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  1. Where would she have learned to swim? Didn't bother me if she did swim in TLJ, I remember falling in the water but not her swimming. Rogue One Space Battle - side story and not part of the Star War "series". DYRL - I would not count that as a "Lesser" movie...
  2. I dislike the RotJ space battle, it was everything that went wrong with the series after that point. Namely that spectacle (MORE SHIPS ON SCREEN!) overtook emotional impact from then on. One big caveat though, I can't think of a Star Wars battle in any movie that did not flow well - lesser movie space battles leave me wondering what the heck is going on at times.
  3. Just saw it (yup, a little late but had a lot to do this past month). Had fun, loved the ending bits. Still far above the prequals and ROTJ, not quite as good as the original two.
  4. Yamato 2202

    Saw another picture of the Andromeda class carrier and the connection between the hangar deck and the rest of the ship looks sturdier than other pictures - but it still looks like a dreadful design.
  5. The Doctor Who Thread

    I liked it, a fun little romp for Capaldi's last show. Would have been nice to see Smith doing his Patrick-Troughton Dr. again, perhaps as part of the regeneration scene. Maybe for the next Doctor's sendoff.
  6. It is going to take more than one under performing film for Disney to scale back on SW movies at one a year. This is more than films, it is advertising for a new theme park (practically) in florida and California. Are they doing SW lands at their other parks? My guess is almost certainly but I don't keep track of the others.
  7. Peter Jackson's Mortal Machines

    My thoughts are I might watch it when it comes on HBO but then again I might easily forget too.
  8. [R.I.P.] Heather North

    Scooby Doo was THE show that all the kids in my house agreed on every Saturday morning. Rest in Peace.
  9. The local theaters do not have the option of picking seats and I HATE being in the middle of the theater, even more I HATE sitting next to anyone. This is also why I normally go during the day when kids are in school. Even without that the IMAX in Atlantic City doesn't have the option of picking seats and it is always possible to get a seat going on a weeknight even though it will still be packed, just get there 30 minutes early.
  10. I read somewhere it was a 60% stake of HULU - so in other words they would own it. The scale of this deals bothers me, I like the house of mouse, I really do (*), but having one company control all of this AND what Disney already owns is too much. (*) - I'm a Disney World annual pass owner and go there a whole bunch of times each year.
  11. So, from what I gather, this entire movie is just a bunch of random bits from other mothers thrown together?
  12. Maybe not the Zenomorph but a Princess Ripley is practically a given...
  13. Animated Spider-Man

    Shouldn't it be called "Spidermen" or "SpiderFolks" if any are female. Looks interesting enough for a rental.
  14. Jurassic World

    Usually I can ignore ads too but I don't have control of adblockers on all of my machines I access the net with.