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  1. While I have plenty of time, but very little mojo...
  2. Maybe season will hint that it wasn't natural..? Maybe it could have been done by the alien-tentacle-AIs in order to stop the Romulan's Tal'shiar from their goal.
  3. Though I really liked the Snyder Cut, I think it would have been better without the lead-ins to anything further than the three that he did. Anything having to do with Superman being turned by Darkseid and the Anti-Life Equation, in effect anything having to do with the dark future they showed, should have been shelved. Esp since they (WB) probably won't do anything with it from here on out. Leaving those out would have left us with a nice, buttoned up trilogy, rather than teasing a future series that, more than likely, will not happen. Considering that it is about 6 hours long, it wouldn
  4. Yeah, it was just a Big 'Splosion! Which, really, was descriptive enough, as the reason for that was not essential to the plot. It was merely the kick-off to everything else. As to S3 of Disco, I was so disappointed in that! I came in on S2, with Pike and the Enterprise, with a basically good story line, but they just crapped all over themselves with S3. Such a great mystery, with far-ranging consequences - but such an incredibly stupid resolution.
  5. @Chronocidal Wow, is that ship looking good! Make some swoosh noises for us too! @pengbuzz Looking really nice there, Pengbuzz! Really liking the shading. @Gabe Q Can't wait to see it all fall together! Gonna look nice.
  6. Well, the reason for how fast the super nova in the Romulan system progressed so fast was because of (insert-science-mumbo-jumbo.) Obviously!
  7. The Search for Spock Voyage Home. They were neutralized pretty easily, but there were a number of ships between the Probe and Earth. I don't follow back stories all that much, so I don't know if there was anything mentioned off-screen about other ships effected by the shock wave. Clearly, Excelsior was the 'only ship in the sector.' As to the Romulan super nova, I thought they were aware of the impending disaster and that's why the Federation had time to start building the convoy fleet.
  8. Resin copies. Once cleaned, those pieces could be used as masters, either done by yourself, or maybe someone who works with resin regularly could help, and maybe getting a few free copies as payment.
  9. @Chronocidal I'd say sand it. You've already put a lot of hours into it.
  10. Fair point. Could be that it was placed on the far side for safety, which would probably make it the only safety measure actively used on Praxis!
  11. @Chronocidal That is some great model making! Love the look and the size of it. We're all going wheeeeeeeeeeee! @peter Great work on those decks. They look... great! @pengbuzz Looking good on the Enterprise!
  12. So we can skip Mutt and just have Granpa Indy getting into an adventure alongside his tween granddaughter.
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