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  1. A “professional” drama queen on the internet will always need to go below the belt to pay the bills.
  2. Let’s be honest, the U.S. ultimately did nothing right. This is just one of many consequences for it which will be felt for a very long time afterward.
  3. Remember that this is only happening in places where people really screwed up dealing with a pandemic, which unfortunately is also places where a lot of major movie studios make their money.
  4. It’s like the decline of arcades, except heavily self inflicted and much of it could have been avoided.
  5. I think someone made Berger a rich, happy guy to get their hands on that fighter.
  6. The powers that be still have a soft spot for Macross Zero.
  7. Imagine if you were a huge fanboy for or had a crush on a celebrity and suddenly found yourself standing right in front of him/her. You would probably be a hot mess trying to react like Hikaru... or the Flower Girl... or Ranka... or Freya.
  8. They did announce a season 2 a while back. Sometimes plans change, but maybe it’s still happening, just not at the relatively breakneck pace a lot of people were expecting.
  9. I’m the guy who did I also did the Gritty Minmay pics too, remember? Besides, it’s not as much thought power as a lot of people put in the toys, models, and workshop sections of the forum.
  10. I actually put effort I what I do, and like the people behind Delta trying to have a long game view at this situation. Also, I am not a weirdo who is obviously a product of this era of the Internet desperately trying to get attention for how “smart” I am.
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