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  1. Kidslogic robotech SDF-1 statue

    I like it too. The SDF-1 itself looks great as well.
  2. They do, and they also know which one has the most name recognition, by an incredible margin too.
  3. Robotech by Titan Comics

    That was back in the eighties, so they were less then 5 years old when we ate them.
  4. Robotech by Titan Comics

    A friend of mine got a batch of them back in the eighties, the first production run I believe. Gave me the runs like nothing ever since.
  5. Netflix Original Stranger Things

    The ending of last season had a couple of nice twists and this one undid them. Really a shame
  6. Yamato 2202

    I've already got the whole series subbed but if the dub cast is good I may buy it again. I'm hoping this is good news for a 2202 release subbed/dubbed.
  7. Robotech by Titan Comics

    If I were a judge (which I'm not) this attempt at distancing from Macross would not work, it HG loses their rights this would be shutdown in an instant.
  8. Netflix Original Stranger Things

    I don't remember them having quite as much screen time last season so the caricature nature of them is really starting to grate more. Could just be the accumulation over time however, I would expect the father at least to do SOMETHING other than be totally ignorant.
  9. Netflix Original Stranger Things

    Watched through episode 5, I can't watch till 9pm and have to get myself to bed by 11 or be a zombie the next day - otherwise I would have watched the whole thing by now. Things really start to pick up in episodes 4 and 5, really really really had to force myself to get to bed last night. Only negatives for me are Mike and Nancy's parents since those two are caricatures instead of fleshed out characters, Dustin's mother has the same problem. Last year they did the same thing with Nancy's boyfriend and the cop and turned that around so perhaps something similar will happen this season - but I'm not counting on it this time.
  10. Netflix Original Stranger Things

    Just finished episode 3 and liking it so far. It is not just a rehash of the first season and that is a good thing. I get a kick out of Sam's character being a Radio Shack employee - I used to stop at the local RS on the way home from school to use the computer, a TRS-80 Model 1 level 2 no less.
  11. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    In that Ace Pilot one Rick has that classic Speed Racer putting on the glove pose.
  12. Storing props and sets is expensive so it is not generally done unless you plan on using it again. The Enterprise Bridge set was stored from movie to movie even though it changed quite a bit for each movie. One of the problems with Trek V is that the Bridge set was ruined and they didn't know till they took it out of storage.
  13. Me too. I hope the trailers for this one are good, a prequal on Han Solo is not my idea of a good Star Wars story but I'll probably end up seeing it anyway.
  14. A main character that doesn't look like a pre-teen. I think I gotta watch this one. And the lovely detailed art style with hand drawn characters is very welcome.
  15. He say you Blade Runnah TWO!

    Just saw it today, good movie, glad I saw it in Imax, but I can't say it was great. Agreed on Bautista, he did an excellent job giving the character a good bit of feeling. The music was too loud in some spots (what is with that new trend anyway? Do we HAVE to feel the music now?) but overall was fine, much better than Dunkirk in that regard.