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  1. I see a lot of complaints about price and availability, but as far as I'm concerned this is the golden age of Macross toy collecting. Were any of you guys around here or collecting Macross toys in the late 90's, and early millenium? Now THERE was a time of misery when it came to collecting. First of all, what was there to collect? If you wanted a variable fighter there were two choices: Bandai and Takatoku, both of which were 1/55 scale "chunky monkeys" that are aesthetically hideous when compared to even a V1 Yamato. I remember scouring ebay for whatever 1/55 valkyrie's that I could. The holy grails back then were the Bandai Strike Valkyrie, Super Ostrich and the 'Seeker. Do any of you guys remember the prices back then, IF you could even find one to bid on? Oh about $1200 or so, and that was just for the Bandai Strikes; I never got into the Ostrich and the 'Seeker because they were even more expensive and harder to find. Hell I remember even missing a mortgage payment because I was so feverish trying to get a Bandai 'Strike that was MIB for about $1300. So yeah, these PO sessions suck because they're hard to succeed with and you've got unscrupulous sellers like NIN NIN marking things up by almost 100%, but try and remember that even at $500 for a Roy, you're getting a far SUPERIOR toy for a fraction of the cost of a much more simpler toy that cost that much more when there was virtually nothing to buy. If you had shown me a DX 'Roy back in 1999 I would've sold my soul for it. Today, you've got Yamato, Bandai, Arcadia, and even Toynami and the reissue '55s if that's your thing. Ultimately everyone needs to lighten up; if you want these new generation toys you'll get it, and it won't be as hard to do so or nearly as expensive as it was for old-time collectors like me...
  2. I think a lot of people here are forgetting that bandai is taking care of its primary market, which is Japan. They're not conducting these new releases and preorders for the sake of the rest of the planet. If they did, you could be sure that it would go much easier, smoother. Any talk about the brand drying because of westerners not being able to buy their products isn't an issue, because they're not focusing on the world, they're focusing on japan...
  3. Not me, I'm just in this for Roy...
  4. When is the release date for the '29?
  5. ................................would still smash...
  6. Gonna be a long wait to see if they come through for us...
  7. Im Sure they thought of that, if only jokingly, but their bottom line would be affected $$$$$...
  8. Baby Yoda will just levitate the variable fighter to safety; ratchet will treat anyone with injuries. I've been buying macross stuff since 1998 and that has ALWAYS been how I thought Bandai's attitude has been towards outside buyers...
  9. That's quite an eclectic group you got there...
  10. Fornicate hot girls?
  11. If you're not in a hurry, then like anything else theyll show up in mandarake, ebay, etc...
  12. One of my favorite purchases of all time. I have it parked beside the similar era yamato '19 and a V2 Roy...
  13. If it wasnt for Roy I probably never would've logged on to MW again for the rest of my life lol...
  14. Wait, what did he do?
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