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  1. Collapsible necks? Dam...that'd be pretty cool. It would be nice to see some re engineering of the old school valks.
  2. Are these the same one that were released a few years back?
  3. I'm down for one...even with moderate articulation. I'd be happy with something a bit more modern.
  4. Its not that complicated. Its on the passenger side block. I can be done in under two hours guaranteed. edit: can't spell
  5. Theres an OBD 2 port on the underside of the dash. You can take it to your local Autozone and have it scanned for P codes, or have it scanned by someone with a Vag Com...or have it scanned by the dealer with a 1552...but I'm sure your joking.
  6. Take the car in and have it scanned. If the coolant light is on, the ECU should have some error codes stored in it. A 2.0 Beetle waterpump is around 60 dollars. It does not take 700 dollars worth of labor to replace. If the car is leaking coolant, check the reservoir...the coolant could be low and would trigger the light. Check www.vwvortex.com
  7. Smooth transaction with vermillion01! ! ! Happy that you got it!
  8. Thanks for the kind words! The car was run on Neuspeed's Clayton dyno. It made 272 to the engine (Neuspeed calculates engine power). I recently installed a pair of Schrick 264/260 cams. The car has been problematic (mostly small ectectrical stuff)...but I've working through them one by one. I knew what I was getting into when I got the car. Since the car has been out of production for 12 years now...parts are being discontinued and are getting super expensive. I bought a pair of French spec headlights about 1.5 years ago for 500 shipped from Germany...now its 700. The spoiler has yet to fail on me.
  9. I got my Swerve at Target for 20 bucks. Lol...should have got one more.
  10. When are the reissue reissues coming out...or are they already out?
  11. Ultimate MISB G1's! http://cgi.ebay.com/The-Ultimate-Boxed-G1-...1QQcmdZViewItem Will it blend? http://www.willitblend.com/videos.aspx?typ...eo=transformers
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