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  1. All except that poor Superstar Destroyer that crashed into DS2 and went up like roman candle.
  2. She is not a villain. She is a force of nature. Even the idea of Antagonist and Protaganist in the show is hard to pin down.
  3. A changed dish and a red arm would never qualify as breaking prior art and Disney knows that.
  4. I thought there was a short lived continuation a couple years back. It either never happened or did so poorly nobody cared. I sorta halfway remember seeing a little bit of it and not liking it - then again I could be misremembering the whole thing.
  5. Star Trek failed because the fans locked it into a box that they refused to open. The only things that get their blessing are indie projects which I equate to my software work for the government - often programs are developed on the side by controllers to make their life easier and the feedback is all positive, once the program is made official and supported (by the same guy) it starts getting flack.
  6. I was just about to post the Beavis and Butt Head news myself. Loved the show but I seriously doubt it will work for today. I hope to be proven wrong about that. Time to watch the movie again. (which I ALSO thought would never work, feature length B&B - no way! - and I WAS happily wrong about that)
  7. I have no idea what you are even talking about. I've always only considered movies (and the animated shows now) cannon in any way. The rest of it comes and goes.
  8. But I don't subscribe to Disney+ EDIT - and some of those good bits are good indeed "No - MY Slaughter" comes to mind.
  9. Ignoring is not the same thing as dumping. Dumping is a divorce, ignoring is the creepy uncle at Christmas.
  10. I'll just pass on all of it. As for Erasing the sequels. No need to bother really since I doubt anyone much cares one way or another.
  11. I keep getting that one mixed up with the one where Earth was destroyed and the heroes are chased around by migraine inducing CGI spaceships (no not The Last Starfighter). I'll have to give this a watch.
  12. Lately? Is that a code word for "his entire career"? He has had some good ones and he is a likeable leading man in the Ahrnold/Sly mold but he has been in a lot crap since forever.
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