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  1. I swear.... This is the kind of sh*t that just happens to me. Overnight in the garage, I left the freshly clear coated engineering section to dry overnight. Come back this morning to some kind of wrinkled up clear coat and paint. What the actual F*Ck?! I've never seen THAT before. Temp change??? It was unseasonably cool last night here. I got no other explanation. Saucer is fine, but it was inside thank God. I've sanded off the bad bits. Back to the paint bench today. FML.
  2. Loving the stainless steel mounts!
  3. derex3592

    Hi-Metal R

    GAAHHH!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY can't Bandai re-do the Frontier Valks in HM-R! They would sell like toilet paper!!!
  4. @sqidd LOVING that 3 on 1 Yeti stand setup!
  5. Clear coat down and dry. It has BEGUN!
  6. Looking good guys! Today is phaser strip day and beginning decals on the D. Base coat is down and cured. Tamiya Masking Tape For Curves is a lifesaver on this one! Highly recommended!
  7. Awesome project @tekering! What do you plan to do about the rail guns or whatever they are on the shoulders? THAT is the thing that drove me most crazy even as kid was the angle of those things in cruiser mode!
  8. I'm willing to bet most everyone here that has a DX has a few if not a LOT of Yamatoes. The Yamatoes are still more fun to just pick up and play with IMO. The DX is bigger/heavier/more fiddly. It's gorgeous yes, but it displays better than it plays. The Yammies do both. Just an old timers .02. Here endeth the lesson.
  9. I'll volunteer to be the "Is THAT shade of paint right for this particular version of this Mecha?" guy! --- Since obviously Arcadia doesn't seem to have one....
  10. Best Toy: Yamato: 1/60 V2 Arcadia: VF-0S Bandai: HM-R Destroid Monster Favorite Toy: Yamato: DYRL SDF-1 Arcadia: YF-19 Bandai: DX VF-1J
  11. P-R-O fessional photographers for product shots! --- plenty of those around here!
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