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  1. Looks great! Care to share what steps you use for painting metal? I've done a few other DX valks and am always a bit worried about durability (flaking, scratching).
  2. Ditto on the sloppy panel lining. These are brag pics so that's a little bit worrying. Still, these need to be done in huge quantities (relatively speaking) so there have to be concessions somewhere. Personally, I think it looks a bit overdone and I'd prefer to have a non-PF+ version. One where we get the new blue tone that's correct, plus the markings, but not the weathering. But I would imagine I'm in the minority here. Also, this is an order of magnitude better than the old Yamato special weathering editions. So by no means would I say these aren't any good. Just not my cup of tea is all.
  3. I'm sure they all found wonderful new homes, mate.
  4. Welcome back!
  5. mickyg

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Wow Saburo, you make something I have no interest in, actually look pretty awesome! On another note, I think I now know what the orange is supposed to be matching - the visor on the Battroid head! Somehow it works, especially with these pictures.
  6. mickyg

    YetiStand Alpha.

    Nice! Does it sit too far back if you don't use the elbow at the base?
  7. MechTech, awesome work! I was going to argue with you about the turret and tell you it'd look fine. That was before I saw your picture of the design in the real world! If it's based on the real thing, well, end of story!
  8. mickyg

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Besides... It's not like the rest of the armor matches anything at all. What's a bit of teal and red gonna hurt?
  9. Just in time for the second movie, right? Maybe we'll get some oddball add-ons like what happened with the Tornado parts for the movie version of Frontier. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a VF-171 though. It's never been touched by any model kits (well other than garage type kits).
  10. I'm guessing he means a replacement for the Arcadia one. It looks...blocky?
  11. Looks like the panel lines are much more "in-scale" with the toy. That's easily the most noticeable difference between this and the original Yamato version. It looks great! Can't wait to hear more about what others think of it. I'm gonna have to sit this one out and live vicariously through other people.
  12. I was just going to post that same story!
  13. I think he's referring to the ability of a file to expire or be "use once only". Not actual file complexity. I love metal printers!
  14. What a great little kit! I had no idea it even existed, to be honest.
  15. Wow, that works out to only $615 Aussie dollars. I've never seen the AUD so weak against the JPY. Unbelievable....
  16. Airshow photography is easily one of the most difficult forms of photography out there. In fact, it really needs its own thread, more than likely. But my 2 cents since this thread deals with aircraft and pictures are great and you're more likely to snap them at an airshow... DSLR is where it's at. Both for the reasons David has mentioned above (battery life, sensor size, zoomability) and some other ones he's not mentioned. I only shoot the moving stuff with my DSLR so these are all based on personal experience. I'm also not a pro and probably wouldn't even consider myself an ametuer these days. I am an active member of a photography club though and find it's hugely helpful. In any case, today's DSLRs are plentiful, even the entry level "cheapies" are easy to find. They still aren't nearly as cheap as the bridge or superzooms already discussed but they're also not far off and may be more affordable if quality if you factor in the cost of getting good shots and having battery life. Still, there's no doubt you'll pay for it. Pros: bigger sensor (usually) huge choice of interchangeable lenses Less lens distortion unless you're getting a 30-300mm or something huge Way better battery life due to the lack of powered zooms and the need for an always on screen. This varies though and the small "consumer" versions always seem to have smaller batteries and worse shots per charge than their bigger "prosumer" brethren. Much more accurate focus systems (usually). The gap is likely closing here. Higher frame per second shooting in "burst mode" unless you grab a camera with this specific feature as a core design. I'm sure they're out there. More comfortable to hold. This is a personal preference of course but they tend to fit the hand better and are easier to use all day for something like an air show. I'm sure there are others I'm leaving out but these are the ones that spring to mind Cons: high up-front cost they take up a lot more space tend to be heavier they can take you on a journey of discovery and learning that might take over your every spare moment! David, if you want to move this to a new thread, feel free. I'm passionate about photography and airshow is easily top of the list for me. I'd love to have a dedicated thread for it, if that's something people would benefit from. Furthermore, I'm sure there's some amazing stuff in the smaller cameras that I'm completely ignorant of. A thread might open that up a bit to others who are less likely to lug around a DSLR.
  17. You'd think that, but in my case 15 years ago, it totally did. "Oh, this is from a totally different series and isn't a natural progression of the original VF-1? Meh..." I think the fact that none of the toys could look like the artwork or anime just sealed it. But I'm older and less critical now and this thing looks pretty amazing. So there you go.
  18. I'm in the same boat. I know it's gonna sting though. The Legioss was always my favourite mecha when I was a kid. It wasn't till I was in my early 30's that I discovered most of the toys were terrible and stopped really paying attention to it. Well that and realising the cartoons I'd watched were a patchwork of unrelated sources... Seeing Captain America's resin, big build all those years ago was actually what brought me to this site. His rendition was what I thought it should look like in toy form, but nobody ever seemed to get it right. Until now...
  19. Even with a markdown, this one's gonna be a hard pass. The Aussie dollar is so bad right now that the JPY price at retail is over $500 in Aussie dollars. Just can't do it. I think I've been spoiled by good exchange rates in the past, when high priced items were being introduced. I'm recalling the VF-4 being closer to $300 when I bought the Arcadia release.
  20. Great shots of ongoing projects, everyone. My own progress has been very slow. Managed to get an hour or so in on the DC missile project last night. For anyone who hasn't seen previous posts, I'm using the Hasegawa VF-1 Weapons set in 1:48 scale to fit to the Bandai DX VF-1 toy. I've decided the magnet mounts for the missiles was a fun little mini project but it's just a bit too tedious to continue on the other three pylons. It's also very tricky to get the alignment just right and in the end, I figure it'll be easier to just glue the silly things in place and call it a day. Next step is to putty over the 3d printed adapters. The gorilla glue on the first test worked but it's a bit softer than I'd like. I think I'll use miliput on the rest of these and if possible, do some very light panel lines or something.
  21. This will be the first non-Avengers film to get a 4th movie. Captain America got 3, Iron Man 3. In fact, if you think of Avengers Infinity War and End Game as 2 parts of the same movie, even the Avengers films are sitting at 3. So 4 films is definitely something new for the MCU.
  22. As much as I love the Google translate's real time camera tool, snapping a photo of the above and using the finger highlight option, made way more sense! The real-time one said this: "be the size of the actual Kore. on the miniature I." And when I snapped the photo and highlighted it: "Well, the actual size is this. The top is miniature." And now we know.
  23. mickyg

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    That may have been me. Here's a better illustration of why that would be the case: The quickly drawn shapes, along with red circled areas around where the damage/deformation would likely happen: VF-1 Pylon face-on: A side, section type view: And the pylon shape for the YF-19/VF-19/VF-31 (and probably the SV-262 as well): Because of the angle of that round surface's edges, it deforms very easily when you push the pylons against it to fit/remove it. There are slight "nubs" on the posts of the pylon that are responsible for this. It definitely works, you just have to be really careful with the amount of pressure you apply when inserting or removing them. I'd love to see a close-up of the new VF-1 specific missile parts for comparison. My guess is that they put the main connection focus on the middle post, instead of the side ones for the existing DX mounts. On these existing ones, the attaching mechanism seems to be more about the outer posts.
  24. Jealous of all of you who bought the DX Missile set. My work continues on modifying the Hasegawa model kit missiles and although they will look nice when finished, the amount of effort I've put in to get them to work just doesn't seem worthwhile.
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