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  1. Foblander

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Nice to know removal and installation is not too hard. Mine came broken too but I super glued it back. I did order a replacement from someone on this forum. I'll keep it as a spare until something happens to the original again.
  2. Is this the best toy for a Garland? What is different between the white and the dark Garland that recently released?
  3. Wow the way you have everything displayed is beautiful. Well done
  4. Foblander

    Hi-Metal R

    Hmr vf-25 would be nice. So would V3 vf-25 renewal DX toys
  5. Foblander

    Bye Yamcadia?

    Who here has or is thinking about getting rid of their Yamcadia VF-1s now that there are DX VF-1s? I'm thinking if I have a VF-1A TV Max, VF-1J Hikaru, and hopefully VF-1S Roy that I'll be pretty happy having one of each and that will satisfy my VF-1 needs. I might keep one (or two) Yamcadia for the strike packs and missles.
  6. My Eva-02 MB arrived as well and this figure is phenomenal. I want to pick up Eva-01 but I am just not a big fan of that head sculpt Looking forward to Unit-00 though. Harder to mess up Unit-00's head I hope.
  7. Just received my EVA-02 and it's gorgeous! Does anyone know if there is there a thigh rotation on this figure?
  8. Foblander

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Oh wow, so when transforming starting from fighter we should lift and slide the wing up before attempting to pull the wing tabs out from the leg, which would make the process a whole lot easier? If this is the case, I wish I had known. I thought I was going to break the toy the first time transforming. Lol I had to get creative and make use of fishing lines.
  9. How are the 29 toys compared to the 31? I saw the reddish 29 is coming out again. Is it a new mold or rerelease?
  10. Proportions are odd, but I'm definitely in! I don't think the nosecone on the Bandai version slides back like on the Yamato version. That would help a lot in Battroid mode.
  11. VF-1 (TV Max is probably my favorite), no doubt. It's just too iconic. Looks great in all modes. Very simple, yet elegant. Well balanced as a toy. Best transforming mecha imho. I feel the same way about the VF-0S. It's slightly more stylized and, for me, it has the best head design. If it weren't for Bandai's DX rendition of the VF-1, I'd probably like the VF-0S a tiny bit more. It just looks meaner. Lol Finally, the YF-19 is very impressive. The transformation is very cool and the kibble is kept to a minimum.
  12. The more I handle the DX VF-1, the more I appreciate the simple, but effective, improvements Bandai has made to make this toy more enjoyable when compared to the OG Yamcadias (which is still really good). This toy is so beautiful in all modes and nothing is overcomplicated. Sure the DX VF-31 is more impressive to many people, but the VF-1 keeps everything simple, which I love. I have zero complaints about the DX VF-1. Some people appear slightly disappointed that this rendition of the VF-1 is more of an evolution than a revolution. I honestly don't know what more Bandai could have done to improve it without compromising the essence of the VF-1's simplicity. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Improvements that add to the experience of handling the toy are welcomed though.
  13. I finally have my own TV Max! Super happy with it. ^^ It does take up a lot of room so I might just stop with the DX line if I can secure a 1S. Lol
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