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  1. Originally I hated, or barely tolerated the prequels when they first came out, but the Clone Wars cartoon series which I watched together with my son when he was a kid really helped me appreciate and enjoy the prequel movies more.
  2. I've just started watching Enterprise recently on Netfix. I never saw it when it originally aired. I'm now up to season 2 and really enjoying far more than Discovery. Actually, I did catch bits of a couple of episodes of Enterprise when it first aired but couldn't get into it, but now I'm really enjoying it, Anyway, sign me up for a Captain Pike TV series!
  3. Saw the trailer this morning. Looks awesome.
  4. Kinda disappointed that the second release is the TV Max 1A. I'm really not a fan of the scheme. Was hoping for Hikaru DYRL VF-1S or VF-1A or Focker VF-1S
  5. Other changes are the blue trim on the wings is now a separate piece of colored plastic, rather than just stickers like on the old kit. Back boosters are an all new sculpt, taken from the Deep Striker, with a mid part hinge and better detailing. The head is not just made smaller, but has better detailing. For example, the white head part has holes for the vulcan guns, which showing the grey plastic barrels.. The Incoms have better detailing and use both red and black or grey plastic. The chest is a new design taking from the Deep Striker kit, with added detailing.....holes...fins and the yellow chest vents have hols showing the black underneath. I heard the wrist may have improved articulation also
  6. Oh, yes, I'm getting the MG F-90 also. One of the first Gundam kits I ever built too. I love the concept of the different swapable mission packs. And it's just a really cool looking MS.
  7. So looking forward to the Obi-Wan in Clone armour.
  8. Graham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Looks so much better in teal. I'd buy it if it came from the factory that way.
  9. Saw it last weekend with my son and his girlfriend. Thought it was OK, not great. Wouldn't pay to see it a second time. Liked the tribute to Stan Lee in the opening and also liked
  10. The SV-51 is still going ahead? Haven't been following closely, but at this point I'd kinda just assumed it was vaporware by now
  11. Saw it on Saturday with my son. Really enjoyed it. Much better than expected.
  12. Graham

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I'm gonna pass on the Armour Pack. Really don't like the design and colour scheme. Plus it's likely to be a joint killer in battroid mode.
  13. Saw the Metal Build Eva in a shop here in HK today. But not being an Eva fan, I didn't pay much attention to it and didn't check the price.
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