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  1. currently finishing the more accurate line arts if you can wait for a bit.
  2. Those views are based upon my papercraft and unfortunately are not acurate. Well, they are the most acurate you can find at the moment, but they are not 100% correct. Here is the original from the papercraft model: and my bad line art for the VF-14: There was a lot of tweaking and changing done from line art to the 3D model. Hope that helps.
  3. Urashiman

    Fun with KSP

    Hey everyone, I was a bit bored today and had some fun in KSP. Everything was done without mods. Doesn't transform, flight model only VF-1 VF-9
  4. @MechTech jep, thats the 1/48 VF-1A/S Strike
  5. Got new stuff ... and that VF-1S/A Hasegawa box is just huge, man! Even bigger than the 1/48 YF-19 box.
  6. So - May stash moved from the living room into the basement. The VF-0S and the SV-51 Nora Type box on the left are "empty". Well actually, full of sprues from other kits. The stash will be extended by a VF-1S Strike 1/48, VF-0D, VF-25 Super and a SV-262 as soon as the HLJ holiday sale package arrives Update: The stuff is here:
  7. Yeah - I just saw this build on FB as well! NIce one
  8. @MechTechI don't think I will start selling it. Too much trouble with business taxes in Germany. I was thinking of releasing it under GPL, so anyone can print it. @Thomthanks! Only 3D printing, no casting
  9. @MechTechThat's the plan. The whole 3D model is designed to work as 1/72 kit.
  10. At the moment, whenever I have a 5 minutes of free time, I am working on this. Slowly getting the VF-9 were I want it to be (quality wise).
  11. I was thinking about buying one of those old bandai molds as well - how does it build? The old ARII kits were not fitting well, and the old VF-2ss needed much sanding, so how are the old Bandai kits?
  12. Woohoo the 262 - and you even use proper Umlaute
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