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  1. The ending was written at the last minute and is a bit of a mess. Some great imagery though.
  2. So they threw all the, err spaghetti, on the wall to see what would stick?
  3. I must not be a big RT fan, I have NO IDEA who Captain Noble is, and all I can remember about Suzy Kramer is that I might have heard the name before but probably didn't.
  4. She is not exactly dead, just went away somewhere. I agree, even dead is better then the evil villain castoff tramp she ends up in the older stuff. That ending has a "we ran out of money and wrapped up 36 episodes in 24" vibe going. Granted I'm not reading anything but the preview pages but things sure seemed rushed.
  5. Kinda looks like Mermaid Man's ahem... Could also be a couple of frozen chickens painted funny.
  6. It does say it is a reprint of old comics from the eighties.
  7. I've not seen 2202 yet so can't comment on it - it did have a lot to live up to between 2199 and the original second season of Yamato. The New Voyages on the other hand was the start of the downhill slope for Yamato so not as much to live up to there.
  8. Just saw an announcement that Yamato 2205 is a go. Now to watch 2202...
  9. I have to admit I found the third movie entertaining in a way. I laughed my butt off in the opening sequence where Colonel know it all about stealth is sneaking around in the desert with his headlights on. I don't even remember if I watched the rest of the movie after that. I suppose I did.
  10. The thing with the Matrix is - why is the Matrix a "bad" thing. Sure your real body is in a dump but you never know that unless a bunch of jerks "wake" you up and make your life miserable.
  11. And "Cowboys vs Aliens" in case you have forgotten - which most have. (except those looking to see what kind of box office to expect with him NOT in a Bond picture)
  12. Oh man, that was bad. I mean really terrible. Wasn't Dr. No in Jamaica too? Or parts of it.
  13. Luckily I have forgotten most of it. Still seeing the Psychologist for the rest...
  14. Yes. The Jingoistic nonsense of the sequels was annoying. The first film, though flawed, was thought provoking. The last film (before this one) was better then the 2nd and 3rd by a long shot though.
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