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  1. You All had your chances! it sat there all day long...
  2. I painted the Chain bases myself. I Tried to give it a colorful/industrial vibe.
  3. GBP Collection Complete Woodland: VF-1A CF Regular: VF-1J Urban Camo: VF-1S Felt like i had to mix it up a bit
  4. Oh That would be awesome! I live in OC so i can be up in LA in the blink of an eye!
  5. Me Too! My naked Ozma can finally have some armor!
  6. Had a great transaction with funkymonkeyjavajunkie. Item came quickly and as described. Great communication through out the entire process, now my 1/48 GBP collection is complete.
  7. what i dislike most about the 171 is that it has VF-171 all over it. no other macross valk advertises itself. i wonder why they did it with the 171.
  8. I agree with Master of Macross. I like the 17S way better than the 171. the difference in price shows like night and day.
  9. Changed a few things around here they are!
  10. anyone notice that the HLJ site has been Really slow last few days?
  11. Finally got Shipping confirmation on my VF-17s. Funny how things work out, it appears i'll be getting my VF-17s and my VF-171 at around the same time. will be fun to compare the two.
  12. it's in "Items Being processed for Shipping" status hasn't changed yet, i find it strange because usually when they deduct the amount, it usually ships right away, but it's just sitting there in that status.... i hope there is no inventory issue, i really want my VF-17s
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