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  1. Honestly, get the 1/3000 version instead, it’s a tenth of the price, better balanced and better proportioned!
  2. Valk009

    Absolute Chogokin

    So, any idea when and how the next valk will be released?
  3. The kit was featured in a local model magazine, here is the article!
  4. I will try and get the links as I am asking my friend to help me get it directly from Chinese auction sites and my written Chinese is virtually non existent!
  5. Well, some Chinese websites are taking pre-order for this kit and the price is quite steep, roughly US$90! I was initially thinking of getting one or two but then the price does put me off a little, will have to wait until some first hand review on quality figment etc before parting with my hard earned cash!
  6. From what I heard, it is a plastic injection molded kit!
  7. I don't think it will cost an arm and a leg seeing that it is a non-licensed merchandise! Judging from previous and current Chinese made non-licensed model kits of similar size, I believe the kit will cost within US$20-30.
  8. Just got these sent to me from a friend of mine! Seems like a Chinese company is about to release a SD SDF-1 DYRL version model kit, not bad I must say!
  9. I have a 1/72 Carrier Deck section diorama to display my 1/60 VF-1 on and it looks fine!
  10. The kit's box is actually surprisingly big, even the fast pack parts. I guess they had to justify the cost by placing it in a large box to make the buyer feel better! The box' artwork though, IMHO is only so so. Oh...and yeah, the kit was supposedly released today but was already available at the Macross exhibition, which commenced a day earlier. The exhibition also ad the Metal Bo's SD VF-1S Hikaru Strike resin kit for sale, which I thought was not available until August/or a Wonder Fetival exclusive!
  11. Amazon JP now only ships EMS or DHL Express for all international orders, after handling fee and shipping fee the total will be Yen 1700, at least that is what they charged me Mine arrived today, super fast shipping and well packed, BD pack is shrink wrapped and backed by an oversized cardboard, which is then in return housed in a DHL shipping box.
  12. Wow...Arcadia sure knows how launch a new business...and the price! Are they trying to compete with BanDais's ChoGoKin DX Macross Frontier series and see who can make a more colorful Valkyrie (YF-29 30th Anniversary Edition) and even more expensive!
  13. Not sure about acrylic lacquers being non-yellowing as I assume any paint will eventually yellow/discolor with time, unless if maybe stored in a dark temperature controlled room. You might want to give Mr.Color's UV clear coat, this will at least slow down the yellowing/dibs coloring process. I have kits displayed for three four years now without any problem.
  14. Another great transaction with "vt102"!
  15. Valk009

    Macross Books

    Thought some of you guys might be able to help, any idea what the Macross Frontier Key Animation is about? Is it just a collection of copy draft pencil cel collection from all the different Macross Frontier anime? Is it worth getting?
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