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  1. Riobots by Sentinel

    wow that evolution stuff is a must get
  2. Star Wars Rebels - animated series

    Oh man, she is half Asian right? She looks so much like my daughter when she was at that age! My Son and Daughter like Rebels too. They are pretty sad that k died.
  3. Soul of Chogokin - part II

    Really? Voltron? Dancouger? Six God? Daltanious ? Combattler? GunBuster? Really i can go on but really?
  4. Soul of Chogokin - part II

    Anyone getting the SOC Gypsy Danger ?
  5. So to assemble thanos you have to spend 240 dollars plus lol I would rather get a hot toys then....
  6. Another Big Bad Guy nothing burger flick. See comments in Ant man thread how I feel these marvel movies are more of the same ol same ol
  7. Im marveled out. Year after year its comic book movies that litter the theaters. Im sure this movie will be good but its more of the same. Just a tangent a bit. The new Avengers movie hero mash. Its going to be the same ol trope. Super bad guy comes. This time unlike all the times this is THE super BAD GUY. But the end of the 2 hour slug fest and attack on your visual senses, and intelligence, "THE" super bad villain would be defeated. I thought Ultron which in the comic universe almost take over the planet ended up being a big NOTHING BURGER. Im sure the big purple guy will also be another big nothing burger. I feel there is no dread. No impending doom. At least in Destiny yeah yeah it has its major problems the Human race is on the verge of extinction. Just a million people left. There is a urgency to defeat all the enemies that consistently attack and on a razors edge of complete loss. Destiny doesnt win. There are no winners. Its just a fight to survive. I liked that about Xmen Days of future past. Humanity has been enslaved. That is the future. Same goes for ESB. Same goes for the Halo Wars story arch. And the new Anime Godzilla series. Humanity has been obliterated. And just when you think they defeated Godzilla (Fillius) the true monster Godzilla appears the size of a small mountain. Their forces nearly wiped out. I was on the edge of my seat thinking oh crap how are they going to defeat that with limited resources and even more so limited people. Anyway that is just the way I feel about all these tap on full marvel movies. It blocks entry to anything net new in terms of hero flicks