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  1. kong

    Hi-Metal R

    Woohoo! Thanks much for the heads up. Much appreciated.
  2. I’ve been a fan of cyberpunk since the 90’s when I played it with pen and paper. Every other cyberpunk’ish game I’ve tried since just didn’t quite achieve what the pen and paper game did. This looks to come the closest. I really love the fact they aren’t locking you into a role/class as well with this. At first I wasn’t sure about the fpp angle, but after seeing it, I like it. Maybe I want this to bad. I don’t know. But I’m so excited for this game. I haven’t posted here in a long time. Just been lurking here and there. However I like what I see so much. I just had to share my excitement.
  3. Yes, thanks for all your hard work Broody.
  4. I'm watching this series too at the moment, and I do like it. I'm only up to ep 8 so far, and it seems Rock has finally found his backbone.
  5. I was wondering if someone who still has the torrent of the second episode raw could seed for a little bit.. I'm at 93.4% along with a few others... Sorry I learned about this a little late. Thanks Kong
  6. well let's hope it was worth the wait. Or am I just setting myself up for disapointment? kong
  7. like what everyone else said, I'd like to see the mospeada and the southern cross one if possible. kong
  8. I was wondering if there was anything new concerning when the shadow will come out. Last I heard was the end of last month or begining of this month. I was wondering if that is still true. kong
  9. 4 Years U.S. Navy from 1997-2001. AM2, NAS Oceana. An AM is an Aviation Mechanic specializing in Hydraulic systems and Structures of aircrafts. My platform was the F/A-18C Hornet. I served with VFA-87 and cruised aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt and Enterprise. Wow there are more of us here than I had thought who have served. It's always good to know more vets. Kong
  10. Hey chas thanks for the fantastic scans. I really appreciate it. kong
  11. hey that's cool, my last name starts with kong and has several more letters afterwards lol... but i'm not cambodian, i'm close but not close enough lol... I was born in thailand but my family hails from laos. but it's nice to see another south east asianer around. kong
  12. ack! between the two dates i hope the 4/15 will be the right one then. kong
  13. Anyone know when the new projected release date is for this thing now? since it didn't come out on the 31st. I would really like to get my hands on this bad boy, since this will be my first mpc ever. kong
  14. That's cool, take your time bro, remember you are the one providing the great service here. Thanks for taking the time to scan and put up your pics. kong
  15. I for one wouldn't mind. I would love to see the whole thing. And thanks for posting all that you have already posted so far. It's most appreciated. kong
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