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  1. I used it to lift up my Armored VF-25S and YF-29 Durandal Alto with Super Parts, which allowed me to move my YF-19 and VF-2SS to the right and park Max on the left. The Monster is a bit boxed in right now, but I'll figure something out. Also considering some Yeti stand options as more of the 1/48s are released.
  2. This could also be filed under the "how do you display your valks" thread, but my solution to this problem generated by Bandai's 1/48 DX line was to get a clear acrylic monitor display stand through Amazon and put some of my "in flight" valks on it so you can see them in the background. Way cheaper than official display risers of that size and it can hold a lot more weight if needed. For example: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075WSW2BK/
  3. I'm having the same first world problem with my Max. I had to squeeze him onto a shelf right in front of my HMR Monster.
  4. I saw the same thing the other day when I checked. 33,565 to the US.
  5. Private warehouses and tactical shipping decisions are key elements of my marital survival strategy
  6. It wasn't that much the first time around, and initial estimates from HLJ were twice that (33,720), meaning that shipping was just as much as the kit itself. I don't know what HLJ did, but they got the cost down to something more reasonable after a bunch of customers complained (myself included). It's a big box, so I get that overseas shipping will cost more, but the initial numbers were ridiculous. I'm not sure if other stores will be as accommodating as HLJ. I just went through the motions of buying one on Amazon Japan (40,101). The only shipping option to the US is AmazonGlobal International Shipping (Priority), which is 33,565. Same problem as HLJ. The 16,700 option might be the best one out there right now.
  7. You beat me to it. I was just digging up the same pictures. Those are definitely TV hands. I could see Bandai charging $25/set for these (just because they can), given that the missiles were $35/set. Six small pieces of plastic for $25....
  8. Anasazi37

    1/48 decals?

    That's where I started about 17(!) years ago, quickly moved to using an ALPS printer that can handle white. Took a few years to get the process down. I "retired" from printing about ten years ago, but recently started it up again on a very limited basis because Max Factory made the very bad decision to only include stickers with their $350 1/20 scale Gerwalk kit (they eventually released decals, but I think mine are better ). PM with what you guys need and I'll see what I can do. The biggest limitation for me right now is the ink my printer requires. I *think* I've tracked down a new supplier with somewhat reasonable prices.
  9. Maybe for FedEx. HLJ gave me these three options when I contacted their customer support team about unreasonably high estimates for shipping to the US that their site generated automatically: EMS ¥9,840 FedEx ¥18,494 DHL ¥20,266 If you can get flat rate DHL shipping through Amazon Japan, that would definitely be better. They also look to be cheaper than 42,000. (check out the link @tekeringshared)
  10. Anasazi37

    1/48 decals?

    Yeah...I need to put an actual site together instead of using the crappy options Google's drag-and-drop site builder gives you. If you click on the names of the sets in the dropdown list you get images, but it's all very clunky. (and thanks for the compliment)
  11. Anasazi37

    1/48 decals?

    Drop me a message. I made a full line of decals and stickers specifically designed for the Yamato 1/48 back in the day and might be able to hook you up. Here's an archive site I threw together with images of everything: https://sites.google.com/site/tridentdesignworksdecals/ The site isn't easy to navigate at the moment. Go to the upper left, click on Yamato, then click on 1/48 to see the full list. The Standard and Standard FAST Pack sets were the ones most people wanted for the VF-1S.
  12. My fighter kit arrived today! I can definitely think of worse problems than having to build both of these beauties. They do take up a lot of space, though. Armament sets are still at HLJ, need to get those shipped soon. I was surprised by the flimsier packaging for the fighter kit compared to gerwalk. They basically put a light cardboard wrapper around two boxes. I can't decide if that's better or worse, but it does make it harder to move since the boxes slide around and if I do open up the boxes to look at the stickers and instructions, I'll have to tape them shut again.
  13. My Max showed up from NY a few days ago. No damage to the box, no shoulder hinge issues. That blue is impressive in person. I've been waiting six months to do this. Still tweaking the pose, but it's about as close as you can get with a DX.
  14. Anasazi37

    Hi-Metal R

    Went to bed early, got plenty of sleep, checked all of the usual stores at 0600 Mountain Time before heading to work, and the only one sold out was HLJ. Came home from work, checked again at 1730 and it's the same. That experience is much closer to what it should be for Macross fans outside of Japan who want Bandai stuff. HLJ is still a popular option, so it makes sense that they'd get wiped out, but there should be plenty of other options at or near retail without having to compulsively hit F5 across multiple browser tabs in the middle of the night and hoping you don't get cartjacked every time you try to check out. Was a little surprised to see how much lower NY is selling it for, but a little competition is a good thing.
  15. HLJ followed up on my inquiry about exorbitantly high shipping costs for the fighter kit last night. Here's what they said: Now *that* is more like it. Very happy that they were able to help us out. If you have one in your private warehouse and haven't contacted customer service about shipping, do so.
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