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  1. I hope they make a metal build of this
  2. Its seems you can transfer the rear hip skirts to the shoulder pads. I prefer on the hips...looks weird on the huge shoulder pads
  3. laugh but i may have the last laugh...coof coof
  4. So update Going on week 7 for some of my orders. The rep from ShowZ initially offered a refund. But I think he didnt realize that it would be north of $750 dollars. He seems to be back tracking with me now. He responded with an email that 2 out of the 6 have been "STUCK" even tho its listed as shipped and left china he confirmed it hasnt and doesnt know where it is. But I told him the other 4 have been in the same status since the outbreak happened and still shows shanghi. Ugh I Fhawking knew this would be fhawking painful! And it seems I will need to take the nuclear option and go through Paypal. FHAWK! The other thing is, if this virus doesnt kill most of humanity which based on trends and current data outside of the bullshit media is trying to hide this thing aint slowing down. Pretty much China is done like dinner. Video upon video and the telegram group im a part of shows the extreme treatment of the communist party to its citzens, now South Korea and Italy. I pull the trigger with Paypal and by any chance this gets under control, my relationship im assuming with ShowZ is dead. However even if they are able to pull a rabbit out of the hat they will not be able to get production lines and shipping for a month or two at which point there goes your time limit with Paypal....so your fhawked with only one option and I could use that money to gear up for the apocalypse
  5. Actually I have the konami and even that one isnt all 100% metal. Its actually quite stupid to have it all metal I had a CMs Chogokin ( I think that is the name) of a figure I took out of storage the entire armor was metal. It so floppy and just broke into a million pieces. The plastic frame and joints just crumbled. There goes 200 plus dollars. Scratch marks everywhere. Yeah no thanks I dont mind some metal here and there and a little bit in the inner frame but generally speaking Diecast all over a figure is not a good thing. I did see the sign POM and PVC so is it the inner joints or the armor. As the one below was all plastic on the inside and metal on the sheel
  6. Its a nice ko of the sentinel But good luck ever seeing it. Week 7 no package yet
  7. Sigh Got the one refund for an item that wasnt shipped....but this is going to be painful....
  8. Best of luck getting your item remember to let it sit outside and the whole glove thing in case. I heard that this crap may stay on objects for a few days, no reason not to be cautious ShowZ is refunding me for Zeta Bumblebee. A crying shame tho a nice figure
  9. Good Luck Squids. Thats some business you got. I knew I should have exited my professional career and started my own business
  10. FYI I just got off the phone with PAYPAL. This is now a pickle of a situation. The rep told me they are very busy fielding calls on a lot of stuff from China that was paid for and now shipping is in limbo not just ShowZ. I will call canadapost and record the call and do the needful to ensure im covered. If I call ShowZ i imagine they will give me a store credit. However I do not want a store credit. Absolutely not. The rep told me they consider that a partial refund. Youre fraked if they do that, kiss you money goodbye. SO it seems the only option is the nuclear one. Which I dont want to do but im not in the philanthropy business. Oh one more thing. I am not sure how the refund process works in the back end for paypal. They sure as crap are insured but they dont have the kind of funds to refund thousands of customers. Some of it is held in escrow. While you file a dispute there is that stupid waiting period where the seller will do everything they can to cover their losses. THINK! Human nature first....before anything else
  11. And the message that they had Feb 10 shipping and then was taken down and now put up again Im telling you folks it aint going to ship. Get your money back from Paypal
  12. Here is one that was shipped later and has had the same tracking I think I am going to ask for refunds. I did ask for a refund on the Zeta Bumblebee and have not had a response for 3 days.
  13. Good to know my friend. But I do not want a store credit. Again without getting into too much detail. But I believe we are watching the end of the nation and pushing it back to the stone age. Hopefully we all can weather this bug, and the coming economic crap storm of laying all our eggs in a single basket. Some industries maybe able to pivot production lines to other locals but it will be a bloodbath with a month or 2. So i will need paypal for the refund. I dont want a store credit.
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