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  1. Bad news spoilers, it's all gonna be space weed's fault. We're at the unfortunate implications part of the story.
  2. I think it’s safe to say that their vainglorious careers are over at this point.
  3. Wow, just vainglorious. I learn something new everyday here.
  4. He has a Furmanism for that. ”Can I do less?”
  5. Saving you from some heartache about the genre.
  6. Honestly, I don’t know much about that industry. But I do know you and a lot whole lot of other people collectively gave PB so much support over the years, and over a million dollars just in the last decade, despite their flaws, got burned, and now hoping people are willing to do it again for other companies that might do it better.
  7. It rubs me the wrong way that this is essentially jumping ship from one long term investment project once helmed by experts in the RPG/ war game/miniature industries that didn’t work out to a whole bunch of them at the same time and hoping against hope that some of them will pan out.
  8. I thought these games only became possible because Palladium screwed up so bad that they lost the license around the same time as they were first announced. https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2018/3/2/17071612/robotech-rpg-tactics-kickstarter-disaster-palladium-books
  9. Too many people from the Palladium days got royally screwed for this.
  10. Wow, so no one in Titan Comics really had the balls to "kill" anyone really important in this series.
  11. Too bad that it has become acceptable form of performance art to point and gawk from the other side of the world by people who think they know better.
  12. These days, I take people who have actually lived or even just took a trip to in Japan/Asia a lot more seriously over aging holdovers from Robotech who have co-opted a lot a habits from moonlighting in that mess for a very long time and bring that garbage here.
  13. “All the dirty jobs.” Am I doing it right?
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