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  1. Non comic book guy capsule review. Just saw it, not bad, not great. The human villain is FAR too cliche, the alien on at least at least makes sense. Action was OK, Jokes were better. Was this not rated R in the theater? Couple of F bombs floating around on the streaming version I saw. Glad I didn't see it in the theater but it was far better then Aquaman - which I did not even finish watching. Might watch a sequel when/if it comes to TV.
  2. I take that to mean there will be a 2 to 3 (tops) year pause between episode 9 and the next movie. They really did a dumb move releasing Solo a few months after Episode 8. If they had waited till December it might have done better.
  3. To be fair the fans weren't buying enough tickets to keep the original cast going. The take on this movie may bring the old band back together again though.
  4. That is unforgivable. Movies should have all the important info in the movies, comics in comics, books in books, etc... You can have an adaptation or side material in other mediums but nothing that pieces things together should be there. Supposedly more information about how the FO was being handled was cut from the film. Pity that.
  5. The thing about the First Order is that it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The Republic DESERVED to fall if they let a rogue military organization run around like the FO. Then to only (apparently) have the resistance doing anything about it is even worse. Rebels striking from a hidden base against a tyrant government makes some sense, rebels striking against an outlaw military that the normal military seems to ignore makes no darn sense at all. Worse is how our heroes messed things up so badly in just a couple decades. You need more then a credits crawl to cover that kind of incompetence. (though in real life that kind of incompetence is common)
  6. I have a cheaper version of those and it is well worth it. I use mine for painting 6mm miniatures, with it I can see and paint the hands and feet and weapons, without it I can barely see the miniature at all.
  7. Yeah Sildani there is a large grain of truth to that. The flip side is none of the new stuff has measured up to the first two films but I'm also not 11 anymore either. An exception can be made for Rogue One which was pretty good.
  8. It makes as much sense to hit the moon as the main planet, in either case it doesn't make much sense at all but I digress, the velocity from the explosion would be very high and so parts of it could end up anywhere. Those parts should be microscopic but...
  9. To do a more succinct sumation on Seto's. No they do not but they do understand return on investment (or lake thereof). If STD was making them money they wouldn't care one whit if it were not following "cannon". It isn't - so they care.
  10. Other than it totally messing up the explanation of it from the prequals that was used to explain why Kenobi vanished but Darth Vader did not when he died.
  11. That will take 2, maybe 3 or 4 massive bombs of remakes to happen. Dumbo was a flop so the count is at one so far.
  12. I'm currently reading through The Wheel of Time series. On book 5 I believe. After I finish this book it is the latest Expanse book. In between I also read history and Asimov books. All of the Foundation series and the robot series that takes place before Foundation "Caves of Steel" being one of the titles. Before that was the Star Carrier series, the Space Marine Core series by the same author (not the name of the books but I forget the titles), the Trafalgar Incident series, the Lost Fleet Series, the Blood on the Stars series (thought this one would be a stinker at first but he threw a couple of good curve balls), and the Destroyermen series. Basically if it is non-jingouistic military scifi I'm apt to read it. Or reasonably priced history books on Kindle.
  13. All the reviews for this movie are really bad, a pity since my wife and I were both looking forward to it.
  14. If this is their idea of a lure to see this movie then I might not even watch it on Netflix.
  15. I would hope they keep the existing sound track but it is twenty (?) years old now. (I just can't believe it has been that long ago) Anyway - the opening song is still one of the catchiest ever and most people outside of anime still have not heard it.
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