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  1. I'm wondering where ST will go in the age of a pandemic. We have not had one since 1918 and that was quickly forgotten. Will ST become darker or will it get back the feeling of hope that the original strove for? We could use that in entertainment about now.
  2. Yes - everyone believes that wunderkind had no father (his mother made no claim of being a virgin, not exactly the same thing). The Skywalkers were slaves, kinda sloppy of whoever brought about wunderkind to lose track of him like that.
  3. TMP - The signs of what could have been a great movie are there but it fell flat on its face so I have to disagree with it being the worst. I often read with it on in the background - granted that is not a ringing endorsement. The true atrocities of the Trek movie world are STV and Nemesis. I do not find Into Darkness as bad as those two. A couple minor alterations could have made it a much better film, those being no Khan (saying it was Khan made no real difference to the character) and getting rid of Spock's "Khan!" moment.
  4. The Q needed a barrier to keep a low level "diety" controlled? One that a Klingon BoP could kill? Why didn't they just take his powers away and make him mortal like they did to John D Lancie once?
  5. Remember - the RT LAM is still officially not cancelled either. I wonder which will appear first.
  6. I have Netflix so I'll watch it. If I had to get some other service I might have waited for a review of the released show.
  7. Depending on how things are going it could do anything at this point. Nobody wants to release a movie with WWs budget to theaters when they know it will not do well. Anything could happen in the next two months.
  8. I tend not to worry. I have no idea what "Yeet" is supposed to mean and care even less. In my day "Word" was a "Word" and earlier in my day "Groovy" was a word too and my parents didn't know what the heck I was saying either.
  9. With the next Wonder Woman film coming soon the original (I think) Steve Trevor passed away. https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/lyle-waggoner-dies-steve-trevor-wonder-woman
  10. Eh - both of you can get off my internet while I go yell at a cloud.
  11. I don't think the Masters mechanical designs are bad - just TOTALLY out of place with the other two shows. But I have to point out that the Mecha that turns into a tank with the driver sitting OUTSIDE is probably the dumbest thing going.
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