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  1. Man, idolcide is a legitimate strategy in this universe now. Sorry Musica and Yellow Dancer, both of you might not survive this reboot.
  2. “Just repeat to yourself ‘It’s just a show, you should really just relax.’”
  3. Let's be honest here, all things considered the Macross and Robotech universes are full of weird, ridiculous secondary material that shatter any idea that either are gritty, super serious stuff. The difference is that HG is so insecure about it they have a hard time moving past episode 85, or 36, and rather not talk about their adventures with space bears, space amazons, rock people, Jean Grey imitators, Cylon rejects, not-spice, 90's 3D, space school, J-pop idols as written by Americans, and time parodox shenanigans unless the franchise was in real dire straits.
  4. Some creators are secure about themselves and their universe to include space whales, space vampires and space sloths without any regrets whatsoever (7). They’re even okay with salvaging ideas that really didn’t make the cut, like mind controlling singers (II) and songstress controlled doomsday weapons (zero) and make them work, even if it takes years of development to payoff.
  5. I stand by what I said months ago - forget this garbage and watch Orguss instead.
  6. Is that a third engine/thruster hiding on the fighter’s underside?
  7. What do you call a reboot that unnecessarily tries too hard to address a whole bunch of real world mistakes from past iterations of itself when it does not have to? A cop-out.
  8. Let me guess, needs more idols getting Furmanated for some dumb reason.
  9. Thank Palladium Books for this venture, whether they want to take credit for it or not. This only exists because they royally screwed up their project.
  10. Sorry. In my defense, be thankful I stopped at her. Other choices I could have gone with from that comic include the most frightening Meltrandi ever, fat Roy Focker, roided out Rick and Max, or Karl Riber Invid Hunter.
  11. I take it you have no idea what a Transformers alumni just did with the franchise.
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