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  1. Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    I wouldn’t necessarily call this a delay. The original release date last year was set for the 30th. They pushed it to an earlier release date in the end Now, Lets hope NY shipping release times doesn’t take forever.
  2. So when is Bandai coming out with the 31A Kairos? that would be the dream on top model to get
  3. Bandai DX VF-31

    I am really hoping this limbo stage doesn’t repeat with the Arcadia SDF-1 once it comes out. sorry to find out this is causing much distress
  4. Simply fantastic! great build arbit
  5. Long time coming and still working on some details but considering the overall work on the Valhalla done. All the models, resin, plastic and 3D prints are relatively at the same 1/700 scale.

    Make that 5 now.
  7. I have also became very curious when I saw them on some retailers a while ago without much details of what came in the package. Tekering; Were you able to build all of these versions from just one set?
  8. MOSPEADA Inbit Revival Part II: Gosu?

    ..And this is your house or your business?
  9. Anyone heard or posted about this yet? I found the intro reel quite amusing and a bit out there..

    Would it be possible to know a ballpark on price?
  11. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Great build these past couple of months guys. Keep it up.. I am working on an old hard to find kit myself.. Valhalla III camouflage repaint.. And a 1/700 battroid in styrene to go along
  12. Long time coming on these 2 models and trying to figure out decals for the Elintseeker on that scale. Still needs detailing. One is a conversion and the other a 3D print. Pictures are not in best light Now I am looking for a 1/144 GBP armored Valkyrie
  13. Hi-Metal R

    On 2/24/2018 at 9:49 AM, Dobber said: I never noticed how different the VE-1 is, as seen on screen, compaired to all the toys/models/and even line art. The leg fast packs look different, the lower sensor mast is different, no antenna on the sides of the booster packs...which themselves look different too. The left wing appears to have an antenna coming off of the end and the Radom are looks different too. Chris These differences about the official line art and movie-anime details has also bugged me for ages... The leg fast packs are the same than the Ostrich on the movie version. And what about those protruding sensor/winglets in them? The lower radar/antenna array is bigger, more organic and more mobile than the stiff toys/ line art counterpart. I also wonder about the protruding antennae at the end of the wing, and the small “exhaust port” angled backwards under the radome dish
  14. Nice details for sure. At some point in time I made a failed attempt to turn the Arii 1/20000 fortress into a DYRL storm attacker version. Here with its 1/15000 Nichimo counterpart. The cutting and re-pasting was excruciating
  15. Netflix Altered Carbon

    Saw the first season. Very noir and classy Blade Runner..ish. it lacks on detail plot in some points but overall a decent series with an interesting concept.