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  1. Spitfire_BR


    3D printed or resin, that's don't matter, i wanna these babys in 1/72 !
  2. Spitfire_BR


    wow, amazing ! Could please put here the link to Shapeways ? I wanna buy it - but in 1/72 !
  3. Spitfire_BR

    Instruction Help - John Moscato's Destorido

    I have John's intructions, i'll send to you tomorrow (Sunday)
  4. Spitfire_BR

    John Moscato's Regults are back - by RKF

    I already place my order for 3 models, don't lose this chance to have these pieces of att in your desk ! C'mon guys, let's make It happens !!!!
  5. Spitfire_BR

    R2KF 1/72 Gnerl Fighter

    Great News ! Nice to see some of John's models back in market, your friend is plannig a reissue of all Regult versions ? I still need 3 of then to complete muito collection !
  6. Spitfire_BR

    Hasegawa Veritech Canopy

    Ah, Veritech... Don't listen this name for a long, long time !
  7. Spitfire_BR

    ES-11D Cat's Eye

    This's the version brought by Indian Air Force, heavy customize and wiht a lot of improviments comperes with the initial versions. But yeah, it's damm pretty !
  8. Spitfire_BR

    Making some of the lesser known vehicles from SDFM

    YES, Stargoose !!!!!!!
  9. Spitfire_BR

    Petition for Jasmine VF-1 PE parts

    10 X 272003 VALKRIE cockpit 10 X 272004 VF-1 Intaker and Nozzle 1 X 272002 YF/VF-19 Series 3 X 272005 VF-11 Thunderbolt That's my whishlist from previous post - maybe more if the cockpit as inteke sets can be put on gerwalks - i still wanna all of then but unfortunelly i'm bankruptured until next year. And the exchance dolar X brazilian money it terrible to us. If they accept some body organ... Maybe a long run can fix things, i don't know. Oh i had forgoot the VF-22 sets, another 5 to me... I'm lost, please someone help me !!!
  10. Spitfire_BR

    1/72 Nousjadeul Ger Moscato kit?

    I'm waiitng your Paypal invoice to send your payment, Mike !
  11. Spitfire_BR

    M+ ghost X-9

    I take for me Cool8or's words ! Make it on 1/72, please !
  12. Spitfire_BR

    Experten 1/72 VF-5000G Star Mirage transformation kit

    wow ! When - and where - it will be available to buy ?? Wanna buy it !
  13. Spitfire_BR

    M+ ghost X-9

    stunning, amazing job, just incredible ! Now make it in 1/72 !
  14. Spitfire_BR

    M+ ghost X-9

    Oh my God... dude, make it in 1/72, please !
  15. Spitfire_BR

    Hasegawa announces a TV SDF-1 and a Super Messiah!

    Well, Gabe G, we need to wait until John's next step, i'm not sure about what he wanna do, i prefer a correction set, even with this model being a limited edition, i feel it have the potential to sell a lot of sets. But a completelly new version from John could be amazing ! Any clue about the future, Captain ?