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  1. It's definitely justifiable. You guys do know that with this kit, the YF-19 can actually fold into another galaxy right?
  2. Nice camera work. In regards to the toy in general, there are some thing I love, and some nitpicks too. Fighter and Gerwalk look pretty nice overall. Cons: Skinny head Chicken hands Too many seams in the middle of parts Big gap in the lower chest, and crotch piece isn't shaped very close to the lineart Where the outer shoulders meet the inner shoulders there's quite a gap (visible in head on view in fighter mode)
  3. Exactly, you just have to take care with them like any transforming painted models. See... http://www.mrtwo.net/mr2modproject/toyz/mo...egioss/pics.htm
  4. Good info on the drone. http://www.sr-71.org/blackbird/d-21.php
  5. Yeah, I like Torchwood so far. I just wish there wasn't so much bi-sexual innuendo on this show, it's hard to show it to family when every character is bi. I can handle it though, I work in a really PC office environment, gotta be accepting of everything these days. The cameo: I thought Captain Jack just really loves spare bodyparts until I thought about where it came from.
  6. In case someone who might be interested missed my post the other day... Boeing Museum of Flight pics (Seattle) I took these a few weeks back when my cousin came to visit. In the same directory are pics from the Sci-Fi museum (where you are not supposed to take pics, so they are blurry). Also some pics from the Space Needle. http://www.mrtwo.net/mr2modproject/temp/10-11-2006/
  7. I took these a few weeks back when my cousin came to visit. In the same directory are pics from the Sci-Fi museum (where you are not supposed to take pics, so they are blurry). Also some pics from the Space Needle. http://www.mrtwo.net/mr2modproject/temp/10-11-2006/
  8. Couldn't the codpiece be reversible? One side for battloid, one side for fighter, it would just swivel where it connects to the moving arm thingy.
  9. I wouldn't mind a refund either... Mar. 23, 2004 Payment To Ken Brennan Completed Details -$100.00 USD $0.00 USD -$100.00 USD $0.00 USD Transaction Details Payment Sent (ID #4HV25264K37650914) Original Transaction Date Type Status Details Amount Mar. 23, 2004 Payment To valkyrie@attbi.com Completed ... -$100.00 USD Related Transaction Date Type Status Details Amount Mar. 23, 2004 Add Funds from a Bank Account From Bank Account Completed Details $100.00 USD Name: Ken Brennan Email: ken.brennan@comcast.net Payment Sent to: valkyrie@attbi.com Total Amount: -$100.00 USD Date: Mar. 23, 2004 Time: 03:54:47 PST Status: Completed Subject: Monster Preorder Note: Thanks Ken! -Pat Signorino (FYI: Paypal apparently goes back forever. It was depressing to look thru the history, I've spent 10s of thousands on things that are not vital to survival )
  10. Got one from TMPAnime as well, with one broken tailfin tip. I'll try to glue it back on. Pretty cool toy, though the transformation is a little more difficult than the 1/48 vf-1.
  11. The video brought a tear to my eye. That was awesome! Nice work!
  12. Just had a flashback reading this. I always loved the part where he gets shot in the head (bandanna apparently made of kevlar), and starts walking around like a dazed zombie for a few seconds. Also, that Ferrari was pretty sweet.
  13. I like the title description... Do Remember Your Love
  14. http://photos.yahoo.co.jp/ph/horton1485/ls...&.src=ph&.view= Lots of other work here... http://photos.yahoo.co.jp/bc/horton1485/rl...rc=ph%26.view=t
  15. Great video. The scenes they chose do match the lyrics pretty well. There actually is a scene of flags going up Two others I like are one done to a Future Sound of London song, and one done to Dune's Electric Heaven. You used to be able to find all of these on animemusicvideos.org
  16. It's a quote from 4chan.org It was a meme about a year ago over there. You rarely see it now. We had a 4chan thread here back then, I think I posted one of the pics there.
  17. You can see some of the models built by Macrossworld member Jung here (the first 3 links)... http://www.mrtwo.net/mr2modproject/toyz/mo...da/mospeada.htm
  18. Most of mine are here... http://www.mrtwo.net/mr2modproject/toyz/orguss/pics.htm
  19. http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=18131 379743[/snapback] Thanks, I searched but didn't find a current thread. To be fair, I don't think it's absurd to pay a lot for something this rare, it's still amazing to see.
  20. So, no one is going to mention the $2k+ Tread that just sold? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1
  21. I dug out the box Here's the part I need help with. I need to create this ostrich type upper leg joint. Please give me your ideas, I haven't been able to come up with a good solution. I can drill these sections out and insert anything that will fit and then putty it up. I'm open to canabilizing another toy for parts or creating / ordering parts. Thanks for any help, and I do appreciate the comments!
  22. Um, thanks for the yucks, glad I came back. Goodbye avatar.
  23. I normally work weekends, so can never do anything like this. This month though, I have the 18th and 19th off, and was wondering if anyone would like to get together, have some beer and pizza, and watch some Macross related stuff on a 5ft by 5ft screen at my house in Federal Way. I also have some PSX and PS2 Macross games, plus a nifty Macross/Mospeada model collection to check out. If you are interested, please let me know. If you have anything obscure related to Macross, you can bring it. I'd love to see that knock off Macross anime (I can't remember the name). ???????
  24. Sorry, I never saw these last few replies. I didn't get much further than what's been posted. Cars have been taking all my time. I have a box that keeps begging me to open it up and work on it again. I'll take a look at it this next week. What stopped all progress was the upper leg gerwalk section. I couldn't figure out how to make it stable. I'll need help in figuring that out still. One of the cars slowing me down. http://www.mrtwo.net/mr2modproject/corolla...cs/DSCN6149.JPG
  25. Anyone remember that I was one of the people that put a downpayment on this kit? I can't find my e-mails...
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