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  1. Which box was missing the part
  2. I think it looks nice. If this something you can do on your own build your own MG....something to think about
  3. woohoo I got my sazabi but its only the top half Plastic does seem ok The main body has some heft
  4. There are a lot of gripes in the ST and SW series. My biggest gripe is how all these species seem to intermix without catching a nasty bug that wipes an entire race of beings North american indians meeting the Europeans the first time..... I mean come on ...
  5. Delta is the dumbest of Macross shows.
  6. Its still better than getting a crumbling MG of it . But if Kuma is hard up on Saz. The RG is pretty good
  7. Also, since this was based off the MG v2 build i remember on my MG Saz. v2 also could not completely close the Funnel pods fully.
  8. I dont think that is the issue. I think its all due to it being rushed out the door. From the announcement to go to market these three, Sazabi, Sinaju and Kampfer were very quick to ship out to consumers. While the Kampfer, MOSHO didnt make any announcements and I suppose this thing was in the works for quite some time. The Sinaju may have had a good head start too. But the Sazabi was announced just mid summer last year... That is a very short time from prototyping, QA -prod runs and pick pack and ship. I think that is the issue. Im wondering if Nu wi
  9. The zeta is atrociously bad. I watched the early video transformations and I said nah im cancelling my preord. I think this will be MCs downfall. Best to stay away from Transforming gundams and let the Transformers do their thing If this was static then that would be the route to go As to Kuma's question The Sazabi is just the MG with some mods like the Booster engine, and other slight mods I will be happy with it regardless. Im not sure what a "DEFINITIVE" Sazabi would be as the MG for a time was the "definitive Sazabi" But if you look at MC's Ksh. That too was just a
  10. no. I sell my stuff on Kijiji locally. Its easier for me there. I turned out about $2400 in the last 2 months Cash is king. The whole shipping thing is exhausting. Also Ebay/Paypal sucks. Had an account for 20 plus years and it was ok until they went with that Global Shipping program. When I tell people how much to ship to USA and overseas the cost is so ridiculous most US and Overseas buyers just change their mind. Hence my desire to move to the US. I think I need to purge another 30% of my stuff
  11. IM trying to purge so much due to collecting over the years. 2 More detolfs and im out I got rid of 20% and I still need to purge to make it look clean hence the mess
  12. Thats gorgeous Cuckanada sucks
  13. Dont worry announced a year ago it will finally be ready to ship 2 years from now. Sort of like Toyworld and this WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS??? I think MC just abandoned this
  14. yeah but its been a number of times. Which seems to me now they have a good mass of customers they are starting to get sloppy And i think this is the new Bee. Its not what I wanted and its the knockoff which I dont want eaither the plastic is crumbling just sitting on my desk. SO I either want my money back and I will reorder through Robot Kingdom which is far superior or TF-Direct
  15. ShowZStore is starting to falter I ordered and paid in full and after a month to get this I got this And people wonder why I dont use TAOBAO hahahaha and a knock off wrapped in smelly plastic Never happened with BBTS, Robot Kingdom, AMIAMI, or NY..... oh here is the box in a box in a wrapping
  16. I have been concerned about this and I will look for this testing kit and do it and report back
  17. me too looking forward to getting it this 2020 christmas
  18. lol yeah Well I hate canada. I paid my preorders upfront and I am always the last to get them lol . UGH
  19. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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