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  1. With a lot more context, I think it’s pretty clear the wrong people got mad for nothing in 2019.
  2. I think they lost that and things might be getting worse for Robotech.
  3. The Internet owes me the last couple of months back for the overblown piece of news this year was all about.
  4. Bend a knee for your new hipster overlord, 85ers! Welcome to a new age for Robotech!
  5. True, one of the defining aspects of Titian Comic’s run with Robotech so far might as well be having no disregard for the source material (and the ACTUAL source material) to try and make an original story. If there isn’t a grand strategy that they are striving for at the end, many, many years from now, I’d say they are just digging a hole for themselves that they may not be able to get out of. Then again, Furman and everyone else working on the first comic book got out easy by just handing off that burden to the Remix staff. If they were working under extreme handicaps to make something resembling Macross, imagine the handicaps this Southern Cross remake is under. So yes, they were willing to sacrifice Minmay and everyone should be fair game at this point. Just want to be sure, Remix is supposed to be a continuation of the first comic series and not a self contained story with an extreme tonal shift, right?
  6. Discotek Media has the license. They released the series on DVD in the US a few years back.
  7. It’s the Southern Cross portion of the series, silly. He becomes a franchise spanning McGuffin around this time. It’s all about Dana. ... Pray for her.
  8. Sorry Eastwinds2k, Robotech just joined that bandwagon too.
  9. Old_Nash keeps posting pictures of this weird alternative universe where some Macross characters have been turned into soulless husks that spend most of their time spewing out exposition instead of fighting aliens with mecha. I have no idea what the thread starter is talking about.
  10. I don't know whether it's ironic or hypocritical that for all of mockery Robotech fans and maybe HG staff have given to Macross 7 over the years that certain aspects from the show are now slowly showing up in an official product. And at the expense of so many years of canon. How the mighty have fallen.
  11. This farce ends in 2021. That’s the spoiler of all spoilers for this comic.
  12. Characters from universes connected by the Super Dimension have always been weird. Delta’s just continuing the tradition.
  13. Might as well be a holdover from the 80’s.
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