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  1. A few items on sale right now at HLJ: Soul of Chogokin GX-76 Grendizer D.C. (Reissue): https://www.hlj.com/soul-of-chogokin-gx-76-grendizer-d-c-reissue-bans57884 Metal Build Great Mazinger: https://www.hlj.com/metal-build-great-mazinger-bans55478 Chogokin GX-84 Invincible Super Man Zambot 3: https://www.hlj.com/chogokin-damashii-gx-84-invincible-super-man-zambot-3-f-a-bans55199 Soul of Chogokin GX-82 Invincible Steel Man Daitarn 3: https://www.hlj.com/soul-of-chogokin-gx-82-invincible-steel-man-daitarn-3-f-a-bans55139
  2. I was in Osaka last year around this time and one of the distributors had their garage door open and I saw piles of Bandai goods similar to this. I was bummed I could not walk in and soak it all in. Also saw a distributor with floor to ceiling gunpla stacked up.
  3. hmmm, tempting... if they are released weekly, you can save up to 2 months work and ship them all at once using the private warehouse.
  4. ToysTV reviews the Fast Packs, in Cantonese:
  5. Yup. PO night was yesterday. Got cartjacked 10 times but finally scored on AJ at 4:32 AM. I haven’t seen playasia post yet though. Got one on Amiami at 2:18 AM EST. NY's stupid wait system would't even let me on the site.
  6. Shipping notice from NY... ... for something that was released in November. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Happy holidays everyone and may the season be full of happiness and valkyries.
  7. Every video i've seen has been treating this thing very gingerly. This video goes through a lot of the gimmicks like the opening panels, etc. My storage area looks like that, then I buy something...
  8. Not quite, Bandai either wouldn't or couldn't open this up to most of us due to a party that won't be named. The skunkworks product would still take up factory time and they could probably do a worldwide offering with something else in their catalog, like Dragonball, that would absolutely pay itself off. Bandai outsources production of the Tamashii Nations stuff to China. They partner, but they do not own the factories. They own the factories that make Gunpla and they do that in Japan. I think that is why they decided to retool and release the 1/60 RX-93 as a "Metal Structure". They probably did the design (they have been talking about it for years), didi the analysis and realized that they would probably need diecast (the old 1/100 had diecast hips and legs) and over 2000 parts so it would not have been economically feasible to do the work themselves in their own factories, because of the opportunity costs and all the other Gunpla lines they would have to put on hold to output this thing.
  9. Why settle for 1/2 scale when you can make a working, life size version?
  10. Here you go. Night and day. Just looking at the runners tell you how different this guy is compared to the NG.
  11. Got this today at the local Gunpla shop. Seems like it was released early in North America. It is a Christmas present so I have not built it yet, but the model looks excellent. Highly recommended and looking forward to other MGs using the same frame.
  12. Not quite Metal Build, but close enough: Out this month for a mind-numbing 93,000 Yen.
  13. Darth Mingus

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    hmm, why is it in the wrong box?
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