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  1. I'd dig that. Plus, there will be plenty of enemies around Thanos that a 9mm will take care of. If BW went straight up against Thanos, I'd be surprised.
  2. Good. I like the energy and fun he put into the previous movies.
  3. Is he not going to be blue now, cause in that poster he is natural brown. I will admit, it is looking better. Jafar's voice I still have to get used to. So far the one from the animated movie was far better. Though, damn this girl can sing! She was carrying that duet!
  4. It doesn't hurt to have the extra information to help flesh out the character, but probably not.(?) If you are not going to see it, then there is the mid-credit scene you should probably take a look at - unless they just teased it here and they shower a fuller version in Endgame. Still, go and see it. Catch a matinee.
  5. Did see it today. A really good movie! I liked it a whole lot. A little slow and low-key, I'll give it an A-. I will be seeing it again!
  6. He's battled a lot of baddies and won a lot of fights, but clearly they've been sending him down a path where he ultimately fails his city, to judge by the flash forwards. I kept hoping there was going to be a time-travel story-line to fix it, but apparently they're going forward with a once-again failed Star City, and I don't have enough interest in it to watch along.
  7. Safe skies Stringfellow! Airwolf will carry you the rest of the way.
  8. This weekend! Not Friday though, don't have the time, but will happen!
  9. I love Batman... And I like Spiderman ITSV! I'd watch another. P.S. make an Alita sequel...
  10. Except for that part at the beginning where he nearly gets shot - and the over-reaction - I'm liking the trailer more now. This might be a theater-must-see...
  11. It is a good movie. Really liked it. I just wish they had not reused the plot from the first movie...
  12. That does sound pretty cool, but the realities must give some pause. Any system can be 'jacked. It would be a nightmare scenario to have your 'loyal' wingman lighting you up. Hope they have a strong Judah System!
  13. If he did that, I'd enshrine him in the Pantheon!
  14. Am buying one of those! Have to wait til near the end of the year though... My heavily optimistic side is really hoping China picks up enough for a sequel!
  15. I didn't see any orbital ring and there was no number set on how many there had been. All we see is Zalem floating in the sky and connected to the ground by the conveying umbilicals. I wonder if some of those answers would be found in the 'Art of' book? I'm thinking about getting that one. Or Ido's Journal? The history with the war has me very intrigued and wanting to know more, and I would like to see some close up shots of the URM cruisers. I did buy the novelization of the movie, and it is a good read. I am just about half way through it, and it adds more personal insight to what's happening with only a few scenes being slightly different.
  16. Came back from another viewing, this time an evening showing. Was nice to see the back-half of the theater filled. That moment where Alita is making her speech to the Hunter Warriors elicited some laughter, at just about the same time that Zapan laughed, so it fit! I've stated before that I feel the ending is a bit soft, but I expect it now, so it actually seems to fit better with repeated viewings. That, or I am brain-washing myself... But then, for Alita I would toss my brain in for wash and repeat! I really hope the Blu-Ray will have a Director's Cut.
  17. Still trying to process...
  18. I hope you dig the movie too when you see it. I haven't read the manga yet or seen the two part OAV, but this is said to take parts from both while adding a bit of Cameron's own. I found it to be very enjoyable with a lot of heart. It would be a shame if this didn't get a sequel.
  19. There was a lot in there, though not the jumble that many critics complain about. It could have been paired down, and if I had my druthers, it would have been the removal of Nova from Alita's awareness entirely. Or at least until the end, maybe being given a clue that Vector was not the biggest bad on the block. Then the end scene with her rolling out to roaring crowds and raising her sword towards Zalam (and Nova) could have been moved to a sequel setting. A different ending after Hugo fell could have then been her and Ido heading out together for the first time to hunt criminals. 'Stepping outside, Ido put his arm around her shoulders, giving her a quick hug. One hand lifted to ruffle her hair before he gave her a little push. He was not at all happy about doing this. No, Alita was not his daughter of the flesh, but she was of his heart, and no father would wish such a dangerous life as he himself had chosen to be taken up by his children. But just as much as Alita was not his daughter in truth, was how much he could not stop her. Literally. She had her own mind and her own heart, one that was hurting no matter how artificial it may be. Just as his had, after his own Alita had died. Ido had been alone then, in many ways hoping that he would lose and end his pain. But now he was not. Somehow, he had found what he had not known he had even been looking for. And now, he would not let her be alone in this moment that so mirrored his own. Come what may, they would stand together... With a small, still sad smile at her 'father' Alita headed out into the dark street, looking back fondly as Ido followed with his case. Her eyes then lifted up to the dark night, lingering on the full moon and the memories of a past life. Those memories were who she was. This was who she was, a warrior standing against evil. Zalam, as it hung in the sky above their heads, was a false promise of salvation that had taken its last victim if she had her say. No, she would have her say. Soon. Soon Zalam would know that it was not all-powerful in Iron City anymore. Soon, the mysterious Nova would know that Alita would not let him do to any other as he had done Chiren. As he had done to her Hugo. Her hand tightened around the hilt of the Damascus blade, a spark of blue fire curling around her fingers. Soon, they would know that Alita was coming...' Start banging soundtrack, roll credits.
  20. I keep wondering how it is that anyone can see this as a 'mess.' I followed it quite easily and I'm not the sharpened pencil in the bin. I agree on all his likes for the movie though. (Even as I must agree that it did deserve to have solid ending...) Although, as a critique of the critique-r - he talks way too fast! It seemed like he was rushing to keep his review to under 8 minutes.
  21. I don't think they're going that route.
  22. Yeah, as I understand it, everything about her is artificial except for her brain, which in the manga was modified(?) but not replaced. I would like to infer that for the movie as well, except for Ido stating about her 'very human brain,' which would imply that it was not. But who knows? He may have been simply implying that her brain still at least organic even if nothing else was. As for how long she was in there... (shrug) Depending on how long her brain could last without sustenance, and being modified it could have lasted for a long, long time, she may have been in the scrap pile for three hundred years. Yes, she was found near the top but we can see the cranes that fish through and redistribute the pile around, and assume that she was stirred up from the bottom.
  23. For the Kansas Bar scene... As to Nova...
  24. And I just prepaid for the 1/6 figure from Hot Toys through Sideshow...
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