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  1. Could’ve been worse. Imagine putting the entire future of the franchise solely on a quasi-Robotech equivalent and it back firing spectacularly. The rest of the world had to see that happen.
  2. Yoshiyuki Tomino Aims High: "My Next Work Will Crush Demon Slayer and Evangelion" This happened today. These people will live and die making anime.
  3. The man responsible for Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, ladies and gentlemen. Poster boy of the Sentinels curse in modern times.
  4. I think at one point official skateboards using Macross visuals were sold. More random stuff like that could be in the pipeline.
  5. The more domestic stuff HG tried to sell people like the ugly clothing. Something the staff probably wore at a convention panel or threw at people as freebies. The stuff most of us here wouldn’t waste our time on.
  6. Model planes can only take a company so far, though. They got anything else planned with those 41 besides tacky merch that just screams mid-life crisis? *The random stuff that they’ve released under the Robotech brand for years they should have put more thought into.
  7. Despite how significant they are at this point, I think it would have made more of an impact if those 41 characters and mecha weren’t almost 40 years old and HG did not have the reputation they currently have.
  8. Did someone actually say some of those phrases in the stream? “Pay to play?”
  9. Their new partner will be watching everything they say and do at these events from now on.
  10. Someone was crazy enough to think it was a good idea to make my profile pic happen!
  11. One of the head honchos at HG green lighting a lot of those comics also came from the comic book industry. His main talent was drawing close approximations of Macross characters It’s been the go to medium of choice when their TV and film projects stalled or got unceremoniously cancelled.
  12. @Nied Good for you for being enthusiastic about this, but I think you and other people who came back to the forums just because of this news missed out on on a whole bunch of things that happened with Robotech that explains why you are getting so much pushback. I see you haven’t posted anything since 2010. A LOT happened, much of which made it very clear that Robotech’s glory days came and went a long time ago, and maybe led to this happening. Those things you’re excited about that might happen because of this agreement? It’s just a continuation of what HG has been trying to do with the fr
  13. Then they better haul a$$ then. The last few years haven’t been good for Robotech.
  14. They probably need a new reboot right off the bat just to undo the hot mess Remix left the Robotech universe.
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