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  1. Bluemaxx

    The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Hi Guys I"ve been looking everywhere for information about this one particular enemy powersuit that we see for something like 3 second during the final battle of the SDF Macross TV series. See i think it's a much better design than the standard N-Ger that they had but, i guess cause we only see it for 3 seconds, there has been no explaination of it like other mecha have. So i'm wondering if anyone has ANY info about this design?????? I've found the weak explaination of it in the Robotech sites as a "officer power armour" but we all know that stuff is just a lie anyway Oh, and sorry if this has been posted before. I've done a couple of searches and come up with nothing (well, other than some rather interesting "discussions" about other power suits/armours and uglist mecha designs ever...) thanks!
  2. Bluemaxx

    Frontier DVD

    I have the first version of the four dvd covers that were put up in baronv's reply. Mine even came with the soundtrack too so i can't complain too much if the quality isn't the best
  3. Bluemaxx

    Frontier DVD

    I'll have to check what region my DVD's are from then cause i've got good english subs on mine...
  4. Bluemaxx

    Frontier DVD

    I think i actually got a malaysian copy of frontier, it was okay but the biggest thing that got me was the amount of ghosting i have on my dvd player when i run it through my TV, but it is fine on a computer.
  5. Bluemaxx

    Macross Ultimate Frontier for the Sony PSP.

    LOL! I think i'm with Renato on that one, Ranka and Sheryl grate my nerves....but Klan however...... Thanks for the advise guys, now i just have the come up with the money to get a PSP and MUF!
  6. Bluemaxx

    Macross Ultimate Frontier for the Sony PSP.

    Thanks for the responses guys, much apprieciated! But what about the language in the games is it all japanese or can english only reading people still get away with it?
  7. Bluemaxx

    Macross Ultimate Frontier for the Sony PSP.

    Hi All Been a while since i've posted anything but i'm looking at getting a PSP and this will be one of the first games i will be purchased (or downloading...) for it but i've got some questions. Before i ask them i have not trolled the 30 odd pages for this information and i've had no luck with the search query so far so bare with me: Do i need to have the PSP hacked to play or will it play the games without requiring the PSP to be hacked? Seeing as it is a japanese game is all of the language in Japanese or come someone who does not read the language still play it? Will i need a Japanese PSP or can i buy one of the Australian (PAL) machines are still be good to play? Like i said bare with me on this as i'm a noob when it comes to PSP's. Cheers
  8. Bluemaxx

    Whats the next macross series?

    I haven't read all of the post here so if this has been mentioned then i am terribly sorry but what if the original SDFM was redone with the higher quality of aimation these days? I've seen multiple series have this treatment done to them so why not update a classic. Just think they could use the squadron markings from DYRL (so skull squad. from SDFM would actually be skull squad.) and there would just be so much good eye candy we can dream....... oh and they could give the squadrons VF-4 update towards the end of the series.....i know its not really historically accurate but would be damn cool!!! now i'm dreaming/////
  9. Bluemaxx

    Flexi-Stand Poses

    now that is absolutely bloody AWESOME!!!!! now you just need miriya in the gun site to make it perfect i have to get some of these now....
  10. Bluemaxx

    Berttt's Monster Thread

    monster is a sweet build but i'm wanting more pics of that regult scout! pretty please!!!!!!
  11. Bluemaxx

    The Macross Quarter. DX Chogokin

    new MW game, sweet! now there's two things i'll have to try and get past the missus...
  12. Bluemaxx

    The Macross Quarter. DX Chogokin

    Thanks for the links now i have to figure out if this is worth more than a ticket to MacAus '10 cause it about the same price as a ticket to the gold coast decisions decisions.........
  13. Bluemaxx

    The Macross Quarter. DX Chogokin

    hot and sexy is right!!!!! ggggrrrraaaaoooowwwww....... So is this plamo available for sale or a one off?!?! cause if its available i want it
  14. Bluemaxx

    Mac Aus Con 2010'

    Okay so now we know where but how about when? with any luck i'll have my money situation figured out in the next week which means i'll defineately be able to come to the next one I would have preferred synday too but if its around october next year then I can called it a 1 year aniversary honey moon to the gold coast and do all the theme parks as well as macross con
  15. Bluemaxx

    Mac Aus Con 2010'

    I already live on noodles! best way to start the day