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  1. You throwing out nuggets of in-series reality is like me now eating stale pop-corn... So thanks. True all though. If they had gone with the Final Frontier version of the 'Burn' (which I had thought they were doing) all would be well. But why open a door to so many alternate plot holes? Looks like I'll have to leave any deep thought out of the viewing experience!
  2. At the time, the thought of Data coming back was a good avenue to leave open. Personally, I liked Nemesis, at least far better than Insurrection. Shinzon was a good villain with a great back story that just really failed with the standard 'destroy Earth' syndrome. As for B4 becoming the new Data, if they had followed that up in another movie then it would have worked out. But many years later now, I see it Picard smiling while B4 sings as proof to him that some bit of Data still lived on. ...at least until they took B4 apart and stuck him in a box...
  3. Looking good @pengbuzz! Gonna like seeing this progress. @MechTech How can something so small, cause so much trouble..? Unless using it as a master makes it disintegrate, perhaps that's the better use for it!
  4. Cats will be cats and that's what we love about them. At least he let you get the model out first..?
  5. Have to say that is a lovely looking IP! Looks fantastic. Now, with any kit we always start with the cockpit, so I imagine the rest will follow...
  6. It's also close to the water and there is a visible mist in the distance. Perhaps some slight contrails off the wing tips..? And I mean almost invisible.
  7. This worked good with the last site! So I typed Wahwah model shop into the search window here and didn't get anything. So my question to the MWF community is if anyone has bought from them and if they are reputable? https://www.wahwahmodelshop.com/ Thanks again! Thom
  8. Frontier would be my first choice. They have a whole planet now to colonize and build upon, they have the VF-25, and Sheryl and Ranka. Second choice would be Megaroad-1 if (as stated above) just to know what the hell happened. Although, my luck it would be to find out that they all (me included now) died...
  9. Yeah, that game-inspired concert scene being just dropped in there really took me out of the 'moment.' They reused so much footage from the series, nicely altering backgrounds to fit the movie, that I think they could have either polished it up or made a band new scene. Esp with it being Freyja's debut I didn't get any feelings from the character such as nervousness or success. It really was just a 2D CG scene. Really disappointed there. As for the 'triangle' there was very much a lack of one in Passionate Walkure, which I appreciated. Though I could always go for more Mirage, focusing on
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