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  1. Don't forget Kakizaki. If it was just Roy, Hikaru, Max and Kakizaki in the squadron, Max's promotion was probably a no brainer.
  2. Um, it was fun going along with everyone, but is this normal on these forums?
  3. I have my suspicions, but after digging through the Internet I think he came back to the RT forums as longbow385 promoting his show and projects. He gave himself away with when he confronted Treiz a while back.
  4. Can't believe it is almost over. After last season's finale, I thought the wait would be more painful. Actually, I almost forgot about it thanks to Macross Frontier.
  5. From the narration, it sounds like he was introduced to Robotech on Toonami, liked it and probably got pissed when he found out the history regarding Macross and the like. He might be disgruntled about either version or both.
  6. That's a lot of guns, like Gundam Heavyarms. Stick Bernard would approve.
  7. I'm more interested in how fans will respond when it comes out.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsIBuQ4h4bw This might not end well.
  9. That's probably the sad truth. Perhaps it would have been better for it to fade into obscurity and then released in its entirety only recently like Orguss, except without the ADV/ImaginAsian DVD problems. My God.
  10. That sucks, especially for Southern Cross these days.
  11. With Macross having been part of the Super Dimension trilogy, have there been any shout outs to Orguss and Southern Cross in in the franchise besides the original series?
  12. Just watched the trailer... sweet! Don't see how people can be so up in arms, and VERY nitpicky too, about the movie.
  13. Agreed, it is HG's franchise and if they want to keep it going they should be more creative with its future. You can't rely only on nostalgia if you haven't made anything new for the last 25 years. There has to be somebody in there who can make a new, decent mecha, ship, etc., especially with their connections with the U.S. comic book and animation industry. That is, unless they don't have them anymore and don't want to spend money to be original.
  14. It'll be painful to see how the Zentradi are going to be treated in the film(s). They might get the shaft to make room for other aliens. Peace and race aren't strong points in the franchise.
  15. Of all the people that have been hired for this movie so far, how many of them actually care about the material? It's hard to tell if it's genuine or if they are being paid to care about it. In fact, how much do you think they've spent just hiring these guys into the project?
  16. It looks like everyone is playing the blame game on the Robotech and Palladium forums. IP stuff, book size limitations, lack of communication, etc. Look out for supplements a la D&D books in the foreseeable future.
  17. Sourcebook my butt, all of this sounds like a poorly designed marketing scam... again.
  18. Never played the Robotech/Macross RPG or any role-playing style game before, has the game ever worked before? I'm a noob about these kind of things, but how do you play either series in that style?
  19. Episode 1, the San Francisco cable car rotating at the station. Having been to the Powell & Market turnaround station a lot it looked so much like the real thing, except less crowded. I even tried to imitate the scene on video but it didn't turn out as well as in the show.
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