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  1. I think the second batch will be fixed. I will do the red for review for you guys
  2. oh man that sucks! Maybe the second batch will be fixed Anyone get the Zeta? Im curious what that is like. Initially I wanted it but so how plain it looked. Like a model and MBs should not look like a model
  3. lol BBTS wants 300 dollars for XML wow! Im going to wait,. With the Canadian economy in shambles and people in my office getting fired. I guess times are amazing across the globe to afford such dust collectors
  4. Escaflowne 2.0 anyone I really like how they blended the Orphans Frame with the Musha Gundams and Sengoku Basara. Brill ant!
  5. anyone getting the kysh upgrade pack for the SL to turn it into the Booster pack. I know I am since I have the MC kysh decked out with the insane Gatling guns
  6. thank you It was not showing up at the top page.
  7. I dont know what happened to the for sale thread. But would anyone be interested in getting that jet.
  8. the Nu Gundam is my fav mobile suit / mecha. But Right now I cant spend 1k for me it would be around 1500 canadian then shipping yeah no that is just unacceptable. There will be other options and that is good for us cheap bastards that have other fiduciary priorities
  9. Meh I would not worry to much about it. Guess what boys. There will be a 4th party one coming out to match out the Sazabi. Of course the scale will be between a MG and PG not sure what that is. But for Less than half the price. Im good, Bandai is nice and all but im tired of trying to get very limited items at US prices that cost me way more and to ship is obscene. Nice to have but I know others are on their way
  10. I just got the mustang so for me the money is a bit tight. But I have the UCS SLAVE !. I wish I was on a good contract and not a FTE but I would like to get the new Quintjet
  11. Just purchased it I like the look of this one but man its expensive
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