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  1. Nice. I never got me one of them '60 VF-11s...
  2. Ugh. Tempting, but I'm holding out for Roy...
  3. The Star Trek team figures if Disney can come up with asinine stuff for Episode 9, then why not the same for Picard. Anyway, production values aside, I'm willing to give this show a chance. I for one, am glad to see at least a residue of the Star Trek that I grew up with (TNG), back in some form. I really don't know what some of the heavy handed critics are expecting from this show. I mean, the entire premise of Star Trek and the universe they've built up over the years has plenty of laughable, cringe-worthy elements to it; this is no different. The focus here is on Jean Luc PIcard-a legendary character, and I want to see why he is where he is, political sentiments from Patrick Stewart about the state of current global affairs notwithstanding. But....next week there better be some ship porn. I'm also in this for the ship porn. A little skin from the robot girl wouldn't hurt, either...
  4. I'll say this, Patrick Stewart can still hold a commanding presence on-screen. Definitely worth the watch. So far...
  5. Great. Now I gotta head to the storage unit and find my boxed Jetfire...
  6. I will only come out of toy-buying-retirement for the Major Focker DX; nothing more, nothing less...
  7. Train wrecks are certainly entertaining. I like doing a similar thing on gun and car message boards. The online carnage provides HOURS of entertainment...
  8. Just saw it myself and surprisingly I didn't vomit all over the floor and was actually moderately entertained. Sure, this movie follows the droning hollywood trends of copying previous movie's plots and character gender swapping for a new, clueless audience, but Dark Fate wasn't a complete waste of time. I suppose the highly derivative and ridiculous Star Wars Sequel movies have something to do with reducing my standards as a human being, but ah well. It's not worth being upset about anymore...
  9. Hey folks, looking for 1/48 VF-1 missile clusters. Two of them fell off of my 1/48 Low Viz and now I need to replace them. I know that standard 1/48 missile clusters are the wrong color for the Low Viz, but some missiles are better than none. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for posting that video. I just might be convinced to give these bandai units a go...
  11. I liked that episode because the Hirogen forced Jeri Ryan to dress up as a sultry lounge singer. Forcing sexy women to sing is TIGHT...
  12. I always wanted a Glaug, and now I have one! Too bad the legs are so loose that I have to stretch out the arms to balance it on its own feet. Or, I can pose it like it's on a work break lol. Damn you Matchbox/HG!
  13. Don't know if it's been posted already, but this video attests to JJ's style of moving at breakneck speeds and just seemingly, or purposefully, just letting stuff happen. Are we still doing spoiler alerts?
  14. Dude. I thought my shock trooper would have the same markings as yours but mine says HG/Tatsunoko/exosquad/playmates 1994 on it. As for toy collecting and the money spent on it, c'mon you guys. ALL hobbies are pretty much a waste of time and money that could be directed into something more sensible, so arguing about what is worth what to whom is pointless-just have fun with it...
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