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  1. come on !!!!!!! UGH.....Welcome to canada. Where you package takes 3 trillion years.
  2. I dont care about scaling I dont get why people do. The bigger the better. If to save costs to make a great figure means it being smaller than so be it if it means making a figure look fantastic i dont mind making a figure bigger. Thus I dont care about scaling. Just give me a fabulous figure. I dont care about toy armies. Im 45 not 10
  3. i got shipping notice on my AYOI aka black Mamba I had switched my pre-order from Toyworlds version to the Scorpion version and SZS updates now show the name of this called Weijiang formally known as Scorpion. And weijiang not to long ago used went by another name Model Wizard. So really they have three names, Scorpion toys, Weijiang and Model Wizard. This is due for release before march. Which if you look at the stand point from an announcement to go to market timelines is very efficient. Toyworld announced their version many months ago with 90% completed prototypes and yet they are stil
  4. I clicked on the figure selection who knew it wasnt
  5. Glad I cancelled toy World I really like this one more And Fire Scorpion is weijiang? Not Model Wizard...im confused. Looks like Weijiang was able to pump this out way before Toyworld. And my Ayoi version shipped yesterday. Poor Toyworld.
  6. I hate living in Canada. When it reaches canada crap gets shipped by man and pony. ugh
  7. sleeping on the job while making my Kampfer.....you just cant find good workers these days.......
  8. the legs look better on the Metal Club...
  9. crap i hate this collecting business. I looked at the Metal Club. I have the kysh with which is good quality the shoulder on the left is starting to sag a bit, nothing than a little nail polish could fix. I looked at my aged Metal Build Bandai Freedom looked at the Metal Club looked back the Bandai and said frakk it. I used my premium points and bit the wallet. Cei La Vie wallet. I hated you anyways
  10. the WuMing does the base light up
  11. Normally I toss the packaging so it really doesnt matter to me if it makes the final product that much cheaper and puts more money into QC. But frakk this was almost 200US. That is not acceptable.
  12. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av82636907/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.1 shinaju doesnt look bad
  13. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av65573725/?spm_id_from=trigger_reload
  14. Oh nooooooooooze....... https://www.bilibili.com/video/av82466606/?spm_id_from=trigger_reload
  15. I am telling you this will be released shortly so if you want it early pay in full or wait till end of march. Link was already provided
  16. guys if you want this you can pay and it will be shipped shortly
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