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  1. Drad

    Hi-Metal R

    Never would've guessed that I'd be collecting my Macross machines in this scale. It's a little easier on the wallet at least. That and we actually get enemy units. I will probably spring for the Bandai DX 1/48 VF-1S Focker, though. Gotta have at least one of those.
  2. Drad

    Hi-Metal R

    I want that Tomahawk too, dang it. Been waiting forever. I think it's the best looking out of all the Destroids. Planning on picking up two of them.
  3. Drad

    Hi-Metal R

    That's too bad that they're shelf puppies. I have both Sylvie and Nexx and love them. I've always wanted a good, toy version of the VF-2SS. For so many years, the only thing out there was the old Bandai kit. Maybe one day we'll see a larger scale VF-2SS with better quality than the Evolution Toys release.
  4. Found them at retail? My Target is always gutted. Nice haul.
  5. I know that not everyone was pleased with this take on Doctor Doom, but I enjoyed it. Nice to see it in plastic.
  6. Thanks. I managed to get it for $200 shipped. It typically goes for two to three times that, if it does appear. Got super lucky.
  7. Just stumbled across a grail diecast of mine on Mandarake. Had to get it since it almost never pops up and if it does it usually goes for astronomical prices. Lamborghini Countach LP 500S in red, 1/18 scale by Kyosho. http://www.lambodiecast.com/detail.php?item=count2
  8. Drad

    Hi-Metal R

    That's kind of a bummer. I don't have loads of disposable income, but I was stoked to snag two Regults and a Glaug. Need my enemy squad.
  9. Drad

    Hi-Metal R

    I wonder why Hi-Metal R has been the only Macross line to offer enemy units? Do Japanese collectors not like enemies alongside their hero characters? I'm glad we're finally getting them. It's just very odd that it's taken this long.
  10. Drad

    Hi-Metal R

    There are probably many people here who'd know the answer to this question: Is the Hi-Metal R VF-1D the only Valkyrie release that includes the proper fighter mode stand adapter? I'd love to have more of those, preferably without having to buy loads of VF-1Ds.
  11. Drad

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah, we need that. Badly.
  12. Drad

    Hi-Metal R

    Paid at AmiAmi. Really looking forward to this one!
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