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  1. Same, the web monitor I had put on BBTS dinged last night so I picked it up quick, It's my first and only one though. When are these supposed to come? The site says July, but I assume that hasn't been updated.
  2. These Bandai pre-orders really do seem to get worse and worse with each release. I don't get why there's even a pre-order if they decide to make a miniscule amount that won't even satisfy 10% of the demand. These things are literally selling out in seconds each time. You'd think someone would have a clue and say "hey, we should make more!" But the boss probably says, "more profits?! Fired for that crazy talk!"
  3. Well screw this. I'm saving $200+ I guess.
  4. Lost it at HLJ. Spammed add to cart until it worked, but the cart page was really slow.
  5. Sigh... I remember now why I took a 2 year break from this hobby. I might extend this to 3...
  6. And clicking on Add to Cart from the search page for HLJ just gives me "The product wasn't found. Verify the product and try again."
  7. hlj product page just won't load.
  8. Access restriction due to high traffic...
  9. Nope. I ordered mine on Sept 2019 and it's still in "Preparation in progress" and has been for many days now.
  10. I swear, they must have one person packaging and shipping everything. ... and that person is a paraplegic trying to control robotic arms using voice commands.
  11. They better not go down before shipping my VF-0D!
  12. I made the mistake of clicking that link instead of relying on my web monitor. My page got stuck in spanish and I couldn't figure out how to change it back. It was gone by the time I figured out how. lol.
  13. I did. However, Nippon Yassan still has made no movement with this. Not even a processing order status. Is this the same for everyone else that ordered from them? I'll get back into weathering when I get a new airbrush. The one I was using is having airflow issues and I haven't been able to get proper support with regards to fixing it. Edit: okay wow... I just went back and read through the last couple pages. I guess NY has been really dropping the ball here....
  14. Man, I'm really late to the game here. I'm glad the 31A is a web exclusive so I didn't miss out on it, but wtf is the deal with the 31J Kai? That makes no sense whatsoever...
  15. That's a whopping 20x10-4% savings! What a deal!
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