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  1. 350 Canadian Time to let the bird go ...
  2. yes some ball bearing grease should do the trick. I didnt have to use that method i just would use friction to push the peg through the hole...treat her like a virgin ...i suppose lol
  3. I dont know I feel like im being extorted
  4. did you have to pay extra shipping or are these guys #$*&ing with me cause they just sent me a message with an additional 44US they can ship it..and IM in canada not much different than the US
  5. WHAT? mine was fully paid since dec last year?? are you in Asia?
  6. At least the its packaged better than the one i got
  7. for the life of my I could not find it
  8. Gold Dragon is out Got payment notice but im not sure i can get it shipped
  9. Adding some others Queadluun-Rau 1/60 scale Mira 639 Macross $ 250.00 Hot Toys Iron Man Starboost $ 320.00 1/60 Macross VF-11B with Super Pack $ 320.00 Macross 1/60 Scale SV-51 $ 330.00 Max Factory MAX GOKIN Dragonar 1 chogokin $ 180.00 Soul of Chogokin Layzner Spec $ 120.00 Super Robot Wars Chogokin Goagaigar with GOLDY $ 130.00 Variable Action LineBarrels Vardant $ 120.00 Bandai Hi-Metal VF-19 Fire Valkyrie with Expansion $ 140.00 CMs Brave Chogokin LineBarrels $ 80.00 Hot Toys Iron Man Exclusive PeaceMaker $ 330.00 0
  10. made replies to all..Getting exact estimate for one potential buyer for 11B to NYC today afternoon
  11. just an update someone asked for shipping in Arizona....It does vary wildly so to ship to arizona would be 41 bucks canadian...obviously border states could be cheaper but 40 dollar range seems to the sweet spot unless you live in commifornia .
  12. Guys just a forewarning ....These boxes are huge as you know YAMATO over packages and these are 1/60 scale...so..... Im in shitty commie land called Canada....shipping is atrocious here....im assuming any border states are going to be cheaper... places like Cali like one member asked about the cheapest price with canada post was $135cad. with tracking i would pay the signature and insurance ...but thats it ...
  13. Hi Guys im selling my VF11B with the booster packs pretty good condition...transformed once into bot mode and thats it since i got it...still have box SV51...same but no longer have the base but will include a flight pose stand with it. Has box and all. Im asking $350 Canadian for SV51 and $360 for VF11B canadian Ill ship it anywhere in to US and Can. But please keep in mind that Canada Post is atrocious in its pricing... I only ship using Tracking and insurance and I will calculate using the website... By the way there is no discoloration...thats just DUST...from sitting there ....like forever...
  14. SHOWZ is starting to piss me off
  15. lol so they are using the Riots as an excuse.. they stole me a part that they shipped an item that was broken Thanks ShowZ Due to the epidemic and riots, all shipping methods will be affected, Please keep waiting. Thanks!
  16. Anyone interested in Toynami Diecast Escaflowne transforming Guymelef? $220US
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