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  1. Weeelll.. F*ck.. So this happened today. Rickaru took a header off the top of a Detolf and instead of the carpet he went sideways into tile. Snap. Any ideas? I know these are fairly fragile figures and no where near Black Series figures quality, but dang, one fall? Kinda sux! Guess tomorrow I'll try the old drill and pin approach. Don't see another option if I want to maintain movement...
  2. Absolutely beautiful build! Love the weathering!
  3. AND I just noticed they carry paint now too! shhhhh...they aren't out of stock yet like most places so keep it on the DL until I get my order in!
  4. That's actually really funny @MechTech, I was just browsing the micromark website yesterday and looked at that very tool and thought hmmm....I might need one of those for PE parts for a certain ship model I have in my future! I could spend a small fortune on that site!
  5. I built a lot of those back when they came out. I just used regular Tamiya Liquid or Extra Thin Liquid Cement. Never had an issue. They are still perfect to this day in my display cabinets. I never had to use CA glue on them. They are EXTREMELY well designed and manufactured kits. I think most of, if not all the parts were undergated on the sprue trees as well, so take note of that when clipping them off the trees. Highly recommend magnifying glasses to assemble them if you're like me and your eyes aren't what they use to be! I only wish they had made more!!! Really wanted the ent
  6. Can we please see some pics of this from you guys that are gettting them?!
  7. Hope everyone's is ok and Bandai didn't Bandai everyone on this re-release. I'm REALLY hoping they re-release the Ozma 29. I'd be all over that. Sold all my 29's a couple of years ago and I miss looking at that one!
  8. Box came in the mail today... I blame @MechTechentirely for this... EDIT.. less than two minutes later....
  9. Absolutely love the color of that armor! Great job!
  10. Those are the two best Mac Zero Valks I've ever seen. Period. Amazing! ... and I FULLY understand your pain with the neck strain headaches!
  11. Sure, I'll try to get some pics up this week. Crazy work week for a change this week which is a good thing!
  12. Got the Cat's Eye pilots painted and into the cockpit. I just picked colors at random. Did my best. resin is hard for me to paint by hand with acrylics... clear cockpit pieces are still a problem. not sure how that's gonna get resolved. Hopefully next weekend I can get the plane repainted though!
  13. All I can think of is Seven Of Nine got a hold of all their planes and half assimilated them with Borg tech.....
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