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  1. Foblander

    Sunlight effect

    Hmm I might look into uv film for the window since my small apartment offers nowhere without exposure to some sunlight. I love my Macross toys, but not at the expense of having to box them up and not being able to see them everyday. I barely play with them so not being able to see them easily will really make me question why I continue to purchase them. Lol.
  2. Foblander

    Sunlight effect

    How bad is it to display Macross toys in a room where the blinds are fully closed, but the room is still being lit up by sunlight passing through? I've heard of some people's toys yellowing even after they've store them in their boxes. Is this just something that happens to all plastics over time and we should just enjoy them while they are white and minty? Lol
  3. For those with a metal build eva-01, do you think the joints will hold up okay and not be a sloppy mess early on?
  4. Any more new pictures of the Max 1a? Lol
  5. Was the EVA-01 MB preorder worse than VF-1 DX preorder Madness? Would love EVA-02 and hoping PO is better?
  6. Foblander

    Bandai DX VF-31

    The VF-31 DX toys are amazing. However, I really do wish there was a way to remove the entire backpack when in Battroid mode. That would make it more fun to hold in hand.
  7. Foblander

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Did Arcadia address the loose ankles for the YF-19? My Yamato Fire Valk ankles are loosey goosey but still stands in Battroid mode.
  8. Overslept. I'm not feeling bad about it. I'll try harder for Roy. Lol
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