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  1. Arbit, that is a cool looking lil carrier!
  2. I got the final color on my Do 335. It's under gloss coat now and getting ready for decals and then weathering.
  3. Cool work on the elevator. Nice motion to it. Those Woody faces actually look a little freaky... That's cool. What scale is it?
  4. So, what did everyone think of Batwoman? Myself I though it was pretty good. It seemed to be standard CW fare which are good in their own way or I wouldn't be watching them. I think RR suited the role really well, both in and out of the suit and I'm looking forward to next Sunday.
  5. Not to get spoilery, but it was very slow and low energy, and anti-climactic. Great visuals though!
  6. Finally getting some color on the top side!
  7. They look a little on the short/stubby side. But they look great though! Any idea on prices per scale? So, you're saying you got a Woody...
  8. The model currently being worked on on my table,
  9. That Hagrid's Hut looks very promising. Cool way to sneak your kid into modeling! Cool work on those blast deflectors too.
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