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  1. derex3592

    Hi-Metal R

    those are freakin epic...
  2. I will freely admit I've heard seeing it in 3D in the theater was very cool, I didn't make it. I just can't do 3D for THAT long..or at all really. I, like @Dynaman, am glad to see the new 3D fad going away. Just give me IMAX 2D and I'm good go go for the REALLY big movies, Marvel/Star Wars etc...
  3. I never got why Avatar was so well received. I though it was a very mediocre film. Dances with Wolves with big blue Smurfs really.
  4. Eaglemoss is like buying that box of generic chocolates after Valentines Day on discount at the store...you know you're going to like moooost of them and most will be pretty good, but there's always those 2 or 3 out of the box that are just horrible... I can't speak to the XL line at all though. Just the small ships. If they do an XL Runabout though, I may have to cave in.
  5. I agree. It looks like an early prototype of the 4 engine ship that split into 3 parts in Voyager. Can't remember the name at the moment. I have the EM ship of it.
  6. Never realized the drop ship had 2 pilots on the top of it! Very cool! Was it ever shown in the show?
  7. Agreed. You definitely want the add on set with the 262. It's worth it.
  8. I kindaaaa wanted the VGER one. Basically just because in the movie you never reeeally get an idea of what the ship actually looks like as a whole, at least I don't remember it if it did.
  9. It's a cool Valk. I don't regret owning one. It's just so different! Transformation is complex, watch a video as you do it!
  10. Yeh---those look DAMN good. When's the pre-order or did I already miss it?
  11. Drooooool is now all over my keyboard. Thanks a lot @Lolicon.
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