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  1. Guess those of us who still need one can prepare for episode 2 on 30 Nov 2020.
  2. HLJ is open!
  3. And got one at Nin-nin at the higher price, but at least I have one now whew.
  4. Congrats to all who got the POs. Going to have to try my luck at the HLJ roulette.
  5. Just remember to check your logins and passwords for all the sites. I had to reset 3 of them already so far haha.
  6. Its artificial inflation of the price by lowering the actual volume of the items available on their portal to drive the price up. If the item is still available on the TW website, they should be able to place an order, unless each store has a limit on the number they can place.
  7. The virus can survive in the minuscule liquid droplets that are released during a cough or sneeze. The virus grow inside the lungs, in the moist liquid environments, until they are unceremoniously discharged through a bodily motion. These droplets can spend time in the air, 5 to 15 minutes in a room without airflow, and they can attach to clothing or walls where they survive for hours until the droplet dries out. Thus the guidance is not to touch your face when you go out as much as possible, and wash your hand frequently. Wearing a mask may also help. In regards to shipping though, once the droplets dry out on the package during transit, the virus dies in moments. However, if the courier person coughs on it, there is still a risk...
  8. Must be a Harmony Gold spy.
  9. The whole story for the SDF-1 was getting back to Earth because their fold drive got screwed over wasn't it? They didn't have the tech to equip VF-1s with folder boosters back then. Any appearance of the VF-1 in later anime were for airshow cameos only and not for fold combat hot dropping. Not to mention that the engine output probably won't be sufficient for folding, since they need a booster just to get to orbit.
  10. Hi guys, making a report from Akihabara. Strike Packs are sold out everywhere. Visited 15 different stores over 2 days and basically I only saw one set and it was going at almost 2x the retail price... which is now gone. VF-1 prices are crazy too, with VF-S going for 28 to 35k yen, and VF-1J starting from 30k. I can only say that Akibahara is now more of a tourist trap when it comes to certain products. Maybe this is their defense against scalpers.
  11. And they told me I was crazy for spamming the F5 button for the past hour lol.
  12. Go to HLJ now guys!!
  13. Count me in too. If there's a way to overcome scalpers, I'm voting with my wallet...
  14. You can't use normal primer. You need metal primer, so that it sticks on the metal.
  15. Wow very nice effects Lolicon! What are the steps you used for this? Just panel lining or do you weather it a bit too?
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