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  1. No, their age was there as pandering to the target demographic of teen boys. I'll say no more on it since it will go nowhere.
  2. Maybe true but they are not shown sitting in a classroom acting like children. If it were not for the ages being stated you could just as easily think them to be older than stated - which is what I do.
  3. I'll just (mis)quote one of my favorite movie lines and leave it at that. "A million years? I'll get right on it"
  4. Volcanos, granted we didn't have millions of years but Mount Saint Helens was known well in advance and we see what happened there. Millions is a problem too - sure it will happen in a million years, but is that thousands of years from now or tomorrow.
  5. I was talking more about the wonky (at best) physics of it. There is no reasonable (or even technobabble) way a blast felt light years away (nearly instantly) would not obliterate anything within the origin star system. We (I) give that a pass since it was a good movie otherwise but don't do the same for the equally wonky star exploding problem for Romulus.
  6. If they make it too far off the original Gundam timeline (No Char, No Amuro) the will be damned for that as well.
  7. To be fair, nobody explained the Klingon explosion well either and it was the second best Trek movie ever.
  8. I don't think a new timeline would solve the issues you are talking about. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. With Gundam I don't think they have a choice though, the anime designs look goofy in live action.
  9. It is best not to think about the science of that blast, AT ALL, since there was none.
  10. And teenage angst. Massive, neverending piles of teenage angst. Though I did like Gundam 00 (which for those that don't know is one of those stories that feature Gundams but is in a completely different universe).
  11. They have not put the money required to make this properly into ANYTHING they have done - even the great stuff like Stranger Things and Lost in Space. Color me skeptical at best. (I'll be properly happy to be entirely wrong but...)
  12. Before you ditch the Robotech this that and the other thing remember that the new Yamato stuff is coming out in the US with the name Star Blazers attached - with none of the other Star Blazers changes however.
  13. Sony was probably buying Toby Maguire happiness playing Spidey for another movie or two. EDIT - I don't remember if this "deal" was after the Toby Spidey movies were done or not. About shitty comics ruining a franchise - it wasn't JUST the shitty comics, it was the shitty attempts at new animation that truly did that particular "franchise" in.
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