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  1. ugh anyone else find that acting contrived. Also those twilleks were ugly. The foam rubber costume awful when you have cosplayers do it better. Ep 6 was still better than 4 and 5
  2. A friend is taking me since I told him i had no interest and we havent hung out in a while. Ill make sure to snort a mountain of coke and drink a bottle of rye maybe then I will be able to sit through what likely will be the the number 1 for the Razzie
  3. Star Wars can shampoo my crotch. The whole series has basically done a swan dive into the abyss. All they are doing is bringing in the same old tired tropes and hyperbolic to the point of sheer nonsense. Its now become a parody onto itself. Heck the cutscenes from the old republic game were far better and how many years ago was that. Even the mando series is starting to become a yawner. I see so many tuber star wannabe whiners defending ep 4 and 5. Wanna see what a female MMA can do to a MMA male fighter. Just watch the Fallon Fox fight. And now I have to suspend disbelieve that some Human former trooper is not crushing her knuckles on beskar armor SIGH Star wars the rise of the snotwalker will sorry can only end in failure because the base that it used to build its denouement is so utterly void of sense and reason that one can only apply it to the overall qualities of a women in an argument.
  4. crap i missed that. I noticed the tail skirt but you are right the should head pads is comprised of upper and lower half that gets split into two. That is some serious engineering
  5. So G Boys are a little late to the party 6 years later after the movie and 1 year after they announced it they finally have some solid pics. However WIth Model Wizard aka Weijiang and Ayoi AKA black Mamba's release I dont think I need a new one. The black mamba SS oversized with fixes is good enough. I know the gritty look is supposed to be accurate to the movie but it looks like it was made of some pewter or just an old toy some kid forgot in the playground
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