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  1. "Warning: Hot Air" on an air brake? Not sure that's all that logical. Certainly a cool looking sculpt but definitely not my kind of thing.
  2. BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Same here. I think it was a common issue.

    Maybe you were implying this, but according to this article, the colour scheme was specifically chosen as a nod to Genesis Climber Mospeada. Wow!
  4. Macross in the weirdest places

    Seriously? https://www.kotaku.com.au/2018/05/get-a-free-copy-of-galactic-civilizations-2-ultimate-edition-right-now/
  5. BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Thanks for the updates all. On second look at my statement, it's not a regular charge after all. Looks like it'll sit there, blocked out, but not cost me any interest until it's done and shipped. Makes sense.
  6. BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Anyone else get charged immediately for the pre-order by CDJ? I thought by using a credit card, I'd only be charged when it's in stock but I see it went on the card right away. Not a huge issue but obviously unexpected.
  7. BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Yours and a few other's posts helped immensely, Shizuka so all is not lost.
  8. BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    *Duplicate Post*
  9. BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I got one too. Totally got sucked in on this one. I was undecided when it was announced, got mildly annoyed when it hit and I wasn't able to be online to do anything about it, then got royally frustrated when the first wave of this "second preorder" sort of fizzled and even moreso when the "real" one seemed to do the same. By the time the link was posted, I was determined to make the order and surprisingly it worked. Nice tactic, if that's what it was.
  10. BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Thanks everyone! Not sure what happened with the countdown but you people who posted links are awesome!
  11. BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Thought it was on the hour but checking just now, I see it wasn't and I missed it. Oh well...
  12. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    This is why iPads and vice grips don't mix. In all seriousness, hope this didn't sour you too much on the kit because it sure looks good from here!
  13. DX VF-171EX from Macross Frontier

    I've got just one of the CF versions and although the shoulder triangles were broken pretty early on in its life, the legs have been no issue. Well, at least that I can see. The canopies breaking is a worry though. I'm going to have to have another look at mine to make sure there's no issues there. I'm still miffed that Bandai never did a properly colored armor set for the CF version. The CF only appeared with armor in the movie and it was a nice gray color. It was the EX that had armor in the TV series and that purple tone really works better with the white of the EX version. Nothing that painting couldn't fix but I really wish they'd have just released it with a different plastic shade in the first place.
  14. Hi-Metal R

    @Shizuka the Cat and @sh9000 I'm even hearing the music between ad breaks with this shot! Nicely done. I think you're ready for an update to Photoshop or even one of the Open Source editors though. You'll be amazed at some of the stuff you can do now that you've worked with Paint.
  15. DX VF-171EX from Macross Frontier

    They're one of my faves but in a fleet, they're just awesome to look at! Nice collection there Duy!