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  1. 40 minutes ago, Scyla said:

    Seems to be getting back to normal again, the last few items arrived in reasonable time. No more free shipping for me though. And keep in mind I live in Europe.


    40 minutes ago, Scyla said:

    Seems to be getting back to normal again, the last few items arrived in reasonable time. No more free shipping for me though. And keep in mind I live in Europe.

    yep my items are coming in hot and fast KNOCK ON PLASTIC 

    but we are going to get another lockdown so get em while you can 

  2. On 8/4/2020 at 9:11 PM, Jaustin89 said:



    The Gerbera Tetra arrived today; I have to say I'm vaugely dissapointed in it. It looks great (my lights are yellowish so the picture doesn't remotely capture the color acurately), does everything it was advertised to, has some cool features, and comes in at ~12" tall and ~2-3lbs but everything about it feels slightly off in a way I can't really describe.

    The plastic is weirdly light; lighter even than the plastic in the few model kits I've picked up. The range of motion is odd with some joint like the knees being able to bend ~170 degrees but the bicep rotation being unable to turn inward and some other weird limitations on the arm movements. And you can forget whaterver range of motion does exist for the arms if you leave the shoulder thrusters in place; add the shield or the skirts that attach to the thrusters and that arm is basically stuck pointing straight down at it's side.

    I also didn't receive the upgrade kit that was supposed to come with it. I'm honestly not sure what I'm going to do about that; on the one hand I paid for it and I didn't get it, but on the other getting it is just going to make me more dissapointed at not being able to really do anything with it and isn't woth the probable hassle of dealing with customer service over.

    Overall it's not bad per say I just can't really find anything unabiguosly positive to say about it which is not a thing you want in something that cost a couple hundred dollars.

    This is all super subjective especially since I can't really explain even in my own head why it's dissapointing so I'm sure some people are going to be perfectly happy with it but something about it just doesn't work for me.

    I got mine and everything works. I dont know what you want. Wait for Bandai to make one then...If you can live past the age of 200. They have to use lighter plastic on the booster pack . I have had it in a number of poses and it holds Surprisingly well. Even with the giant pack. And its heavy. Heavier than his blue buddy. And the price of this is outstanding. Stiff Joints a good array access. and the lights i ordered one of them doesnt work big whoop. I dont expect to leave the boosters lit. Also i have on order the expansion set. It didnt ship with mine...cause its not ready yet...lol



  3. 7 minutes ago, tekering said:

     I don't believe there are a hundred different valkyrie designs, much less a quadrillion... <_< 

    I think you're posting in the wrong forum, kid.  :p

    Well its a Macross Toy want list ...and yeah plane meet robot robot meet plane...

    They keep evolving Macross to abysmal K-pop anime ...why not evolve the mech

  4. Im so tired of the 1000000000000000s of valks being made. Sure I had two monsters sold the one that transformed...I got bored of that design but at least they took to making something out of the ordinary instead of just making the same old jets that roboform...

    I want to see more cooler iterations of other mecha from the franchise. 

    This is why I created the thread...


    Like this...

    Robotech ZBR 02 Mk IV Officer's Battlepod

    Man that looks so cool, sure its Robotech but i consider it in the same universe 

    Ya ya dont tread on me you Macross Purists ...I think the mecha between Robotech Beta/alpha and a macross Monster fusion is coooooool

  5. 40 minutes ago, sqidd said:

    Try lube first. If that doesn't work you can use something like those cans of air for cleaning keyboards to spray down the pin. If you hold the cans open "too long" they will shoot super cold air out. That will shrink the pin which will open the clearance up. Or you could put the pin in ice.

    I jammed those two point together and hoped for the best. I didn't break anything. They were TIGHT though.

    yes some ball bearing grease should do the trick. I didnt have to use that method i just would use friction to push the peg through the hole...treat her like a virgin ...i suppose lol

  6. 1 hour ago, Jaustin89 said:

    Nope; I'm in the US.

    The whole thing seems kind of strange with everything else indicating that they're not in stock yet. All I can say for certain is that they generated a tracking number associated with that order; it doesn't seem to have even gotten to the carrier yet so it's entirely possible it's some kind of glitch in their system.

    did you have to pay extra shipping or are these guys #$*&ing with me cause they just sent me a message with an additional 44US they can ship it..and IM in canada not much different than the US

  7. 15 minutes ago, Jaustin89 said:

    Got a shipping notice from ShowZ for my fully paid VT Gerbera Tetra + options set.

    No payment request on my second or the LED kit and everything on the site still shows as pre-order so I'm not entirely sure what's going on with it but I figured some people here might want to know there's some sign of life on these.

    WHAT? mine was fully paid since dec last year?? are you in Asia?


  8. On 7/1/2020 at 12:28 AM, killatopak said:

    Anybody here built a Wuming or MC freedom? I can’t seem to find the port for the stand. Also I have troubles plugging in the MC back skirt its driving me nuts. 

    edit: managed to plug in the back skirt. Only problem I have with it is the slot for the stand which I can’t find.

    Had problems with the MC Destiny as well. Mostly the side skirt which was tight. I still can’t plug in the weapon rack though. Those things are tight and the wings are getting in the way.

    edit2: well crap. I think I found out why I can’t find the slot for the stand. It seems they molded over the stand slot itself. That blue square part that juts out below the backpack should be where the peg hole for the stand is supposed to be. I’m so disappointed over this. B273A0AA-B0F9-4A68-A425-87E698A64DB2.jpeg.b960db2498afb52e69da0afc9978cfd3.jpeg

    for the life of my I could not find it 


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