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  1. I want to have sex with that song! ... For reference - Bad American Dubbing 3 (@10:57)
  2. Damn Rick, take better care of your fighter. Not sure if that exclusive is supposed to look gritty or just plain dirty.
  3. RIP Minoru Takanashi Macross/Escaflowne Producer Minoru Takanashi Passes Away
  4. Hey guys, any chance for an update on what happened in Macross E and the Aerial Knights manga when the tankobons are released?
  5. From around the time of the Robotech Academy kickstarter, maybe promoted as part of their revival effort if it was funded.
  6. Are the English subtitles from the company a number of people from the SpeakerPodcast work for on the Blu-Rays not good enough?
  7. How about you buy it like a normal person on Amazon. To the original poster and anyone still not in the know, you're only getting this on some place like Crackle and Sony's plans will be a Robotech movie. And in the same vain as the shady reputation Toynami and Palladium Books has gotten over the years, only Harmony Gold would sell their souls to a studio that was not only allegedly hacked/intimidated by North Korea, but is currently almost one billion dollars in the red. Sony Film Unit Posts $920 Million Quarterly Loss
  8. Not Sony Pictures reselling the rights, but Sony Corp. selling off the entire Sony Pictures division.
  9. Sony Film Unit Posts $920 Million Quarterly Loss At least they're not planning on selling the whole thing... yet.
  10. They should build on the mystery behind Lady M and her possible franchise spanning influence Berger speculated about.
  11. Macross Delta Plus: The Bergering
  12. Gallery for the Macross Delta World Exhibit http://www.anime-now.com/entry/2017/02/01/000051?utm_campaign=ANN
  13. The next chapter being released in a couple of days should be the fallout from the dimensional bomb exploding. Really hope there is a twist coming besides making it very clear that Wright did it and Keith going off the deep end afterwards. If anything, what causes Roid's personality to change to how he is in the show would be interesting. So far he hasn't had much motivation beyond obsessing about the Protoculture ruins and Windermere superiority. There was that aide to the king who looked like an older version of him near the end of one chapter. Maybe his father?
  14. From Orguss.
  15. I choose not to fall for that trap with Clamp poser characters.