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  1. Looking epic as usual @electric indigo! Love the paint scheme!
  2. If you guys haven't yet, check out Takeoff Models Full Build videos on his channel. He's good. Very good. The Osprey is the newest vid. I watched it at lunch today. I've learned a few good little tips and tricks from watching his videos.
  3. I can vouch as well, I have that one and it is great!
  4. Has anyone else seen this? His pre-production copy had some issues, but MAAAAN, I'm a sucker for anything 86 Transformers Movie! I kinda REALLY want one for ship mode!!!!
  5. I understand where @tekering is coming from. It really does become a fools errand as far as Southern Cross/Mospeada is concerned. When doing my Invids, I really didn't give a rip about the different color variations on the different media releases. I closed my eyes, thought about the colors 10 year old me saw on my TV back in 1985, and then went to the paint store/bench to try and match it, because to me, that's what I remember. Now when I look at them now on my shelves, they make me smile. (Baby crabs not pictured)
  6. If they make it, you will TRY to buy it..... fixed that for you..
  7. Yeh, there was a buttload of time put into that build, I'm sure he'll get a good price for it. I'd never pay that much, but someone out there might. I've only ever done 1 commission conversion/build and I charged $20 an hour because I'm not a professional by any means. It's amazing how quick the time ads up. You don't realize it when you're building for yourself.
  8. Comment HERE if you think @electric indigo should do a YouTube video channel on painting....
  9. That paint job is absolutely incredible! Holy $$$$! I just saw the price!
  10. @peter - Glad you are getting the hang of the decal situation! It's looking pretty good! I totally get where you are coming from! All decals are different from different companies, age is a factor as well. Looks like you are doing great all things considered! And yes, Model Chili also inspired me to buy the Enterprise set! He made it look much easier! LOL! They are definitely a "look at them from 3 feet away" kinda set once they are finished!
  11. Anyone building those Star Trek kits needs to know you have got to cut those saucer decals up into at least 6 different sections to apply them. I highly recommend going back and reading my build logs in this forum when I got to the decals. Warm water with a drop of dish soap in it. I like to keep the water warm! I have a small warming plate I put a bowl of water on. Also, don't start from the sides, start from the center and work your way out...LOTS and LOTS of Microsol. They are a pain, no doubt. I didn't have any tear on me though. In other Star Trek related news...Runabout c
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