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  1. No thanks. Yamato would charge 600 dollars for it. Make the Beta an online shop exclusive and in a few months the shoulder would crack and explode! And all that while trying to figure where to store the gargantuan box
  2. Gah In case of emergency Dial S-H-O-J-I K-A-W-A-M-O-R-I !!!! Started to watch this anime and then I fell ill. ....
  3. That is True. Case in point. Decaled, Panel Lined, and some minor paint apps. And then Flat coat does the trick! It helps to buy the water decals tho, Those rub ons are a pain in the ass
  4. WOW! YOU got TALENT! Are you going to enter it into a gunpla contest?
  5. Reading all that was kinda funny. If you didnt like all the UC references which I think makes this crappy show better how do you like when they start with the Double 00 references
  6. Still waiting on completion of GothicMade and maybe one of the big Five toy manufacturers will make a Chogokin....
  7. 4) Transformers ROTF Superion + Fans-Project's add-on parts Overall condition: C9 Description: Complete with all accessories and original box. Will be sold as a set ONLY. $98 + actual shipping How much to ship to toronto canada
  8. Wow just beautiful Too bad I cant afford it. 300 bucks is a bit steep.
  9. Xenomorphs have been done to death badly. That doesnt mean people dont want them in. Alien 1 and 2 were done well the rest were god awful and movie goers cant appreciate cheesy script with your fav beasty. IIRC H. R. Giger called the alien designs in the later movies abominations and objected to the studio unsuccessfully. I dont mind them not being in this film but I would like to understand their overall origin and design elements since they can breath in any atmosphere. For example I would like to know why they always have a dome shaped head. In the first 1 and 2 films they had clear shaped
  10. Wow Lolicon I feel bad for you. I dont know why yamato allows this to happen. These are high end toys. I mean after that I cannot understand the logic of someone willing to chance it on another v2 or not. I think metal is the way to go.
  11. slaginpit

    Merry X-mas

    Merry X-mas everyone. Hope you get a Valk under your tree
  12. Correct me if I am wrong but this is why I think the dome shaped Aliens with a Human looking skull ended up looking the way the do. The Bioformer probably incorporated the helmet into new organism redesign
  13. A mega and MG is being released of the Normal Age Hero Gundam I thought this was kind of cool
  14. Somebody referred to the 1/3000 SDF-1. Is Yamato ever going to make the TV version?
  15. I was just checking on line for this bird and its nuts, BBTS, HLJ and ebay are having it listed for $400 plus us dollars WTH man! REALLY! I dont think that think is anyway near the build quality of some of the recent chogokins! And its all plastic!
  16. Whoa That side by side pic of V2 and V1 makes it pretty obvious. What a difference and V1 has already yellowed. Scary. Not sure if I can now gather up the funds to have at least 1 version 2
  17. HA...HAHA.. Sorry Graham dont mean to be laughing at your misery there but dam Yamato really sucks.! Nowhere on the net/web have I seen more pictures of toys spontaneously breaking than here and on the official spokesman of Yamato on the web. I fear to touch any of my Yamato's Granted my original Yamato chogokin 19 and 21 have stood the test of time. AND my VF-0 hasn't suffered anything. but I transformed it twice since it came out. Really these things look better in the box than on the shelf
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