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  1. Where the hell is my 1:3000 battle 7? It's the only fresh and original thing left they have a license for.
  2. Desty_Nova

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I just hope they put out a non-canon scheme because I'm really not liking the current options.
  3. Reeeeaaaaaaaaallly wish they wouldn't re-do the original color scheme. Throw existing owners a bone here.
  4. No, I'm rapidly running out of enthusiasm for arcadia products. Until now I've kept buying them thinking that this downward value spiral they're caught in was only temporary, hoping that the next release would be better but they just keep getting worse. No UN SPACY tampos on the legs? Seriously? Now they're just pissing in my milkshake.
  5. IMO the arcadia is the better toy overall. The Iconic YF-19 is what everyone knows and wants and the arcadia is a better representation of that. I'm really not a fan of the frontierized advance battroid proportions, the bandai is clever, and better in some ways but transforming it is a real chore and not fun at all which is a shame because I'm a sucker for tampo. The advance pack would have persuaded me more if the implementation wasn't so half assed.
  6. There isn't really any excuse they could give for the lack of tampo that would satisfy me. The 30th 1J was -COVERED- with tampo and it only cost a fraction of what they've been asking for the stingy YF-19 and 0D. Even bootleg transformers have tampo.
  7. I noticed on the official site that tommy yune is now in charge of marketing. Didn't that job belong to another HG nobody?
  8. Nice work. You might have overlooked that the chest doesn't lock together very well though? Posing the arms on the bandai was really unpleasant for me as the chest kept coming apart giving me bad yamato flashbacks.
  9. Lego has so many specialized parts these days that I don't think you'd even recognize your current design if it somehow made it through the review and design stages. I'm not trying to be mean but I think you'd have better luck generating interest if you revised this design a few more times. This looks like a very rough "first go" that could benefit greatly from a bit of evolution.
  10. Oh wow the fast pack "implementation" on this thing is NASTY. The box art shows the wing neatly tabbed into the legs with the fast pack fitted but it doesn't seem to be possible on the real toy??
  11. Is it normal for this thing to not fit together very well in fighter mode? Mine's a gappy mess out of the box.
  12. Desty_Nova

    Hi-Metal R

    I'll be surprised if any of the two seaters get released. And if they do happen I'll be extra surprised if they get their own two seater molds.
  13. I need an NMC in my life and I hear yamato hinted at one before they went under.
  14. If someone were to make proper replacement triangles there must be a market for them since this toy had a near 100% failure rate.
  15. Exactly. We've been collective macross toys for what? 10-30 years? We've seen a lot of macross toys and we're hard to impress. These people really should have done more homework before asking so much money for such a nasty looking toy. I might have considered it at half the price but not for what they're asking. no frakking way. Also, I guess what I'm saying is it's dangerous to set a precedent of accepting laziness and mediocrity just because it's a niche mold. We should hold these people to a certain standard. They put out a kinda crappy looking vf-2ss but everyone hands over ridiculous amounts of money because they're so desperate. What happens next? If they get away with it this time maybe they'll put even less effort into their next release?
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