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  1. I have no idea what point you are trying to make. There is no valid comparison of a rerun to the absolute first airing of a new series.
  2. Oh hell yes it did. All of the faults of those first three seasons were on the shoulders of Gene and his dictates of what the Federation was like.
  3. That is exactly the attitude that is stifling Trek. The first three seasons of TNG force fed the "Federation is utopia" meme on is and it was easily the worst Trek ever.
  4. Yes - all the other shows were premiers for a new weekly series. Best comparison for this is a rerun.
  5. Once again - that is NOT an apples to apples comparison.
  6. I had fun watching it. I forgot it pretty much as soon as the final episode ran. That is a positive not a negative, just not a ringing endorsement. Tilly is annoying but nowhere near as bad as Wesley or Tasha or Worf (before they figured out how to write for his character after 4 or 5 seasons)
  7. Part of that is anyone who wanted to see it already has. It is not in any way a debut, even half of the first episode had already been on broadcast TV. Still a lousy number but not in the same league if it had not been shown in another medium already.
  8. They could have just repackaged Lord of the Rings toys...
  9. For me ST hit the nadir with Voyager and Nemesis. The one took the preachy factor of ST and turned it up to 11 (showing my eighties teenage roots) and the other tried and failed miserably to turn NextGen to an action movie series. The first 2.5 seasons of Next Gen was just as bad but finally figured out TOS was twenty years prior and things had changed. The problem for ST today is that the fans want it to be the sixties still but it is now 2020 and we should not need to hide the moral story behind the alien of the week. On the other hand ST action movies can't compete with Super Heroes tha
  10. I prefer the miniseries Dune to that dreadful movie as well. It is a real pity it did not have a higher budget.
  11. I don't know, things must get pretty ripe in that Iron Man suit.
  12. After Casino Royale and all the jumps he did in the first action sequence, any one of which would break his legs, I don't think that bridge swing is anything to worry about. Super Hero movies have upped the ante (in a very bad way) on what is required in action sequences.
  13. I'm watching Cagaster on Netflix. The english VA is ok but nothing great and the plot and characters are pretty bog standard. I did read that it picks up soon (I've watch 3 episodes) so I will continue on with it.
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