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  1. Batteries... Get past that part and the movie gets better.
  2. Shows the short-sightedness of the 'bottom line' way of thinking. Watch any reaction clip where Spiderman shows back up on screen, hear the reaction from the audience about a much-beloved character - and then kick him out...
  3. That's the way I see it. I may hope that a 4th would solve the ills of the middle pair, but it is only a slim hope. I'll have to wait and see what they come up.
  4. The first Matrix was the best. The sequels were alright, but really only worth one watch for me, and that's mostly because Don't see how they can undo that, so they'll either be in flashbacks or clones.
  5. Whose going to be like a kid in a candy store! I'd say 'have fun', but I guess the words don't need to be said...
  6. I will say that Spiderman is not my most favored, so it's not hitting as hard as say, Captain Marvel. But still, after having such success with the Marvel movies, it's kind of sad that there first real cox-up is from the board room... Greedy bastages.
  7. It looks really good Pengbuzz. Love Bob!
  8. After the Saber, and to get primed for the Float Plane 2 GB on Britmodeller, I'm putting the S6B back on center-table!
  9. That looks great! And something you could add on to.
  10. Wow, imagine being so salty as to want to jilt the father of the franchise, and the whole reason they are getting any money based on it in the first place, simply because they want 100%. Even with Lucas' cut, they would still be making mad-money. Instead, they now have a tottering franchise on the verge of just being 'okay...' As to the younger cast, I think they had to be there anyway, not so much for story but for the audience. Like the characters, the originals were getting old and younger audiences identify more with their own age group, so having a new and younger cast seems only normal.
  11. With you there. I hate puttying and sanding.
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