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  1. I got a shipped confirmation from Robotech.com for the Ride Armor (with FedEx tracking number), should be here (Seattle) on Friday.
  2. Wow, this is amazingly well done. Thanks for the link!
  3. Someone please make larger tailfins and solid rocket boosters for this thing when it comes out!
  4. Stick's wearing off the missle launcher housing, and about to blow himself to kingdom come. I had a peg hit the ground like that once on an old GS 550, that was an experience
  5. Beta related... First of all, that thing would not survive re-entry, LOL! I modded mine a bit... I didn't like how the alpha sat lower than the beta when attached in legioss mode (both in fighter). I took the white attachment piece off, and cut about 1/2 inch off the end that slides in the beta. Now it can use either one peg on the stand or both. Basicaly, it slides further back in. Doing this causes the legs of the alpha to hit the cockpit unless you pop them way wide and lose the connection at the mid section. So I popped the cockpit off (it's held on by two little plastic pegs where the hinge is, and you can twist/pry a bit to get it off). I found that if you do remove the betas cockpit, you can keep the alpha's legs tight together, and just pop off the arms so that they are loose and able to move around a bit. The alpha now sits about as high up as it can, and the arms can be put all the way up where the two large missle looking things sit, and the alpha looks much more level with the beta. Anyways, I think it looks way better this way. I'm too lazy to post pics, but thought I'd mention it for anyone who wants to try. For good measure I put a little looped tape in the cradle where the alpha sits, because now it's higher up, but still won't pop out unless you knock the whole thing over. Edit : Pics...
  6. That looks great, need more pics, some of the rider on the bike please!
  7. Show "jumped the shark" for me with that last episode. Aliens! That guy who was pretending to be a girl, was creepy to watch while looking like a "man". Yuck!
  8. If Yamato doesn't do it, someone has to make rocket boosters for this thing! Looks fine to me, hopefully some more detailed pics will come out, hard to tell what's what with these angled shots.
  9. I have no idea what this is, but I like it! Only thing I really notice is that the head is a little flat and pointy. Good work though!
  10. So, just watched this. Worthwhile if you like RE. Not perfect, but definitely had some good action in it. A little sappy at times though. Reminded me a lot of RE:2, same characters, same virii. Animation is sometimes amazing (Claires eyes at times are very expressive), to creepy (the senators face is just scary, and Claire has some sort of weird chin/neck thing going on that I kept noticing). Action movements were well done, reminded me of RE:4 cutscenes at tmes. Loved the jet landing scene.
  11. Too many visible screw holes in battroid (the 1/72 had little screw hole plugs colored to match the toy), a little fragile, other than that, great toy.
  12. Thunder....... ...bolt! voted YF-19
  13. Wishlist: high speed mode wings Boosters included
  14. Mine won't stay together on the stand unless the fastpack is holding the leg to the arm securely. I used some rubber cement to keep the fastpack tight where it connects to the arm. Probably a better way to do that, but the rubber cement allows the fast pack to come off if needed.
  15. LOL, the sound effects in the video were cool, he should have screamed when his head was popped off. I'm reaaaalllllly looking forward to these now!
  16. Someone send them to me! LOL... no seriously
  17. They're not bad for a transforming model, but they ARE very delicate compared to the Toynamis LOL
  18. The green and blue IMAI kits were done by Jung Chao. More pics here... http://www.mrtwo.net/mr2modproject/toyz/mo...egioss/pics.htm http://www.mrtwo.net/mr2modproject/toyz/mo...egioss/pics.htm http://www.mrtwo.net/mr2modproject/toyz/mo...peadas/pics.htm
  19. The remaster looks awesome, I bet this gets released on Blu-Ray sometime in the not to distant future.
  20. FYI: If it helps anyone... Imai and Toynami comparison pics... http://www.mrtwo.net/mr2modproject/toyz/mo...arison/pics.htm
  21. Yeah, I'm hoping they have different necks for the helmet and the head, if not, something should be able to be done, we'll see.
  22. I ordered both megahouse' from HLJ. First thing I'm going to look into is shortening the necks LOL
  23. LOL the legioss gun barrel is larger than the intakes! I think the legioss is too large compared to the tlead, that's why there are so many fitment issues when they're joined. I'm still buying one, I doubt there will be any other tleads released from other companies in the future. It's not tooooo bad looking, just squint your eyes. I think it will look imposing in a display. my .02 BTW, I think the MPC Alpha's are very well done, though luckily all of mine are still intact. http://www.mrtwo.net/mr2modproject/toyz/mo...ascott/pics.htm http://www.mrtwo.net/mr2modproject/toyz/mo...alphas/pics.htm
  24. Don't know if these count...
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