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  1. I'm waiting on fate rider v2. (Medusa) PO to pop up at some point...
  2. I went in for the Ark (sold out at the moment now), galvatron, rodimus, & tracks. Curious for those outside of california/LA county, are you taxed this much? This is for the ARK. Subtotal $159.99 Shipping $0.00 CA STATE TAX $9.60 LOS ANGELES COUNTY DISTRICT TAX SP $3.60 CA COUNTY TAX $0.40 LOS ANGELES CO LOCAL TAX SL $1.60
  3. Thanks. So pulse sends me link to hasbro CS. From there we do a live chat and identify the toy. Unfortunately inferno is out of stock in their warehouse. The rep offers that the warehouse team pick out a transformer of equal value for me. I was like huh?? What if I already have the toy that they pick out for me?? Anyway from there the rep offers me a return/refund and emails me a return slip. Note their warehouse inventory is not the same as pulses inventory. I guess there's not much they could really do at this point as far as a proper replacement.
  4. I was excited to get inferno today until... ...just my luck. Sent a message to pulse help, and preordered on amazon just in case hasblow can't help.
  5. LOL. i truly hope this is just some photoshop foolery as i don't have any kind of galvatron yet.
  6. Ugh. Unless the spoiler can move forward some more, the cab is not going in any further. And that's disappointing.
  7. proper ring size for the studio cell unicron. https://showzstore.com/in-coming-01-studio-armor-ma01-upgraded-planetary-rings-for-cell-unicron_p2959.html
  8. Not hunting down any more target exclusives. I can live without them if I never see them. Viper looks cool tho
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