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  1. From Orguss.
  2. I choose not to fall for that trap with Clamp poser characters.
  3. Currently up to date with Keith's manga, though it doesn't really change my opinion on the Aerial Knights or Windermere. The cause of the revolution, for the king at least, can be summed up as pretty much "Make Windermere great again," and "They took our jerbs!" due to their relationship with the NUNS (the fold quartz). All of the Knights except for Qasim come from noble rich families and spent most of the revolution training at the knight school. Qasim is probably the only one with a legitimate reason to fight before the revolution started with a botched NUNS training mission that destroyed much of his town's apple harvest. He eventually joined the Knights due to attrition. Bogue might as well be the weakest link out of the group thanks to the manga. He pretty much only got to join the Knights due to his family connections and not his piloting skills, especially when it's revealed that they may have been financial backers for the whole organization. Unfortunately, that is also probably the reason they were targeted during the revolution. Most of his family didn't die from the dimensional bomb. Yes, its whole purpose is to give both some background and development for a lot of flat characters from the show, but as of right now it is also the only POV we have of the major conflict bringing the plot of the whole show together. In terms of scope, not really interested in seeing Keith longingly gaze into Roid's eyes in a heterosexual way all the time when there are more important things happening in this world. The most interesting thing to me from the manga has nothing to do with Keith or the Knights, and it pretty much sums up my frustration with the manga. In one of the recent chapters Wright Immelman appears in in a random encounter of Keith pretty much in a Chaos style infiltration mission with fake runes. And so far nothing else comes of it.
  4. It's good to know that Gubaba is still cool with people from the forums even if he isn't active here anymore. I agree with everyone from the episode. I want more Delta.
  5. Would have been better than the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration last week. That was a total cop out.
  6. Walkure Trap album certified as Gold Disc Delta still in top 10 series in December's issue of Newtype
  7. http://walkureworld.tumblr.com/post/150067593644
  8. The real answer to this poll is that tearjerker pic of Seymour from Futurama. Wishful thinking regarding these folks hasn't payed off since the AnimEigo DVD set.
  9. A Japanese blu-ray set was already released and there are members of this forum who helped officially translate the Fronter movies to English and now doing the same work on the Delta blu-rays. In a couple of years we might not need Sony or HG's token efforts.
  10. So yeah, Delta had the standard Macross ending. As I said in other threads, I have a hard time believing that there's just a movie, continuation or compilation, with so many lingering threads unresolved. Have the feeling we're going to have to wait until the end of the second airing of the series to find out the future for the series. Last Sunday was episode 18 again, so that would make it Christmas Day. One thing this episode answered? Berger's theory that music is a weapon only applies to Windermere through Heinz. Unfortunately, he, as the weapon, only figured that out after forcing someone else into the role his entire kingdom, or just Roid, was prodding him into for entire series and finally witnessing the effects. I have a hard time sympathizing with him since it appears he had a cloistered life up to now, maybe due to being treated as both royalty and a weapon. I don't know, does he have the mentality of a human 8 year old despite his short lifespan? Remember, his brother was a pilot or pilot in training and became a closet sociopath around his age. Then again, weapon. All things considered, Ishtar learned quicker.
  11. I think you're about 25 to 30 years past the point where the involved companies would have any respect for the show and real creators to care.
  12. A combination of running out of ideas for products to sell and desperation to make money for a stagnant trademark. Per Toynami and Palladium, don't be an enabler. Is that thing supposed to be "cute?"
  13. Cheer up, microns. The intended audience liked Delta. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-10-09/shinkai-your-name-kabaneri-win-top-newtype-anime-awards/.107437 Like I said a while back, it's karma for what happened with My Little Pony.
  14. Has anyone from the podcast been keeping up with the Delta radio show? There's been two episodes since the end of the series now.