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  1. Hi, I'm moving to a new city about 300 miles away in a couple of months. As I was packing away some of my toys I looked at my 2 detolf displays and it occurred to me that I'm not sure how to move them. Should I disassemble them and lay all the glass on top of each other, or can they survive a ride in a big truck standing up? Thanks for the help!
  2. Yes. Someone even built one in battloid (or whatever) and posted pics. Here's the link for the 1/32 legioss I mentioned above... http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=38367&hl=lives&page=1
  3. Since there was a lot of talk about the suits earlier in the thread... They didn't do a lot with the suits. They were worn for half the movie, but only a few scenes showed them actually amplifying the wearers abilities. In some scenes it looked like it just slowed them down. So, don't have too high of an expectation of seeing some awesome mech action. They do have some cool guns on their backs though. Also, there were a few well done comedic lines spread thru the movie, it's a mixed bag, but it worked for me as simple sci-fi action fun. Bill Paxton cracked me up a bit.
  4. ^Me! I enjoyed it. It's not going to rock anyone's world story wise, but it was solid fun, with quite a bit of action. As said above, it's probably Tom Cruise's best since Minority Report. Literally a cross between Starship Troopers and Groundhog day. There's a big cliche in this movie, but I don't want to spoiler it. I'd recommend seeing it, and I'm very picky.
  5. It's can be found on torrent sites, search for [ACR] SPT Layzner. It was ok, but no Mospeada in my opinion.
  6. Got one from HLJ. Right arm is loose. Ankles could be tighter. Other than that, it was in great shape.
  7. FYI on people having issues getting the fastpacks on in fighter. What worked for me was to folllow a suggestion a few pages back... 1) Attach the shoulder fast pack pieces. Make sure to move the sliding arm on the fast pack part into the top position. You probably need to move the leg down to get the pack to mate up. 2) Pull the leg down being careful to not hurt the wing peg. 3) Attach the leg fast pack parts by lining up the long peg at the rear and the small peg at the front to their respective slots on the YF-19 leg. Be sure to check clearances to the stabilizer wing on the foot, press down firmly, but don't break pegs or anything. Check to see if the fast pack is secure. If not, line up the holes again and re-seat firmly. 4) Move the leg back into fighter position (leave one click open on the first joint by the intake). The position should match up the wing peg to the hole in the fast pack, and the arm fast pack lines up with the slots on the back of the legs. 5) Secure the leg in place by moving it so that the shoulder and fast fastpack parts can be clipped into place. A note about this though, the plane is quite a bit less tight feeling with the fast packs on. When the toy is in regular fighter mode, it feels pretty tight and sturdy to me. Much less so with the fastpacks. I'm more impressed after playing around with it today.
  8. The shoulder pieces have a sliding arm on them. The part that attaches to the YF-19 actually moves back and forth where it connects to the pack. Try playing with that little part to get it to slide back and forth and see if that gets you a better position to attach the pack.
  9. I got mine today. Bought it from HLJ. Arrived in great shape. I put the old Yamato 1/60 next to it and transformed them both trying to see the differences. The Arcadia looks better in all modes. I also noticed how flimsy the Yamato feels. I'll be selling the Yamato soon I think. There's a better version, and I don't see the point in having 2. As far as other things about the Arcadia: I did have trouble with getting the legs extended (took a lot of pressure). I was not able to get the leg fastpack parts on securely in fighter mode. I will try the suggestion above from M'kyuun. One wing was loose at the main pivot. I was able to tighten it with a screwdriver. I actually dropped it about 2 feet onto the ground. Pieces went everywhere, but the only sign of damage was one wing looks like it has a slight stress mark. Not that noticeable though. I did get pretty worried for a second!
  10. LOL, the 64. Some of the details like the guns are better defined (all the guns especially the AA on the sides of the bridge). I'm fine with the 57 though, I can't justify upgrading.
  11. Some comparison pics between the 57 and 64. I can see some things I like more on the 64, but since I have the 57 and the Andromeda already, I'm not switching... http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/bunbun660124/GALLERY/show_image.html?id=33997052&no=2
  12. Pssst, you are an expert, and that YF-19 you built looks amazing!
  13. This spectrum of color (yellow/light brown) has to be one of the hardest to match. My house is a similar color, and I had to take multiple samples to Home Depot for them to get a color match, and I'd say it's still 10% off from perfect. Not sure how possible this is, but it would be cool if Arcadia could find out from either Kawamori or from production notes what color they used or intended to be used. They could even scan some original cells to get an idea. I'd personally like to see it darker, but I have an old SHE model that is quite a bit on the lighter shade and it looks fine to me as well. I think I'll be happy regardless of what they pick.
  14. Haha. I'm definitely NOT saying Screamers is anywhere near as good as The Thing! The Thing is on an entirely different level in every aspect. I just have a soft spot for parts of Screamers for some reason.
  15. Thanks for putting the interview together, and thanks John for sharing! My GF asked what I was listening to, and she sat down to listen. BTW, I actually liked the first Screamers movie. It had some good paranoia atmosphere towards the middle, sort of like John Carpenter's The Thing.
  16. I knew that joke was coming 20 years ago!
  17. Do you mean covers for the gaps on the back of the legs? That's what I was hoping they are, but it's hard for me to visualize how they fit together.
  18. The Yamato YF-19 air inlets are fixed to a bigger piece behind/ontop of them. The Arcadia YF-19 has these pieces separate, and may have separated these pieces to give more poseability in battloid, and adding material to the top may kill that extra flexibility.
  19. IMO : The only things wrong with ST:III were, Savik being played by a different actress, and Chekov's terrible wardrobe. Other than those things, that movie is win. Stealing the enterprise scene is one of my favorite out all of Star Trek. The 2009 reboot was promising, but seemed off to me. The new one had it's moments, but overall I cannot recommend it. Here's a great review by Red Letter Media.
  20. yes. Captain completed it a few months back. I haven't seen one built yet though.
  21. I think I missed the last shipment. Last I heard there were problems with some of the sourced parts. Hoping I can still get the last shipment if I missed it. I'll PM Cap. Was thinking of commissioning someone to build mine. If anyone is interested, lmk. Edit: I meant build and paint. Wanted to clarify.
  22. Here's some posters... I know some say Robotech, still have awesome artwork.
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