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  1. Do you think they will go up in value since these companies are gone?
  2. Jerry Springer show wants to do a show on Fanboys and girls!!!!!!!!!!!!Call Tim @1-888-321-5399 and tell em Nathan sent you!
  3. It seems to make that HK one look like Casablanca.Looks like 90210ized it.Bleeeech!I'm fearful of the Robotech and Akira movie.What the fart?
  4. Hmmm.Are you from Philly?They're aprking cars in a lot near my apartment.
  5. No.Lingerie, bra and panties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Any how today they are filming in my hood in the Kensington area of Philly,Pa under the El Bridge from 12-10pm.They subsituting for Brooklyn.I saw a sign where the crew walking around that says 4th ave and Flatbush avenue.
  6. http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/Phill...tmovieexplosion
  7. Hi , I will be showing classic anime and live-action Japenese sci-fi at Germ Books and Gallery June 29th 12-7pm Germ is a books store that specializes in sci-fi and UFO books and is located on 2005 Frankford avenue Phila.Pa.19125 and the phone is 1-215-423-5002 or visit www.germbooks.com For play list visit http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/Phill...ltmovieexplsion
  8. Keanu Reeves as Klaatu?WTF?Why don't they take a dump on Robert Wise's grave while they're at it.I'm sure the hipster poseur crowd that likes the new BattleStar Galactica will cream themsemves.Hollywood really needs to stop mining the past and leave the classic the hell alone.
  9. Scratch the Mikimoto comment.I really wished he returned.I love his work.
  10. I saw some of the Macross Frontier thread on You Tube.It looks impressive.However Mikimoto did the character designs right I don't like flow as much of the original hand drawn.You can really see his unique style.But the story and mech designs are good.I loved the DYRL ending.Is this one where we find out what happens to Hikaru,Misa,and Minmay and the Megaroad.
  11. Sometimes people have to let certain titles go.How about move on to new stuff?Maybe that's one reason why we're having this Writer's strike because they're bored with the same crap.
  12. That's a nice pic of Millia from DYRL by the way.Right now I'm collecting the ADV Macross right now,Miss Ijima sounds so cute in English.I always watch the 1960's and 80's Astro Boy and the new Phoenix series.I want to find more and more Tezuka stuff if I can.And Demon Lord Dante.
  13. Has anyone announced what characters are going to be in it and what the plot?
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