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  1. S*IT! So sorry dude! No excuse there. It's still good though...
  2. I know, it's just that a few of them are (or might be) 'pivotal' scenes, and they already got me anyway! I'm going to see it, the first week if not the first night. I'm all good.
  3. I'm not watching anymore teasers. It would be like I've watched the entire movie before I even sat my ass in the theater.
  4. Have to agree with others. Nice looking pit and pilot. Sadly, the soap opera aspect is really bogging it down.
  5. I would actually say SW fans knew what they wanted. After RoTJ, there was an entire Expanded Universe that carried the characters along believable arcs with compelling stories and villainous villains. But then it was thrown out, and everything the fans thought they knew that happened after RoTJ went with it. So instead of Han and Leia struggling but surviving in their marriage and having several children and vaunted careers, Han is still just a smuggler who has had no growth and is still struggling to make do, and estranged from Leia who is now just a commander of a fringe force. Rather than an Imperial Remnant and a resurgent Sith, we get the oddly named First Order and the Knights of Ren who have no backstory other than a title and a nightmare scene only a few seconds long, and Snoke who has no history at all when compared to Palpatine. And instead of Luke struggling to rebuild the Jedi, while winning and then losing Mara, he's turned into a curmudgeon who is so frozen with fear that he won't do anything when his friends and family are threatened. This is the guy who faced the evil Emperor and saved his father's immortal soul, but instead he's just turned in an old fart spending his days wandering an island and drinking blue titty-milk... And envelopes were pushed when Mara was killed by her nephew, Han and Leia's son, and when Chewie died... This was the fear when they threw out the EU. I remember remarking when the decision was made, as to why they wouldn't use it? The plans and back stories were there to be cherry-picked and thrown up onto the big screen in a grand cavalcade of sagas, events supported by and fondly looked upon by the fans - but instead... ugh... That is where the worst decision of all was made. Sadly, I had that thought too and it was echoed by others in reviews. It's similar to the first trailer for TFA and TLJ, but yes a definite pron vibe. As to Kylo, he's not a Skywalker who would be descended from Luke, but a Solo. He was Ben Solo. I would find it incredibly odd for him to suddenly take on the name of the man who, in his eyes, was intent on killing him. I would find it much more likely, if he ever returned to the Light, that he would instead seek to atone for killing his father by retaking his rightful name. And I really hope that Kylo dies at the end of this anyway, having fully embraced the Dark Side and never giving up on it. I think The Rise of Skywalker refers to Rey. Not because she may still somehow be Luke's daughter, but because she may choose to take on the name in remembrance and honor to Luke. If they do keep that she has no parents and was just thrown away, then she has no last name anyway and is free to choose how she will identify herself. If Palpatine is in this as much as I hope he is, then I hope we get a scene where she states to him, 'I am a Skywalker, like my Master before me...'
  6. Sadly, no interest. Not no interest in a Star Wars series, but no interest in the character of Cassian. Why couldn't they have done a series about Wedge? Set it just after Ep 6 and tell the rebuilding of the Republic. That would be interesting.
  7. I guess it's just you and me, man. Save you a seat in the theater! I'll try and keep my Hype from Rising though, because the trailers for TLJ looked good too. But still, Rian is not directing and I did like TFA even though it was a hybrid between a reboot and a sequel. So far, all this looks really good. And of course, Palpatine for the win! When the franchise is in danger, you call out the Emperor!
  8. I have no idea! My fingers twitched and hit something in a certain sequence and put that up, which was impossible to get off the post. I dunno!
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