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  1. Farewell to her and all the cast members of that show who passed on FAR too early.
  2. If the show is covering the book I'm fairly certain it is then you must have skipped the pages you didn't like. It was the Naomi book (and Amos, with the Amos story being more interesting).
  3. If it is anything like Stein's Gate, where I darn well nearly gave up on it till THAT episode, than it is worth the wait. It also may make that fillerish looking material important to the final plot - Babylon 5 also did that with the early (boring on their own but incredible when the rest of the plot fills in) episodes.
  4. I'm fairly certain the current TV series is covering my least favorite book in the series. As for Amos, hopefully at some point they get to the latest book (though with just one season left I don't see how). His character gets a lot of the plot time and it is some of my favorite parts of the whole story.
  5. OK, somebody do that with the Knight Rider theme. (I don't have the talent but I KNOW somebody does).
  6. I don't know if it was mentioned yet but "Muppets Now" is practically the Muppet Show if it were done as a youtube show. Great stuff there. My favorites so far are the Swedish Chef having a Taco cookoff with Danny Trejo (and getting into a mustache posing contest), Statler and Waldorf showing up in Episode three (and hopefully sticking around), and some of Miss Piggy's bits (though not all).
  7. I'm up tot the very last episode of Clone Wars and plan to watch it tonight. (so I have not read the last few posts so as not to possibly spoil anything) I have to say the last four episodes, that take place during the events of Episode 3, are the best of the series and some of the best Star Wars ever (including mandalorian). Maul's attempt to turn Ahsoka is far better done (and written) then either the Emperors attempt with Luke or Vader.
  8. Not disagreeing as just pointing out that we were much more forgiving of dodgy sets and SFX in the olden days. More stories off of Earth would be good in my opinion too though.
  9. Saw this over on Facebook - I hope everyone can see the image.
  10. The new version of the Daleks a few years back was so despised they are wary of changing the design any longer (though the "Classic" Dalek since the restart of the show is not an exact copy of any of the old ones either). I was fine with the new design but the original is classic.
  11. I watched the New Years special last night and it was pretty good. Jack was kind of a waste though, he was there but if your going to bring back an old character give them more to do. Plus we get original(*) Daleks back again. (*) or one of the original types anyway, I lost track over the years.
  12. Or they (and everyone else apparently) learned that crouching behind things makes them harder to hit.
  13. Asphyxiation should have done him in after about a minute or so. Does his suit have an oxygen supply?
  14. I darn well hope it is Happy! I think we can all honestly say Good Riddance 2020 though.
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