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  1. that's a helluva chin. has anyone cut off roadblock's vest? his vest is a deal breaker for me.
  2. I was gonna pass on storm shadow but saw you can take the hood off. POd all except discro.
  3. Every time I see " we got this covered" gotta role my eyes.
  4. i think i like the light blue version, but maybe it's the helmet that really bother's me. maybe a custom classic head would make it better. the gold feet should probably be black. I don't doubt the team would eventually redo all the characters with their classic look.
  5. lol, but oh maaan , not digging this design. what's going on with his torso? have we reverted back to marvel ab crunch? nvm, i take that back. he most likely have the ball waist too.
  6. Has anyone had any problems ordering legends from target and walmart? I tried gwrring something from bestbuy and they sent me the wrong figure because all the sku numbers are the same in a set.
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