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  1. Nice! Will you be making the STL files available? I'm currently gearing up to print the original in 1/250 scale... should be ~4m in length when done.
  2. It's now Thursday Morning (local time) and the weekend's release has finally decided to go to sleep (metaphorically speaking). Annoyed me no end to have only spent 1/2 a day with you guys , but the bit I spent was FUN. I *love* the models people brought up (many thanks) and they rightly put my meagre attempt at model-building to shame. Anyway, I'll post the photos I took when I finally get them downloaded from the hardware (and figure out how to post them on this forum).
  3. It's 1:15am, and I've managed to make it back home. But It's not time to sleep yet - I've still got vrarious crap to do and fill out before I can hit the sack, grab a few Zzzs, wake up later this morning and then - hopefully - find out if I need to go to work today. <sigh>
  4. NCD - I can't leave work before 4pm. Guess I'll meet everyone on Saturday.
  5. Erm... Do we actually have a timetable for the 'con? You know, when does it start/end on Saturday/Sunday?
  6. Paid (finally) and noticed that my bank has a "send payment e-mail to recipient" address field in the transfer options. Cool - don't have to email Ben myself.
  7. Whoops... lose track of time and you miss something important. I've just e-mailed Matt for the payment details and am confirming myself+LadyD for the con. And hopefully I'll have something to display by then.
  8. I've been away for a little while (table at Supanova and all the crap that goes with it). Did I miss anything?
  9. <puts hand up> I'll be there! As for seating, Aisle seat in the middle-to-back range would be nice
  10. Member of the RRG... Contributor to RT.COM infopaedia... Attended the original RoboCon in the USA... Yeah, I'd attend a Brisbane Macross Con! In a NY second!
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