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  1. Damn! That was you? I made an order for it but got back the "item out of stock" email in return lol
  2. Here's a pic of my trooper vanguard. Took until level 25 to get this look with gear I currently use. Can't find any lvl appropriate plastiform style boots tho, so I'm stuck wearing ugly blue and white boots with crazy knee guards. Also a pic of the stap mount that comes with collector's/digital deluxe version of the game.
  3. you can auto run multiple ways with: 1) num lock, 2) holding both mouse 1 and 2 at the same time while steering with the mouse, or 3) if you have a gaming mouse, the auto run is auto bound to one of the page forward/backward buttons. Careful about auto running off a cliff, or into mobs tho, it's an auto run, not auto pilot
  4. Here's the link: http://www.swtor.com/blog/why-unify-color-chest-piece-gone-and-whats-next They'll apparently re-implement it when it's more refined sometime down the road.
  5. So they removed unify colors to chest Gonna miss using that for my one colored trooper.
  6. Are there any contested zones where both factions have to quest? Or is all pvp a queue based battleground type? I remember the days in WoW where someone from the opposite faction comes out of no where and you gotta fight for your life. Really makes it fun and gets the blood pumping
  7. I found SWTOR to be pretty refreshing in comparison to World of Workcraft. Since there's no auto attack, you can spam your basic skill with mouse1. It makes combat a bit more involving (at least for me). One thing I found lacking was any type of elevated land like mountains that I could climb and overlook the land. The foot travel in general just feels more restricted than WoW, but I guess thems the breaks when your setting is intergalactic with multiple planets. I had 6 days to play in the beta. I was a jedi guardian for the first 5, then on the last day I made a trooper and was like, oh my god, I've just wasted all my time playing a jedi . Trooper face rolls some gold elites with ranged weapons + companion help hehe.
  8. First disc of Scrapped Princess as in 3 disc HK R1 bootleg, or 6 disc R1? In any case, try to stick with it until at least episode 13 when the more interesting information about their world is revealed I remember picking up this series way back when just after it ended when I read about all the positive opinions from the animesuki forums; I thought it was pretty good myself at the end of it
  9. I find this claim pretty ridiculous. A lot of mecha are humanoid, so it's only natural that their hand-held armament be of human origin in design. These include knives, swords, pistols, smg's, rifles, sniper rifles, shields, etc. This is like me saying Macross Plus totally rips off Mobile Suit Gundam because they gave the VF-11, YF-19, and YF-21 shields, or anyone who wields an oversized sword totally stole the design from Cloud in Final Fantasy VII (who obviously isn't the first dude to wield a big ass sword) While not plentiful, I can only think of two shows before Gundam 00 where mecha used sniper rifles; Evangelion with the positron rifle and Gundam 08th MS team's GM sniper.
  10. Long coat rogue is estimated to arrive January 2010, according to BBTS and limited to 1000. I was going to get the bishoujo Rogue as well, but felt the same about the face and passed. I'll wait and see what the Psylocke one looks like
  11. I'd give The KMPlayer a try. It worked for me. Just choose the low performance option so it runs on slower machines during initial setup. You can use either CCCP codecs or The KMPlayer's internal codecs.
  12. Doesn't it actually make sense though since Sheryl is originally from Macross Galaxy? Hence, "Songstress of Galaxy"
  13. I recently tried to transform the Ozma I got from the HLJ sale from battroid to fighter, but I rage quit half way through the process. I was afraid i was gonna snap the ball joints off the shoulders while trying to pull those damn arms off. Also, I almost completely broke off the peg on one of the fighter head lasers. I think I'll just leave it in battroid mode forever (which looks pretty good). I think I had more fun with those cheapo Banpresto VF-1 valks, despite the arms-falling-off issue
  14. Sweet mother of god, the cockpit even opens up. This thing is awesome.
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