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  1. Based on the photos, the white parts seem to have some depth to them so I would say the majority of them are color separated parts. See the details on leg in the promo shot below, as well as the white on the shield.
  2. Good Smile Company is doing a Dangaioh: https://www.hlj.com/moderoid-dangaioh-hyper-combat-unit-dangaioh-gsc13993
  3. Following on the heels of the IMS 1/100 Knight of Gold: IMS 1/100 Knight of Gold A-T (more info in May 2021) IMS 1/144 V Siren Prominence SAV 1/100 Blood Temple SAV 1/100 A-Tol BS (Event Limited)
  4. What a storied career. Always proud he was a fellow Canadian. RIP.
  5. Mazinger Z fans have something big to look forward to: https://hcj.jp/Z/home.html Magazine subscription. Not sure how many issues in total. Subscription has some really nice add-ins.
  6. I'm sure someone here would buy those decals off you..hint...hint...
  7. @anubis20 nice finish on the Blitz. Did you paint the kit? or just topcoat it? Are the decals 3rd party or the set from the Providence special edition?
  8. @sh9000 Good Smile Company. I had one on Pre-Order and had to forego it. There is also an ED-209 model kit coming in the same scale https://www.hlj.com/hagane-works-robocop-robocop-gsc12214 https://www.hlj.com/moderoid-ed-209-robocop-gsc13109
  9. You are going to feel this way every time another shop opens up their pre-orders. I have personally not be screwed by any of these shops yet, including the shop that will not be named... I have bought from BiJ in the past without issues so you should be OK. Unfortunately, this item will be popular, based on the feedback from this forum alone. Even though it is web exclusive, Bandai does have limited manufacturing capacity so there is still a chance that the item will not be available. BiJ, AE and others that are jumping the gun are expecting to be able to get orders in, but there is no gu
  10. Got my shipping notice from Hobby-Genki for the TV parts, first run. Took a risk ordering from them since they were relatively new when they listed them but they have delivered. Nice that they joined the forum as well. @Hobby Genki thanks for supporting this community.
  11. Some of the "ornaments" I've made for my kids over the years:
  12. Technically, the Gundam Figures are all non-scale. Bandai is aiming for consistent size versus accuracy. The Metal Build series is around 1/100 while the Metal Damashii series is closer to 1/144. The Robot Damashii series is closer to 1/150. I think only the Metal Structure series is officially at 1/60 scale. At least, this is what they look like to me.
  13. ugh...exchange rates sucks right now. HLJ is asking the same for the Ironman MK-VII that I paid for the Ironman MK-VII with the hall of armour. Finally completed that thing, unfortunately, it will most likely be displayed on top of my display cabinet, due to the size. Back to the Avengers set. it is interesting, but at over $400 CDN before shipping, it will be a hard pass.
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