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  1. Question about the DX -VF31s QC

    Just wondering, now that they have been out for a while. These new VF-31s Are they holding up to age. I know I had the older versions of DXs had issues and in the case of mine, all I did was stand it in the Detolf and never transformed it. When taken out, it literally fell apart. Joints just broke off. The metal shoulders became so loose and it could not even keep the arm held in place. Has bandai addressed all these issues? Or is the same ol same thing.
  2. true but im only speaking to this movie. Not their standalones. StarWars fleshed out characters pretty well without standalones.
  3. The Third Party Gundam Thread

    Holly Crap. Dude if you ever get a pink slip that is a lot of stuff to move
  4. Thanos was the best part and only part of this movie that mattered. He was the only character they really fleshed out. But I do like how they did it like the Original Star wars where different parts of teams are focusing on their activities.
  5. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    I had both. I sold my Shuraking. I prefer the Toyworld Look and the wings do attach the same way for the ToyWorld version.
  6. Gundam Figure Thread - Newtype GN-002

    Then you are going to have to wait for a long time. Better no limbs unless you want more versions of the Double00, Strike, strike and more strike with some other versions of Double00s I have the other two formania's and they are very nice
  7. Soul of Chogokin - part II

    that shot is awesome. Have to say it
  8. Pacific Rim Uprising

    Hmmm It did bad. Golly Gee. I wonder why? Remember when movies didnt pander to foreign audiences. Great times.
  9. Pacific Rim Uprising

    ahahahahaha Im an ass because a guy floods a thread I created with his pictures. I offer praise and state it would be cool in some action poses and backgrounds and he gets personal. You dont understand his intent behind it. You dont even know me. Whatever and that is fine. And you not getting a persons opinion is a very subjective argument. Many before me have taken the time to create videos on its poor quality and lack of actual plot and digression from the source material its based on. Did you like SWTLJ? I think I have as much right to comment that it was garbage as people like to say its awesome. Call me a sucker for punishment, but everything everyone has said is spot on based on the Trailers. Which is funny because its basically the movie. They should have called it. "Boyega. The Yager Pilot." As they say. It takes quality to recognize quality. cheers
  10. Pacific Rim Uprising

    Who said I bought a ticket. Thanks to technology I am able to pre-screen crappy movies I have a feeling they are garbage and confirm my initial thoughts. If the screening is good enough I then enjoy the flick on a screen. Movies should come with a satisfaction guarantee