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  1. derex3592

    Hi-Metal R

    Ohhh dear....hmmmm..to repaint or not to repaint..that, is the question!
  2. derex3592

    Hi-Metal R

    Looks good! Got my shipping notification from AmiAmi this morning!
  3. Good. As much as I want with every fiber of my being to see Patrick Stewart in the role of Jean-Luc Picard once again, I lie awake at night cringing about what the writers/producers are going to do to his character...
  4. Nice! Thanks for the link to those! I'm getting a set! At 43 I need them ...LOL
  5. Favreau and Filoni will make this work I think. I'm willing to give it a watch.
  6. Can someone around here explain to me the difference, if any, between the 6 inch Black Series stuff and the "Archive" figures? I have a few Black Series that I like and would like to get a few more, I'm just confused now that I see the "Archive" packaging.
  7. derex3592

    Hi-Metal R

    If they don't release the Tomahawk next I'm gonna be very sad....Come on..finish out the Destroids FFS Bandai.
  8. derex3592

    Hi-Metal R

    Can't wait! Gonna be sweet!
  9. I'm going to see this for one reason only. Billie D Williams. Lando baby. I think JJ will deliver a solid movie.
  10. I don't own the old Yamato SV-51. Never got into Zero back in the day. However, I think we can all agree that Arcadia's VF-0S is an absolutely rock solid toy and in light of recent Bandai shannigans, I'm really tempted to give my money to Arcadia this time around as one of my high end toy purchases for the year. I want to believe Arcadia will do a n outstanding job on this one. And guess what???...I won't have an issue getting one when pre-orders open or even after it releases more than likely...
  11. Nope. not gonna do it. Principles.
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