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  1. Nah, I think we'll talk about whatever we want to, thanks...
  2. I remember having mai shiranui as my avatar. Man those were the days...
  3. Sorry to say this, but it's probably a Filipino knock off version; looks like you've been had. If you want, I'll help you recuperate your costs by taking it off of your hands for....$90? It's better than nothing right? Welcome to the boards!
  4. I thought he was funny in Hard Target, as a man of the bayou. He was chilling in the final moments of The Thing...
  5. That's a whole lot of Zero...
  6. Did those names apply to the chunky monkeys also? The first valkyrie toy I ever got was a takatoku VF-1S with no paks, and the comic store owner called it a Focker Special. Kids these days lol...
  7. What does the blue text mean?
  8. Yeah everything was right about that movie. Not much of a Sharon Stone fan but she played the role of the murdering seductress well without going overboard with it; I can only imagine the cringe worthy performances other women may have done. One would almost think she's somewhat like that character in real life since she played it so naturally, lol. Also, scenes like when Michael Douglas shoves Jeanne Tripplehorn against a wall and rips her clothes off was done well, without being overly passionate or violent and elicited the right amount of excitement from the audience. Again a well done m
  9. Good job on that warp-in clip, but you can't help but say that a bunch of relics like those ships would get obliterated by the new era romulan ships. And, if you're going to put in antique vessels, where's the galaxy class? Unless I just didn't see it...
  10. I was just going to post or message you about your DX. Looks like you have the same concerns as I do about the design. The cons you mentioned actually bother me-the Yamato '48 was a brick solid fighter and that's why I loved it so much. Another thing you mentioned is having to coat parts with whatever; it's annoying to me that a piece costing me this much requires any sort of modification at all. I got into RC cars, drones and whatnot after I got frustrated with self destructing yamato variable fighters, and you can spend hundreds, thousands of dollars like you will on these valkyrie
  11. Dont have one, looks like I wont be getting one now. I have some Hasegawa fighter mode models of the SV-51 I might as well just build up because it seems this particular variable fighter is questionable as a toy. Oh well...
  12. I'd reload .308 but my PTR 91 mangles the brass while kicking it out. California's efforts at gun control have worked on me; I haven't shot or purchased anything in years because of all of the restrictions...
  13. Kevin Lam is his name. I remember when he started to step away from his internet business when his daughter was born. Hell I bet she's in college now lol. Great guy by the way; I remember when my Yamato '21 FP didnt come with instructions or a decal sheet and he sacrificed ones out of his own collection for me and sent them out the next day. Now that was service...
  14. Christmas in july! I hope you'll post up pictures and your impressions on it as well...
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