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  1. Christopher Robin

    That looks perfect.
  2. Disney's DUMBO - March 2019

    Looking online it says he was brought in as the director before any shooting starting and was there for a script rewrite. The movie was rushed however. More scary was the Oliver Stone version I saw mentioned.
  3. Disney's DUMBO - March 2019

    Dark Shadows is an underrated gem. Though I have not seen the original, remade that is, Alice in Wonderland the sequel was passable.
  4. AT&T Buys Time Warner

    You forget AWAY!
  5. Disney's DUMBO - March 2019

    Dumbo has its own problem in that regard - I expect the crows are either gone or quite different in this version. The other thing I thought of after a bit is that Dumbo is a very short movie at just over an hour so not only will there almost certainly be changes the movie is going to have to be lengthened to at least 90 minutes to be acceptable today.
  6. Disney's DUMBO - March 2019

    I'm a Goofy fanatic but still a sucker for Dumbo. I'll be going to see it.
  7. Wonder Woman 2 (1984)

    If that is supposed to be him he is looking mighty good for an 80+ year old guy.
  8. Top Gun 2 is comin

    At least he still looks fit for the part. Val Kilmer on the other hand - maybe he works in the base cantina as a short order cook?
  9. No - turning Social Justice into something to be mocked is disgusting, which is exactly what the term SJW tries to do. I guess the SIWs Social Injustice Warriors, just can't handle a changing world.
  10. When a loud portion of that dislike boiled down to calling TLJ a SJW movie, then such people need to hear that they have something wrong with them.
  11. Han - yes he didn't really look like him or sound like him. Lando - HE looked and sounded just like I would expect from a young Lando. The one that does not get enough attention. Chewie - Even though the actor is shorter than Peter Mayhew (and it shows in the MF cockpit scenes) he was spot on. I forgot it was not Peter Mayhew playing him.
  12. The Happytime Murders

    Just watched that trailer and though I was not thinking of watching this before I saw the trailer now I KNOW I will not be watching this. Makes Team America look good.
  13. Harmony Gold suing Tatsunoko

    > Also, like I keep saying, stupidity is NOT a defense. I never said it was either, I said it was a different kind of crime. I see this seems to be highly emotional for you for some reason so will leave it at that.