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  1. @arbit Cool RC. And neat with the chase drone. Even the collision. @pengbuzz Real nice on the launch arm and Valk! @Bolt That's some great masking on that. Neat job. @derex3592 I tried that tape once and it just kept moving on me. I may have to try it again. Nice outcome with the phasers. @electric indigo Great work on the stressed paint.
  2. Still hawt! I binged STP yesterday, and I liked it. No, it sadly did not feel like Trek, at least not until the middle and onto the end, but it was still an good show. Felt weird watching a Star Trek show from the civilian side, but I'll be on board for a season 2.
  3. Sadly, lessons on basic safety just never seem to stick.
  4. @505thAirborne - nice seeing a Macross going together. And that's what I say too whenever someone says 'stay healthy.' @derex3592 - Very nice work on the C. I'm sure Capt Garrett approves! Is that E- 1/2500?
  5. Well, they always have the choice to do or do not. Most choose to do, though they had Luke mostly do not until the very end. They wouldn't be the protagonist if all they did was sit on their hands. That's how I took it also. Begs the question though, since Anakin was supposed to the Chosen One and bring about Balance in the Force, would Qui-Gon misinterpreting Shmi (for whatever reasons be they just ignorance or fanaticism) then mean they were wrong about that the whole thing? Kenobi pushed the Chosen One angle because of his Master, but if Qui-Gon was wrong because of that simple reason, then all of it was false from the start, and they themselves set up the fall of the Jedi Order by concentrating on one individual to save them all.
  6. Same here. I can watch it and see what's wrong but still enjoy it. There's enough there that compensates. Thing is, that's a Star Wars trope. From the first moment we learned of Luke's father, and then it being reinforced by TPM 's midichlorine nonsense all the way through to TRoJ. It's always been about family lineage and legacy. Personally, I like that, and that they turned it around a bit by making her a Palpatine. If only Episode 8 had been about this story arc and not Rian's sudden tangent...
  7. I looked for it today on Disney+ but didn't see it... Odd, since they own it and it is for sale on other sites. Not that I'm paying twice for it. I'll pay to own the actual disc but not the immaterial stream. That could only be guessed at! It's what happens though when follow-ons add material and plot devices that did not already exist or, as you say, they did not take the time to logically work them in.
  8. Welcome back Pang! And roaring right back into it I see! Lovely work in the slats and flaps. Keep it up!
  9. Could that reason be used for Kirk seeing Vulcan being destroyed in 09 Star Trek..? As to the being a Force-ghost, I don't think being so makes one omniscient. Everyone thought Palpy was dead. That's what happens when they don't have a main story arc for the next storyteller to adhere to, and having them then trying to recover from the middle movie feeling like it was from a different series entirely. Everything that should have been in Ep 8 was then crammed into 9. I wonder if someone could make a cut of the movie getting rid of most of the chase scene and the game planet and just concentrate on Rey, Kylo and Luke...
  10. Well, gotta say I love those tilt-rotors!
  11. Sorry things are going bad for you 'Buzz. Hang in there. Can't do much else but give you positive thoughts, so here they are...
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