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  1. Its funny how people say about others that say I dont think it looks right or it looks dumb or it looks like another thing all off sudden get rallied into a corner as haters. Haters hating on the haters. I dont give a rats ass if you think I should or should not like or think. I dont like it. Period. I dont like it because it looks too much like a gundam. I have toys that I have purchased as expensive as 1500 dollars. Its not jealously. It just looks dumb D. U. M. B. Also, Its a site where people voice their likes and dislikes. Not a NPC bubble. If me not liking sets you off as RANTING. Then here is your nappy and go cry in a corner
  2. Its not so bad. Integration of the belly plate would mean more folding joints and skirts. Its doable but then there is an increase in Price Point. Its nice they actually made a playset of the belly plate. Clever and it keeps the set together
  3. slaginpit

    Mezco One:12 LIne

    these guys are so behind. They need to slow down their showcasing and actually start releasing
  4. slaginpit

    The Third Party Gundam Thread

    should not this be in the kits thread?
  5. slaginpit

    The Third Party Gundam Thread

    are these 3rd party metal builds or just some random kits.
  6. Wei Jiang 4th Party. They took the deluxe base and just built on top of that. I would even say its a ko anymore.
  7. slaginpit

    [Netflix] She-Ra Princess of Power

    so hey why not introduce a furry too. How about a something something. I get it. Having demon men dressed in ladies ware reading books to children who think boys and girls are eeky is all the fad these days but to me or my kids. Not required in a cartoon. It was forced and contrived and really didnt add to the story. And No. I will be sending them to china for schooling. You know where they are miles ahead of most western schools.
  8. slaginpit

    Five Star Stories

    Man I would give my arm for a Metal Build FSS mech And if that didnt work Then my right leg .....