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  1. Robotech by Titan Comics

    Was that the guy who went to a convention and got Shoji Kawamori's signature on an official Robotech product last year?
  2. Robotech by Titan Comics

    Come on. This isn’t being made by people who have any worthwhile experience or interest in aviation or the military. It’s the same shortcomings everyone ever involved in Robotech had.
  3. Robotech by Titan Comics

    More gritty as grit can grit.
  4. Robotech by Titan Comics

    He actually has nerd cred. He worked on a Dungeons & Dragons audiobook.
  5. Got up to date with the podcast recently. From recent developments with Delta, I still think it has more in common with Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress than Frontier. By next February both will be at very similar positions in what I guess is their overall production and maybe story lines (original series, compilation film, and an unspecified future project sometime in 2018). You guys also bringing up a couple of times that little to no in-universe supplemental information for the mecha and setting has been released to makes me think there really was a long term plan for all of this. Saying very little about the Chaos mecha and organization beyond Walkure I can understand, since it might be plot breaking (Lady M). That being said, except for the Bird Human look alike I can't say the same about the Windermere Epsilon Foundation funded mecha.
  6. Robotech by Titan Comics

    Because the Simpsons dental plan video would be too easy at this point, I think the big secret about this comic is that someone working on it has a teeth fetish (odontophilia).
  7. Robotech by Titan Comics

    If anyone has a better explanation why all these characters “in name only” are like this, especially with their questionable oral hygiene, I’d like to know.
  8. Robotech by Titan Comics

    Frankly, that new generation this is supposed to cater to is apparently full of pricks.
  9. Robotech by Titan Comics

    God, all those teeth.
  10. AJAC ?

    To me it gave the impression that you were just another wishful thinker with no real plan to get anything done. Southern Cross really doesn't need more people like that.
  11. AJAC ?

    I looked at the beginning of this thread and saw a year old change.org page instead of something soliciting money for an actual crowdsourcing project followed by others high jacking it with unrelated fan art bombs. This needs to be closed.
  12. I remember GUNHED. Bought a VHS copy at a video store that was closing down with no prior knowledge what it was and only going by the logo on the tape. Could have sworn that it spent too much time as a squad based action movie before the robot even showed up and so dark that I had to adjust the brightness of my TV. It could be worse though. Half jokingly, has there ever been a theatrical screening of something with the quality of M.D. Geist in recent years?
  13. That might actually count as part of an adult art style in West these days.
  14. Robotech by Titan Comics

    Getting Megan Fox Bayformers flashbacks.