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  1. exactly but also but during this period why shut down peoples ability to make any profit....
  2. I would normally pay the full amount after the first few chinese review videos go up but not a lot of them right now on youtube so im not paying up front for him only for the Gerbera. And im still waiting for my 30 dollar DHL notice of payment required. Again that same guy told me there are issues to get the Yellow Dragon from factory to shipping point..So im not sure we will even see it this year...
  3. JG is different, I think they are the same designers from MC...not too sure. And yes while I understand the whole Bandai IP thingy...I get it....But phuck em. Their prices on Macross crap has made many retailers shy away from carrying it. Their bandai stuff is way over-priced...Takara is now guilty of this too. And the quality is sub par too. for Example The SOC/FIgurarts HB MK2 was absolute crap. It sold for more than the first Hulkbuster and was just crap. I dont have it but i watch many videos to get enough from that the Nugundam 1/60 is trash. Its a fancy statue that you c
  4. I was so hoping on the Chars Zuku from Metal club much more detailed...ugh I was lucky to get the Metal Soldier Zuku....Also i guess this kills JG NuGundam Project....Or was it MC i cant remember who was planning on doing a smaller scale of the PG MB one... What we will see more of is stuff like this ..Which is basically re-using the same frame from Seed and Barbatos
  5. This might be your last chance to get yourself a Ksh...I really like this one....very very good i have the green one and I prefer it over the more bulkier one
  6. I have offered to pay the extra shipping on my AGX-04 GP-04 Gerbera Tetra and Motor Nuclear MN-Q01 1/72 Scale Yellow Dragon, its worth it...they wont be around for a while as China is so desperate for Western business. Which is kinda funny considering all the anti western sentiment. So BE polite with your VENDORS...
  7. Hence the sale now...Specifically they will bring down the hammer on Double00 and Seed...of course whatever stock there is of the Sazabi, the two Ksh's and Sinanju I was also told today that the Daban PG Double 00 Riser and possibly some other kits as well. Say goodbye to MC Seed and Wing too... Stuff on pre-order may just be whatever was made. No information as of yet if the arrests and raid included current stock
  8. Hey guys So i have this asian guy that buys and sells from me... Basically he told me a couple of days ago Bandai has gone ballasitc and its taking action to discontinuing the KO Metal Build Line... I dont know the reason but apparently the Owners of Metal Club were arrested there will also no longer be any new shipments of Sazabi... There is some talk about Bandai allowing them to make them as long as they transform Edit: Sorry not owners but the designers
  9. Bandai should retire. THis is how 1000 dollar garbage looks like
  10. Jesus The Chinese are making the Japanese look retarded in their own game ooooof
  11. really? My full payment went through hopefully soon
  12. I hope they make a metal build of this
  13. Its seems you can transfer the rear hip skirts to the shoulder pads. I prefer on the hips...looks weird on the huge shoulder pads
  14. I dont want it transformable.
  15. laugh but i may have the last laugh...coof coof
  16. So update Going on week 7 for some of my orders. The rep from ShowZ initially offered a refund. But I think he didnt realize that it would be north of $750 dollars. He seems to be back tracking with me now. He responded with an email that 2 out of the 6 have been "STUCK" even tho its listed as shipped and left china he confirmed it hasnt and doesnt know where it is. But I told him the other 4 have been in the same status since the outbreak happened and still shows shanghi. Ugh I Fhawking knew this would be fhawking painful! And it seems I will need to take the nuclear
  17. Actually I have the konami and even that one isnt all 100% metal. Its actually quite stupid to have it all metal I had a CMs Chogokin ( I think that is the name) of a figure I took out of storage the entire armor was metal. It so floppy and just broke into a million pieces. The plastic frame and joints just crumbled. There goes 200 plus dollars. Scratch marks everywhere. Yeah no thanks I dont mind some metal here and there and a little bit in the inner frame but generally speaking Diecast all over a figure is not a good thing. I did see the sign POM and PVC so is it the inner joints or the arm
  18. Its a nice ko of the sentinel But good luck ever seeing it. Week 7 no package yet
  19. Sigh Got the one refund for an item that wasnt shipped....but this is going to be painful....
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