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  1. The Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite MS-06C Zaku II Type C is available at HLJ, in case anyone wants one: https://www.hlj.com/gundam-fix-figuration-metal-composite-ms-06c-zaku-ii-type-c-bans59081
  2. Based on the thread and my age, shouldn't all dates be nnnn BBY and nnnn ABY?
  3. Full resin kit. The casting quality is quite nice. I have not paid attention to the garage kits market in years but I always wanted a 1/100 scale Wondwort. Here are some pics of the completed model. I can PM you a link to the shop I got if from is you like.
  4. @anubis20 Nice. The MG Barbatos is a pretty good kit. And the AoZ stuff is fun. I just picked up a 1/100 Wondwort garage kit. Haven't looked at all the parts yet, but casting looks good, comes with photo-etch and waterslide decals.
  5. fantastic work on the Tomcat. Inspirational build.
  6. P-Bandai: MG MBF-P02 Astray Red Frame August 2020, 7,150Y This is the version of the Red Frame I've always wanted. The flight unit will be available as a separate P-Bandai offering. The BuCue head is only available in the full kit.
  7. Hey look, she comes with glasses:
  8. I think it is a mix between new parts and the old kit, sort of a 1.5. If it was brand new, they would probably give it a Revive moniker or something. The new parts were molded as part of a P-Bandai build fighter's kit last year. The hands are a dead giveaway. Those look like the terrible hands the HGUC line had for first 50 kits or so.
  9. VF-1S Roy without the super parts. At this scale, I think I prefer it without the super/strike parts.
  10. I think something that helps is what they declare the item as. I get dinged when they write "Collector's Item" but not when they write "Toys" or "Model Kits", at least when I use SAL shipping. EMS is 50/50. UPS and DHL are usually a-holes and charge you a "service fee" on top of the CBSA tax.
  11. grumble-grumble-asshats won't ship to Canada-grumble-grumble...
  12. This is the set I used. I only got into the AoZ line late last year so i've only snapped a few kits together. This sets works on the Hazel and variants. The Gaplant hands look larger. I have not tried the Woundwort kits yet, but the Hazen'athely is definitely a different size.
  13. Do you think the RE100 line will work with the Gundam Builders hands: https://www.hlj.com/1-100-scale-builders-parts-ms-hand-02-zeon-metallic-color-bann11167 I got the 1/144 set for my Advance of Zeta HG kits.
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