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  1. Bumblebee (Transformers... 6?)

    Looks like an F4 Phantom.

    Very Nice. Those are micro-missile launchers on the dorsal surface of the fighter?
  3. Bandai DX VF-31

    Nope, zero interest in this one. Happy with my two regular VF-31F.
  4. Top Gun 2 is comin

    At 55, isn't Tom Cruise a bit old to portray a US Navy fighter pilot? Mind you I did find this just now when researching maximum age for fighter pilots: https://fightersweep.com/1370/us-navys-oldest-active-fighter-pilot-retires/
  5. Zero interest in Boba Fett though. Most overrated bounty hunter in the galaxy, who got taken out by a blind man that was armed only with a stick.....LOL The only good thing about Boba Fett was that his armour looked cool, but thankfully we've had lots of Mando armour shown in Clone Wars and rebels. I'd much rather see the long rumored Obi Wan movie (as long as it stars Ewan McGregor), or a live action movie about Sabine and Ashoka's quest to find Ezra.
  6. Bandai DX VF-31

    Despite receiving my VF-31A from CD Japan a few weeks ago, I still haven't opened it yet. I remember being excited to order it, but my interest in Delta has waned a lot recently. I suppose I will get round to opening it eventually. Not planning to sell it though.
  7. I'm the exact opposite. my interest has gone from meh in the last few months to really excited this week.
  8. Seeing it on Sunday morning with my wife. My son saw it today with his friends, haven't had the chance to ask him how it was yet. Trying to avoid all spoilers.
  9. I thought it was an OK movie, but not great. The many 80s references were cool and all, but I can see this movie appealing more to younger people in their 20s and 30s who grew up on massive multi-player online games. For me the highlight of the movie was NOT the RX-78 Gundam, as that's a mecha I've never liked but rather when.......... Saw it once, enjoyed it, but not enough that I'd go to see it a second time.
  10. Pacific Rim Uprising

    Saw it on Monday with wife and son. We all enjoyed it. I actually really enjoyed it, nearly as much as the original. The standout for me was Scott Eastwood. I didn't even know he was in the movie or who he was, but watching the movie, I was like "Wow, this guys is the spitting image of Clint Eastwood". After seeing his name in the credits I Googled him and found out he is the youngest son of Clint Eastwood....LOL. I'm a huge fan of Clint Eastwood,, especially his Dirty Harry movies. I really wish Scott had said "Make my day" in the movie. The actress who played Mako Mori seemed to have really aged since the first movie, which is unusual for Asian girls, or maybe it was just makeup.
  11. Bandai DX VF-31

    Got mine from CD-Japan on Monday, but it's still sitting unopened under my desk, as I've been super busy at work this week. Thankfully there's the Easter holiday from tomorrow, so will have 4 days to mess around with it.
  12. Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    I'm sure it must have some sort of anti grav or repulsor technology fitted to do that......LOL