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  1. Nippon Y has the strike packs in stock right now. for some reason they made me pay right now even though they are on preorder for “Pay later”
  2. Where did you preordered? I don’t see the 1/100 Regults in HLJ or Amiami
  3. Bring me the Battroid!!
  4. Weirdest thing ever! This morning with all the madness we went through I got to Pre-order one from HLJ that never came through and one from NY which as many of you experienced, pretty much flunked as soon as they showed the webpage as that Non-available bullsh!t we know and love.. So a couple of minutes ago I signed in on NY because some on you guys mentioned still being available on and off( resolved to bite the bullet).. And behold there’s a reserved item in my “Cart” ready to get paid..!!? But! At the already upped price of ¥27000! Say whattt!? i still bit the bulled and got it over with and purchased it $285 shipped. So about $120 more than the original price..minus th shipping on that price..
  5. My HLJ order is still Adding up to Cart since 3:40 am or so.. it’s 8:25 am.. There’s still hopes folks!!
  6. My is still “adding to cart on HLJ after 4 minutes!!
  7. HLJ went from suddenly appearing with no price display to showing $174. To opening a new page and going $0.00 Stuck at “Adding to cart”...
  8. Amiami said the item sold out 10 seconds after I saw the page CDjapan’s page never loaded at all until the item was sold out.... but proxy sell available for ove $100 extra
  9. I just finished seeing “Revisions“ on Netflix i thought it would be annoying teenage drama (which it is..) but in spite of it characters do mature some throughout the series. I did like how the plot develops along the episodes.
  10. ... And we know exactly how multiverses work on comic book continuum. Here we go Avenger 5..
  11. Count me in for a set please Darkseidgr; excellent idea..
  12. 007-vf1

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I am not holding my breath but it would be awesome if hasegawa came up with this armor as they did with Frontier..
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