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  1. Totally agree. Fill in the era post RoTJ and redo the sequel trilogy while they're at it.
  2. I think they tried for a clever quote just after Michael killed Osyrra. She's looking almost right into the camera, full face shot, and says. 'I never quit!' Basically as that was a difference between her and the Wicked Witch - except that the Wicked Witch had never quit either... It just came off as hokey though.
  3. Well, if they ever want to erase the newest trilogy, they got the cast to do it!
  4. Good, cause that crew is clearly anxious to get to work!
  5. Another problem with going so far forward in time. The world they had to create in order to be believable and not just a mirror to the time they left would have to be drastically different, not just in look but in its society as well. A thousand years earlier than our own time and the world was dominated with monarchies and religions and caste systems. But what we see in STD () is a society that has been basically stagnant for about eight centuries, at least until the Burn. Shortening the time frame they jumped to to a few centuries ahead rather almost ten would have been the better move.
  6. I'm sure this has been posted before! Would be awesome to see in reality.
  7. Oh Cage... Looks like he needs a sequel to Gone in 60 Seconds...
  8. @vsim Nice striping! I almost always have trouble putting on decals stripes, so painting is probably the best way to go. @derex3592 That PE is looking good. And such cute (handsome?) cats!! And that's awesome with the clear windows on the Runabout. Looks great! @electric indigo The Mig is coming along great, esp with the paint and those 'stabby' things... Sweet! For myself, I finally got another build on the table. It's seems every one now is an attempt at a 'mojo-buster.' This one is the 1/1000 kit of the Kelvin, though I'm calling this one at 1/650. It's also not t
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