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  1. I'm afraid if I got that apartment diorama, the 12 year old in me would have Rick and Minmay posed in naughty ways on the bed in about 3 minutes...
  2. Agree. It just needs tampo NO STEPS and other markings and it will look great. I'm not buying it, but it will look great.
  3. weeeell...it was a crazy busy work week and that was the spare 3 minutes I had to open it up and put it somewhere...LOL.
  4. BBTS finally came through on the KC Rick Hunter/Hikaru. These really are nice figures. I think they're ridiculously overpriced, but I'll be in for more of them. Feels like the figures we all have wanted for 30+ years.
  5. "You've got a friend in me....doo doo doo..." You guys know the words....sing along! . Semi cool morning here so we're painting Woody! Just using what I had lying around paint wise. Doing this the quick and easy way this time around, just painting on the sprues and then putting him together. Maybe a tiny bit of detail painting on his vest, that'll be about it I think. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of "Woody's Roundup!"
  6. I'm hoping for an encounter with the Enterprise F in full CG rendered glory!!!
  7. @505thAirborne I need a new scifi show to watch..should I try The Expanse?
  8. Does that mean Amazon US will get it as well????!!!!
  9. derex3592

    Hi-Metal R

    Agreed. Even though I'm passing on this release, that's how preorders SHOULD be for this stuff.
  10. @Lolicon is making me regret passing on Max.... #vetbills...
  11. Those Zen ships are spectacular. Can't wait to see them painted up. In other news, this new line finally showed up on Amazon with 1 day Prime shipping, hoping Bandai does more than just Buzz and Woody!!!
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