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  1. I just got the mustang so for me the money is a bit tight. But I have the UCS SLAVE !. I wish I was on a good contract and not a FTE but I would like to get the new Quintjet
  2. Just purchased it I like the look of this one but man its expensive
  3. Its just as I said in my review videos
  4. no i got no notice. Just came in a plain bubble wrap and tape. But my preorder came in and shipped for the other 2 with the sub arms
  5. The Gundam Crossbone is probably the best Metal Build Releases. Too bad its so costly
  6. I just got this today Its neat but in my second review there is a major issue. I assume the Hot Toys movie version will suffer the same issues
  7. Just got the Beam Gatling Weapon Accessories for my Metal CLUB Ksh Good Lord I dont know how when the other Beam Gatling cannons come how this thing will look ridiculously over powered https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeX6OL-C7VU
  8. Riobots are great but why are they so expensive. I mean in about 6 to 12 months most of them go on a huge price drop.
  9. That Zaku looks great. If I read that correctly its 216 US roughly which for me in Funny Money, no not Cuban pesos but actually stupid canadian money would be 290 dollars add shipping 40 dollars that is 330 and tariffs the item may cost me 360 dollars. ((Yeah Sean Trying here to really hold back the virtrial for PM dipshit trudeau. (who looks like will be forced to resign for the most dumbest of corruption points nevermind the more glaring ons he did in the past and the teflan star wars sock wearing soyboy brought our economy to a grinding halt from 2.3GDP to .1%-SO SORRY. ER )) So even though I would love to get the bandai as I believe it will be flawless I much prefer Metal Club one which probably will have the same thin plastic as the Kysh. Not that there is anything wrong with it but i prefer the better plastic on Original releases. Oh well.
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