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  1. Three hours of fan service and not even a peek at Elizabeth or Scarlett's boobs. But at least they were consistent in keeping Carol Denvers as useless as ever... D+...
  2. I know I'm a about a year late, but that's a beautiful rendering...
  3. Movie was summarily a very "blah" experience to me, but then again I don't see it as anything but introducing Carol Danvers for the April money shot in Endgame; I just wish they would've picked another actress for the role. I mean....this woman is supposed to be the heroine who derives her power directly from the Tessaract and is somehow going to defeat Thanos and undo his deeds, yet they cast a woman who is so plain, so basic in her delivery and appearance that I could expect to run into her likeness as a waitress at a truck stop somewhere. Carol Danvers needs to be fiery, unforgettable and beyond beautiful-GORGEOUS even, just as Gal Gadot was for Wonderwoman. Instead they cast Brie Larson who comes off as the most basic girl you could ever meet. Ah well....
  4. SOC for sure, although the poseability is lost on me because I leave them as lions and sitting on their butts. I have my original Matchbox Lion and Vehicle Voltron but they're around for sentimental reasons; that's it.
  5. I know I'm a day late and a dollar short but...where did they find all of the people to man all of those ships of the EDF? Wasn't the population of earth reduced to a fraction of what it was before the planet bombs? Did the time fault allow for the remaining population to have lots and lots of sex and thus adequately crew the fleet in just three years? Finally, where are the Chogokin DN and Andromeda toys?
  6. I bet most, if not all will not remain that way. This is the MMU after all, and their style of mass destruction with no real consequences or casualties hasn't changed over the years...
  7. I am SUCH a fan of 2199 and it disappoints me to see that 2202 is an incoherent, uninspiring story. Considering how far into the series they've gotten it's not going to change. All I have to look forward to now is the obligatory ship combat/demolition derby and a Chokogin release of the 2202 Andromeda. C'est la vie...
  8. I don't know about you guys but TRU has not been relevant to me for a long time; probably right around the POTF Star Wars toy release in the late 90's. If I buy anything these days it's online so I can't say I'd miss these stores. Lotsa memories for sure, though...
  9. The entire Finn and Panda Express (sorry I don't remember her worthless character's name) sub plot was completely unnecessary, unless at 2:45 in the morning when I saw the movie I missed a critical detail of their adventure that says otherwise. I do remember a forced political statement criticizing wealthy people, though. It's such a glaring flaw in the movie that I can't believe they didn't have a better way to handle Finn's character. Honestly, they should've just left him in a coma. So, since Abrams and crew are only intent on re-hashing the original trilogy and not coming up with anything remotely original, will there be a new-style Jabba the Hutt and Sand Barge in the next movie? Inquiring minds want to know...
  10. Not for me, brother. His loud, screaming, blustering presence makes him out to be the worst acting and/or written character that I can recall in a long time. I mean....just shut up already. In his own way he's as much a whiny b**ch as Kylo Ren is...
  11. Structural integrity fields borrowed from Starfleet?
  12. New Thundercats were even better; sadly that show didn't have a proper continuation...
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