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  1. Dynaman

    The Predator (2018)

    They should do what Tremors did and go back to the old west. Or perhaps Conquistadors in South America - some of the masks the Inca/Maya have look like they could have been inspired by Predators.
  2. They are missing something, the problem was never Cavill, the problem was the scripts and direction. Perhaps Cavill would not fit well with a lighter tone to the character but I'm guessing we will never know. Batman on the other hand, never really did think Affleck pulled it off well. The previous Batman would be good if he dumps the Gravely voice - couldn't stand the gravelly Batman voice and the Bat-SUV.
  3. I guess Girls Und Warplanes would have been too obvious a name for it?
  4. Dynaman

    Ace Combat 7

    Actually the extra bit about it not being a hardcore flight sim model probably sealed the deal. I like the "realistic" flight controls but like a little more laid back flight model.
  5. Dynaman

    Ace Combat 7

    What kind of control scheme does this game have? Is it arcade like or more simulation like? I can't stand arcade style controls, I expect the plane to roll when using the joystick and not turn left or right. If not for that I probably would pick up more titles like these.
  6. After Benicio Del Toro's character I don't really care what name actor they bring in. That role was a waste for his talent but he was still the best part of that whole casino arc.
  7. They fired one a while back but JJ is still set to direct (Dynomite!, well not that JJ). No other movies are officially on hold but I'm sure they are rethinking the financing at this moment.
  8. Dynaman

    The Doctor Who Thread

    Putting Hartnell's first season on Bluray is either going to cost a massive boatload of money or is a total waste of time. The visual quality of the shows are beyond atrocious. Worn out VHS videotape is overkill.
  9. Dynaman

    New Macross TV Series in 2018

    From my point of view it pretty much did foreshadow the end of anime. I kinda like "Oldtaku", time to put that in my description of me.
  10. Dynaman

    The Doctor Who Thread

    Anyone else see the "Shada" episodes. Always nice to have more Tom Baker but it was a mediocre story (even for the time) at best.
  11. Dynaman

    Star Trek: Discovery

    > What's our ETA to the complaints about social justice casting like we had in Discovery? Past the shelf life date for Trek since the sixties - remember it was the show that had the first interracial kiss on TV (though it was a terrible kiss and I've heard it actually wasn't).
  12. Dynaman

    Star Trek: Discovery

    > IMO, Spock putting Kirk off the ship was one of the few good moments in the film. But the Enterprise has this lovely thing called a brig, where whinny jerks are meant to go and be forgotten till later.
  13. Dynaman

    Star Wars Resistance

    Not impressed but I wasn't impressed with Clone Wars or Rebels when I first saw them either.