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  1. Not hunting down any more target exclusives. I can live without them if I never see them. Viper looks cool tho
  2. nothing from AE yet. I'll post as soon as they tell me. uh Fast Shipment (15840 YEN) Economy Shipment (15840 YEN) what happens if i ask for refund or try to get my CC to do it? nvm, i read the faq. 20% hit. hmm
  3. yes, that's it. links at the bottom of every item. i guess so, i'm not keeping up with shipping news.
  4. i dont know yet from dhl...still waiting. I was only looking at the japan post rate chart and basing it off packed weight.
  5. DAMN S/H is pretty high from AE. would have been cheaper total to order the dynaction from bbts.
  6. Just FYI. The Walmart Ashoka actually arrived today from Walmart. The TFs are still in limbo but this should be some good news for those that preordered
  7. looks like its just huffer, inferno & dinobot for me. was really hoping magnus would have been different like siege prime to ER prime.
  8. Ugh. Wally sent me a msg saying. Soundwave. BB. Elita1. Ashoka all backordered. Delayed.. Target is saying same thing for thrust.
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