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  1. I think I’ve learned enough about Robotech to say that unless people working on the franchise really have a plot related use for her, they would rather not give her any attention besides a token reminder that she exists and fan service. And when they do, like what the Titan comic is doing, it’s a bad sign they are just going to put her through McKinneyist levels of hell.
  2. They’re going to kill Minmay in-universe to reboot the franchise?
  3. If Orguss taught me anything, to fix all of these problems you need to create a time/space paradox by finding the idiosyncratic point and forcing them to kill their past self. That should make everyone happy, except maybe T. R. Edwards. Screw that guy. That being said, with all the time/space shenanigans going on, it’s weird that the staff would choose to spend some pages on Minmay.
  4. It’s all exposition leading to space bears to me.
  5. Death cult, like the Mardook. Or like the Mayan Island religion, but far more militant.
  6. I thought the idols were supposed to be the real divas here.
  7. Game of Thrones isn’t getting a season 8 do over despite a similar petition, so no.
  8. My thoughts going into the finale, if you want to change or save the world, stay as far away as you can from the seven kingdoms. Totally not worth it.
  9. Season 1 ended with character X dying, followed by characters Y, Z, A, B, C, D, E... The only difference is that some people had time to prepare for some of those things happening. Anyway, if the legalities aren’t resolved in a few years, the franchise might end with this as the grand finale. A.k.a. the McKinneyists won. Not sure if it’s something to gloat about considering the “quality” art and storytelling the staff will try and execute it with. They should have just gone with an actual reboot instead.
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