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  1. As a villain I thought Sam was very well done. Desperate. Unhinged. Out of his depth and starting from a position of victim. And yes,
  2. I am NOT okay with waiting two weeks to see I Am Not Okay WIth This! That looks like fun. I just hope it really is and not just a well done trailer. As to Locke and Key, it was really good. Well worth a binging, although...
  3. Real nice work on the lighting. That's going to look great.
  4. We are also shown that she was highly trained, so they didn't skimp on that. But yes, she was also one of the heroes so plot armor does rear its head.
  5. Some real beauty shots of that F-22- I mean J-31! Nice work on the cockpit glass. Did you sand it in place or before it was put in.?
  6. Definitely does take more than a pep talk to shoot a gun straight. As to the rest, we don't know what kind of training Dani had between 2020 and 2040, but it was clear she was going up against a few scavengers (to put a 'nice' term on them) who didn't know how to fight. I do agree that having a small women taking down several larger men needs to be shown as being done by the application of skill. Utilizing as staff or other kind of bludgeon would have been good. Other than that, I'll put it down to fantasy and leave it there.
  7. Started as 'Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn.' But is now, 'Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.' The first one was pretty wordy, and would depend on viewers knowing that Birds of Prey refer to DC comic characters. The second is more to the point and probably what they should have started out with, but any name change, esp during initial release, is a bad idea.
  8. Grace was her name. I did like the crashing part, as in paying a price for being amped up to face a terminator, but having her have to stuff her face, while staying rail thin, would have been interesting and a route for some humorous moments. As to women beating men, it is fantasy. There is something to be said about knowing what you are doing however. A correct application of force against a vulnerable spot and the accurate use of leverage can go a long way. But yes, once, in a lot of cases once the guy has landed a good punch or caught a good grip, it's all about brute force and most women don't have enough pound for pound. In the case of Grace though, she was heavily augmented.
  9. For the most part I like it. Very Arkham in looks. I do like the collar, though it could use less hard edges, and I hope the Bat symbol on the chest does something, like the Robin crest on DC Titans does. It would explain the mechanical look to it. And it did look more like a publicity shot than a lighting test.
  10. I did like the first season, so I'll give season 2 a shot.
  11. Finally saw this today, and it wasn't that bad. It could have used a more original plot, but for what it was I was entertained. Really liked Mackenzie Davis in this. Unfortunately, it falls into the category of Limbo movies. There won't be another one to continue the story, and even if they did it would more than likely follow similar themes to all the other false-starts that have followed T2. Which leaves Terminator and T2 as really the only true Terminator movies, similar to Alien and Aliens as being the only ones you really need to watch. Though, I did like Genysis and its time-bent take on the plot. That was trying something different which I enjoyed. Best part, Emilia Clark!
  12. It's looking nice. A little bit of weathering can cover a multiple of perceived 'sins.' Keep at it! Hey, real nice going on OP! I sure missed that First Gen look, at least until Bumblebee.
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