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  1. Knight26, from what you read, are the stakes really high going into the possible finale of the series? Like the multiverse is in danger kind of stakes or a robot crab swarm will kill humanity deal? Is a Japanese idol somehow part of the solution to all of this madness? Hell, was all of this building up to a fixfic quality story addressing everything that happened with the franchise for the last 20 or so years?
  2. Oh, it’s Lazlo Zand who is doing the scheming this time around... Sorry, I still don’t know who that guy really is historically in the franchise or care at this point. Just another original character with a dumb name.
  3. Huh, what a waste for the guy who derailed everything (as usual). Who the heck thought it was a good idea to reboot one of the worst Robotech original characters ever just for that? (Just to verify, he and maybe that other Robotech original character scientist who doesn’t matter assassinated Captain Global for whatever Orguss related scheme the Titian Comics staff made up, and inadvertently sabotaged the Rick/Lisa/Minmay triangle and character development each of them had in the show that made viewers actually care about any of them? And the damage he caused was for nothing?)
  4. No one’s concerned about whatever dumb plan this guy is working on?
  5. I think any semblance of a love triangle and character development the main three were supposed to have died with Captain Global and replaced with too much plot exposition and Furmanisms.
  6. Old_Nash, knowing you please don’t start a new thread for the next comic. Just rename the thread to encompass this era of the franchise. For instance, the “We Don’t Care Anymore Chronicles.”
  7. I’m afraid to ask, but who cares anymore. What’s their solution to the time/space BS?
  8. You know, that other comic book in the pipeline with that poser who got burned by Kawamori recently. The Dana comic book, Robotech Remix.
  9. I wasn’t the guy who gave the green light for that or the probably maybe borderline pervy Southern Cross comic.
  10. Please, feel free to use my seizure inducing Minmay in the discussion thread as an example of what the renewal is getting people.
  11. It’s easy to ding something when what really matters is happening on the other side of the world and all you can do is whine.
  12. I have no regrets working on those Wright Immelman pictures of mine in anticipation.
  13. Mission accomplished then. Now people know how the wannabe Zentradi are feeling in this universe. As I showed, that's because the last time they antagonized purists it set back his franchise for years.
  14. If they waited a couple of years for the troll farms and etc., then it would have been a viable strategy. Or not, since it was supposed to be about crowdsourcing money instead of picking fights with people. Or was it always about that, even today? Sorry, I really don’t get all this BS in social media these days. When the dust settles from that announcement that has just spiraled out of control in just a month everyone just ends up with stuff like this to make excuses for.
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