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  1. I'll go see it - just to see what the new E looks like on the inside. The bit about the director does not inspire confidence however.
  2. I looked and could not find the thread on Star Trek IV (JJ Verse). It appears it is back on the drawing board with the entire cast on board - but Hemsworth was not listed as being in the movie and a new script is being done. So maybe a fourth movie will happen - just not the fourth movie they were previously planning.
  3. With everyone in line for RotR the Millenium Falcon ride line will die down, hurray! Well now that I think about it... The land itself is incredible, very immersive. Only two rides in the entire thing and everything else costing extra is a rip - even Toy Story land has THREE rides (grated, two of them were already there but Slinky Dog Dash is a great coaster for wimps like me)
  4. Yoda? The guy who stood next to the head Sith dude MANY MANY times and not knowing? Able to know he had a clone or kid (which I don't think is true but I won't find out for a long time since I'm not watching) - that is funny!
  5. Nothing new in over a year - I would guess they just gave up on it too. I wonder why they would delete it from the site entirely though. Keeping an electronic version accessible is a paltry sum if nobody looks at the pages anyway.
  6. I'll watch it when it comes out on HBO, etc... I was surprised how much I liked the last one. The first movie I took my kids to see at the theater and none of us really liked that one.
  7. Rick is on the SECOND line of the cast?! They are in big trouble...
  8. No - or it would have ended up in RT. (or they are dumber then they are accused of being)
  9. The pity of it is there is quite a lot to like about "Song of the South". It would be a good item for a museum showing the passive/established racism of the time.
  10. The laws in the US are such that I don't see them having a chance of winning the case here.
  11. There is actually enough on D+ that I'm interested in trying it. I won't - but I am tempted.
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