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  1. After seeing recent updates on the Kickstarter page, can you really blame them for not bringing it up, especially because of THAT thing?
  2. The Palladium Kickstarter, which was actually funded, was also a failure. They were warned, but the 6000 people who paid for it really can't own up to it.
  3. For anyone who wants to know where Nic Mathieu ended up instead of doing this. Still don't understand why a big deal was made about him years ago. https://www.theverge.com/2016/12/9/13902914/spectral-review-netflix-aliens-sci-fi-movie-nic-mathieu
  4. Got it. "I don't care."
  5. I thought you were trying to say if the artist you like somehow benefits from sales of the book, then it's worth buying.
  6. Those artists may never see any money from sales of this art book.
  7. That's what neckbeards and lurking trolls want Robotech to be. Instead, they spend most of their lives making excuses for its many creative failures.
  8. That's cool. I'm getting worried they pulled a Bilbo Baggins on Keith; got knocked out at the very crucial moment of the war for independence and then was told what happened afterwards.
  9. From the album pictures

  10. From the album pictures

  11. I knew of him from a while back. After a few of his videos I had a feeling that all he was doing was just reading entries from the Lexicanum or other wiki-like website and game books. He doesn't deserve money for that.
  12. Funny, I started listening to the TED Radio Hour podcast a few weeks ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhzUC7yTcoc Contribute translated content
  13. It's really made me question the credibility of YouTube commentators these days, especially those trying to make a living going on about 40k lore for half an hour or so. Seto, you had any experience about that?
  14. Macross tries to be anti-war, Robotech is about blind patriotism and I guess misogyny based on what has come out recently. Macross the First also has a possible candidate for who Lady M is.