Easy fix on that one, little glue and all is well. He's already ordered me a new Ent. J. I need to make a KEEP AWAY sign apparently! Some of them are very unstable on their stands and very nose heavy. Still..KEEP AWAY FROM MY STUFF ASSHAT! Freakin millennials!
  3. OG 1701 reporting in. 3 down... 4 to go..
  4. The LED's? Easy, if you're good at soldering in mid-air..LOL. Hind sight being 20/20 I should have measured it all out and wired them all together on a desk. Would have been much easier, but I was impatient and wanted it done. Buy a roll of the LED's and cut them into different lengths and practice a few times first making jumpers, you can buy solderless interconnects but those weren't going to look as clean as I wanted it to look. If you haven't done any soldering though, that might be the way to go.
  5. If Roy's not next then I dunno. Max DYRL? I don't think ANYONE on earth can predict Bandai. I mean just look at HM-R. Jeeeeez...That line has all but stopped for all intents and purposes. where's the rest of my Destroids Bandai FFS...
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