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  1. Best of luck getting your item remember to let it sit outside and the whole glove thing in case. I heard that this crap may stay on objects for a few days, no reason not to be cautious ShowZ is refunding me for Zeta Bumblebee. A crying shame tho a nice figure
  2. Good Luck Squids. Thats some business you got. I knew I should have exited my professional career and started my own business
  3. FYI I just got off the phone with PAYPAL. This is now a pickle of a situation. The rep told me they are very busy fielding calls on a lot of stuff from China that was paid for and now shipping is in limbo not just ShowZ. I will call canadapost and record the call and do the needful to ensure im covered. If I call ShowZ i imagine they will give me a store credit. However I do not want a store credit. Absolutely not. The rep told me they consider that a partial refund. Youre fraked if they do that, kiss you money goodbye. SO it seems the only option is the nuclear one. Which I dont
  4. And the message that they had Feb 10 shipping and then was taken down and now put up again Im telling you folks it aint going to ship. Get your money back from Paypal
  5. Here is one that was shipped later and has had the same tracking I think I am going to ask for refunds. I did ask for a refund on the Zeta Bumblebee and have not had a response for 3 days.
  6. Good to know my friend. But I do not want a store credit. Again without getting into too much detail. But I believe we are watching the end of the nation and pushing it back to the stone age. Hopefully we all can weather this bug, and the coming economic crap storm of laying all our eggs in a single basket. Some industries maybe able to pivot production lines to other locals but it will be a bloodbath with a month or 2. So i will need paypal for the refund. I dont want a store credit.
  7. oh frakk Well its week 5. If i dont get any of my stuff by next week 6 and i will be fair end of week. I am going to Paypal to get my refund. I feel bad. I mean what can i say. I dont have 800 dollars to just give away. It sucks... but i the transaction is not complete. So I'm sorry ShowZ....but at this point Im not sure i can trust them to refund me.
  8. Hey i did get a package today that seemed "trackable" thoughout its shipping life cycle. The Postie gave me a strange look when i asked him to leave it outside after I signed for it. Put on the gloves and mask took it out of its package and massaged it in ooooh baby Purel in the garage ALL GOOD NOW
  9. ahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha thats awesome
  10. NO worries man its all good hard to tell sometimes with words
  11. I dont want to anger the macross gods so I will keep this brief. I find it hilarious others that question any narrative to be labelled a conspiracy theorist and then you see historical artifacts are discovered to open the truth of things. Trust me Im no alien or flat earther or we didnt land on the moon but there have been a bunch of coincidences that seem contrary to the leading narratives. China must save face. It has to present itself as "AWESOME" and beyond refute. Whats going on is not good. Just the R-Naught alone is an indicator this is not good. The research logs from research database
  12. if you think so. You dont lock down 200 million people over 600 dead and 30k infected. But if you really think its from bats or wet markets carry on....
  13. frakk Although my Sinanju "was" shipped in Jan 17 its now week 4 and still nothing I check canada post it says Shanghai but says left originating country. EDIT. I gave up on the whole video reviews. Canada was always a joke. Under Turdeau its a bigger one. To do business in this country you are better off being a foreigner than a canucker. To ship stuff to the US and overseas is slower by a factor of 3 and its very expensive. To get stuff shipped here is like living in 1850 when your aunt wrote you a letter from england when you were 5 and then you would get it by the time you were 25.
  14. So all my ShowZ crap is now in limbo thanks to the &@(@tards at that biolab. I asked ShowZ if they needed masks I could send them. Just for them...And I know its bad and I felt bad for asking but i asked if they will be giving refunds, I have at least 750 dollars of product not sent to me yet. I sold a lot of my collection to get this stuff. Doesnt the site owner live in HK, I have a friend there and she told me and videod shelves are empty man
  15. No I dont really care all that much since i never use the LEDs anyway. I would prefer if they used some kind of luminescent light piping...This who think of light up gimming are pretty pointless since if you leave them on for a period of 10 min or longer they start to burn out the batteries. Its better to have those new stands where the batteries run off wireless charge. A good example of this was (forgot the name) back to the future model that had a mag base that would also provide the power to the leds and stay on with touch controls to turn them off.
  16. Gorgeous. I will do a review today comparing it to the Bandai one
  17. I take a lysol wipe and wrap that up around a paper towel to not make it concentrated. So far its had no ill affects on my figures. But I suggest always to test on the inside or small area
  18. Some boxes of mine are coming from quarantine zones. Shanghi, Guangzhao. When I got the current batch i used medical gloves my N95 mask and i quickly disposed of the boxes and then wiped the figures.
  19. Is it worth it? A resounding yes! It has presence, its not flimsy and delicate like a kit. Its got great paint apps and features. Its the only real Sazabi figure we have. I would mark this as a Master Grade collectible. I do wish it came with some more accessories. I friggen booklet would be nice. I dont care about boxes. I toss every box i get into the recycling bin. If that's a hot toys, a takara or this. In the bin it goes. Space is an issue and I am not a cardboard collector. Boxes add more cost too. However. A nice booklet maybe some back story about the suit, a page about the fea
  20. The Gun was modded too. And i have not seen anyone state that the shotgun could be removed. Again no issues with the great application of different paint apps. Very nice and original. Build Quality. Outside of the head and neck piece fitting snug into the main torso and BOTH arms having issues of just not being able to hold its arms upright this thing doesn't at all feel cheap. I don't understand the community sometimes. Bitch and moan about pricing and not making other mechs in MSG other than SEED and Doube00 Hero Gundams. IM grateful for the 3rd party Manufabs.
  21. Woohoo got the bottom half. Overall: Here are my initial thoughts. The actual metallic content is pretty good. I would expect the same amount in an original Bandai release. Remember this is a big bulky suit, any additional metal could cause issues of balance and paint chipping with all the panels that move. The paint is spot on with two different shades of Red. Details are all over this thing. It is based off the MG Ver.Ka model. Its a win win, as you get a metal skeleton with almost toy quality plastic with awesome paint work, tampo printing and mods Its worth every penny. If
  22. im still waiting for the bottom half
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