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  1. yep my items are coming in hot and fast KNOCK ON PLASTIC but we are going to get another lockdown so get em while you can
  2. shockingly when they shipped it 2 weeks ago it was fast got it quicker then I expected. I did have to pay a little extra to ship it
  3. It is the same Figure and IM telling you the best iteration of a 4th Party Gundam
  4. I got mine and everything works. I dont know what you want. Wait for Bandai to make one then...If you can live past the age of 200. They have to use lighter plastic on the booster pack . I have had it in a number of poses and it holds Surprisingly well. Even with the giant pack. And its heavy. Heavier than his blue buddy. And the price of this is outstanding. Stiff Joints a good array access. and the lights i ordered one of them doesnt work big whoop. I dont expect to leave the boosters lit. Also i have on order the expansion set. It didnt ship with mine...cause its not ready yet...lol
  5. Well its a Macross Toy want list ...and yeah plane meet robot robot meet plane... They keep evolving Macross to abysmal K-pop anime ...why not evolve the mech
  6. Mod these a bit bring them into the macross world ...very nice i know its a game...
  7. Im so tired of the 1000000000000000s of valks being made. Sure I had two monsters sold the one that transformed...I got bored of that design but at least they took to making something out of the ordinary instead of just making the same old jets that roboform... I want to see more cooler iterations of other mecha from the franchise. This is why I created the thread... Like this... Man that looks so cool, sure its Robotech but i consider it in the same universe Ya ya dont tread on me you Macross Purists ...I think the mecha between Robotech Beta/alpha and
  8. 350 Canadian Time to let the bird go ...
  9. yes some ball bearing grease should do the trick. I didnt have to use that method i just would use friction to push the peg through the hole...treat her like a virgin ...i suppose lol
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