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  1. mickyg

    Hi-Metal R

    Went with HLJ as well. Had a credit I forgot about so that helped, even though their price was already pretty good.
  2. mickyg

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks @Shizuka the Cat - these are super helpful. 1 hour to go...
  3. mickyg

    Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Wow @MechTech that's some amazing work! I know what you mean about life and work (and commute) taking up a lot of time. I keep thinking I'm going to have an hour here and there to work on various projects that have been stalled for well over a year. Sometimes time is scarce, and sometimes you flat out forget what "time" is altogether! I love popping over here to see what everyone's up to though. Keeps things my creative mind alert and gives me lots of ideas for when I do rediscover some free time.
  4. mickyg

    Hi-Metal R

    The HMRs I own are fairly matte already. It might offer some protection but there's no shiny plastic look to cover up in my experience.
  5. mickyg

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    My thoughts exactly. I got mine in at HLJ but it's the same story with pay later at time of release.
  6. mickyg

    WIP: Alternate Weapons Pods for VF-31

    A great place to get started is Sketchup. It's not perfect but it should get you a feel for how to do modelling. I think you're gaming world editor experience will serve you well too. Though as I recall, Unreal used a "carve it out of a hunk of clay" sort of method. Is that still the case with newer versions? Back on topic, Xigfrid used Sketchup a lot so would be a great place to look for what's possible.
  7. mickyg

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Mine came from CDJ, had a fairly beaten up shipping box, and was still intact. If that's any indication of how they pack them, you should be OK.
  8. mickyg

    Hi-Metal R

    Not a bit! When we've been treated to what HM-R has been giving us for all the releases they've done, I'm right there with ya! I don't mind the mold-milking one bit. I do want to see a VF-1D though... EDIT: Hah! Tober beat me to it.
  9. mickyg

    Hi-Metal R

    Ditto. Saburo, that new "light tent" is just all kinds of awesome. Love it!
  10. mickyg

    Hi-Metal R

    Given you've customised more of these than anyone else I know of, I'm inclined to take your experience as the final word on the matter. Do you airbrush the paint on and what's your preference in paint brand?
  11. mickyg

    This was bound to happen...gray market VF's?

    Do you mean DYRL hands? The Micky Mouse (or "Clown") hands are the TV style hands. The square profile fingers, or the more robot looking ones are the DYRL hands.
  12. mickyg

    Hi-Metal R

    It'll probably work short term but your best bet is a lacquer based paint that has a bit of "bite" to it. Anything else is likely to scratch off just as easily as the original. I'm not sure if gundam markers are available in lacquer. The ones I've got certainly don't smell like they are.
  13. mickyg

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Oh absolutely. I forgot to mention again that this is obviously why the Advance has the spacing that it does, specifically to make sure the weapons can still mount when the boosters are installed. Furthermore, am I recalling correctly that the inner hardpoint actually serves as an anchor point for the booster pack itself?
  14. mickyg

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Had a chance to snap a quick pic this morning. Pardon the fuzziness of the YF-19 against the relative sharpness of the Advance. Also note the slight change in tone of the two "beige" interpretations. Some of this is due to changing the settings in the photo to bring out the details but it's also indicative of the real difference between the two. So it does indeed look like the outer hardpoint is the same between the two, while the middle and inner are spaced farther apart on the new release DX, compared to the original.
  15. mickyg

    Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    That looks incredible! Love seeing these projects of yours come to life.