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  1. Amazing. I hope Kawamori and Tenjin see it.
  2. Yeah, it's about time we got a PG Nu, especially for those of us that can't afford the Metal Structure version.
  3. So far out of all the 2020 Gunpla release announcements, the RG Force Impulse is the only kit that I'm even remotely interested in. Hoping for this year: MG Kampfer ver. 2.0. MG Victory Gundam ver 2.0. MG F90-II. RG Crossbone X3 and X0. RE100 Xeku Eins. RE100 Xeku Zwei.
  4. This disc should be renamed "Macross Won't Stop, But Has Slowed To A Glacial Crawl".
  5. I'm hoping for news soon on Metal Build Crossbone Gundam X3 Or Metal Build Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth. Sorry Eva fans, zero interest in Evas.
  6. I wonder if Bandai will release the L.O. Booster for it (Or Lobster Boy as I used to call it back in the day ) https://gundam.fandom.com/wiki/OZX-GU01LOB_Gundam_L.O._Booster
  7. If there is a third Party Nu Gundam coming, 1/100 scale is fine for me.
  8. I'm hoping Hasbro release a 6" Black Series end of season The Mandaloraian figure, with all the Beskar armour upgrades and rocket pack.
  9. I'd be up for an Ahsoka and Sabine live action series, especially if Ahsoka is played by her Clone Wars/Rebels voice actress.
  10. Looking forward to the upcoming RG Force Impulse next year, it's one of the few things I like about Seed Destiny.
  11. I watched the Netflix Witcher series knowing nothing about the games or books. Initially, the first 2 episodes didn't grab me, but as I watched more I started to get more and more into it and by episode 8 was loving it and wanting more. The time jumps were a bit confusing at first, but it wasn't difficult after a while to piece things together and figure out when things were happening in the timeline. Anyway, really looking forward to season 2 and hope it contains lot more episodes. 8 episodes is just too short for a series.
  12. My wish list for Gundam figures is: Metal Build Crossbone Gundam X3. Metal Build Crossbone Gundam X0. Metal Build Victory Gundam (with optional Dash Packs and Hexa head). Metal Build V2 Gundam (with optional Assault/Buster parts). Metal Robot Spirits Xeku Eins. Metal Robot Spirits Xeku Zwei.
  13. That's an easy pass for me, as I'm not a fan of the Barbatos design. I did watch season 1 of IBO recently and thought it was OK. Will probably get around to watching season 2 eventually.
  14. Binged watched season 2 over Christmas and enjoyed it. But yeah, I also would have spaced Smith a long time ago.
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