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  1. Why thank you. I forgot about that. Fixed...?
  2. Hi~ I haven't been around here much, but I thought to come back today and see if anybody else was going on Sunday, since I don't have any friends here interested in Macross, really.. I guess I don't have to make a thread at least. ^^; I have a ticket into the talk show, but not the actual ceremony. If anyone wants to go again on the stamp rally (or for the first time) starting at 11am, I would be happy to go with someone. It's not very expensive or time consuming if you hit both FamilyMarts and one of the parts/small figure shops to fill the stamp rally card. I also wouldn't mind having a lovely Macross theme meal at Cure Maid Cafe as a stamp on the card again. Pine Salad and My Boyfriend is a Pilot were both cute and tasty, although a bit pricey, especially compared to convenience store onigiri/sandwiches. Does anyone know how restricted visibility will be if you're not /in/ Akiba_Square (a.k.a. you have no ticket)? Will we be allowed to stand outside the glass and watch from the outside, or will we be kicked off the floor entirely? I kind of really want to hang around after the talkshow for the ceremony even without a ticket. My cell email is wait_a_minute-82 [at] ezweb.ne.jp. I'll be out of town all tomorrow looking at some variety of early blooming cherry blossom (I know, right?), but I'll come home same day, so I'll probably try to arrive in Akiba by 11am if not before. I won't come back after tonight or be able to see email until at least 9pm Saturday, so if you want to meet up, please send mail to my cell phone. I'll try not to forget it when I go. My Japanese is not very good, and I'm a super newb in terms of the fandom, so please don't be offended by my stupid if we do meet up. ^^;
  3. Hi~ I sent you a PM, but I would also like to put a little something out there. ^^; Sorry, I don't mean to hijack. I am currently living in Tokyo and will be until the beginning of August 2009. I would also love to see some shows while I'm here, and would really enjoy the company of other Macross fans if somebody wanted to hang out somewhere (akihabara? XD), even on a normal weekend. I don't really know anything about the events here in Japan, so if anyone has information on them, I would love to hear about it. Thanks for taking the time to read my post!~ BC
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