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  1. Link to my post one page back, which includes a link to my post from last month:
  2. Two collectors enter, one collector leaves. I call dibs on the chainsaw. Trying to keep them on their toes. Someone needs to start thinking outside of the box in that company. Seriously. Their box is terrible and it's sucking the joy out of collecting Macross valks.
  3. I was trying to stay optimistic with my list, but we are dealing with Bandai, so maybe it will be a combo of #4 and #5, where you have to gather all of the pieces through purchasing Gundam toys, then the grey goggle head is a TWE lottery item that they unexpectedly announce at a Tamashii Nations event--with less than 24 hours before the pre-order window opens.
  4. A non-transformable valk would be an odd move, given how much Bandai has invested in making transformable ones. What they displayed a few months ago was armor on transforming Hikaru 1J, Max 1J, and Roy 1S valks. Bandai has three options for how they could release the armor (assuming they will): Release the armor as an accessory for the VF-1J Hikaru we got two years ago Reissue the VF-1J Hikaru, then release the armor as an accessory that will work with either one Package the armor with a VF-1J Hikaru reissue (what was done for the Hi-Metal R line)
  5. Unknown. I only ordered the regular one and the date showed up in the automated Private Warehouse email I receive from HLJ every few weeks when I have stuff ready to ship or on pre-order. If you look at the actual listings on their site, it doesn't mention a specific date for either version.
  6. See this post from last month:
  7. That Hikaru 1S looks so much better now! And the aftermath is why I include extra decals with each set.
  8. Yeah, we were chatting about that a few pages back, wondering why there's a decent aftermarket supply at (for the DX line) decent prices. It could be a "perfect storm" of circumstances that includes COVID-19 financial stresses for collectors, which we might never experience again, or maybe Bandai actually made enough this time around. I don't mind paying a bit of a markup after release if it means that I don't have to deal with PO Madness, but right now we don't have enough data to say anything definitive about that.
  9. I'm right there with you, but only if it's a Hikaru 1J + GBP gift set or there's a reissue of the Hikaru 1J and then the GBP set is released separately. I don't care if the 1J is grey goggle or original. If the only Hikaru 1J we get is the one we already have, I'll pass. I'm not going to drop $500+ to get another one so I can put GBP armor on it. That would be extremely shortsighted on Bandai's part, but we've seen them make lots of questionable decisions over the years....
  10. AE has a Roy available for ¥32000, before shipping: http://www.anime-export.com/product/50591 That's way above current market price....
  11. Good point on COVID. It's made collecting more difficult for everyone. And I figured someone would quickly fill my Yamato bad-business-decisions placeholder. Their approach wasn't sustainable, but Bandai has been at the other end of the spectrum. Maybe they're a bit closer to the middle now. Or this Roy release is a freak occurrence. It's probably safer to assume each release is going to be a bloodbath and plan accordingly, but I'm trying to find some kind of silver lining in the lower price and greater availability for Roy....
  12. The current price and availability of Roy compared to previous releases is raising some questions for me. Did they make more this time? Is he not as popular? Is it because this is a TV variant instead of DYRL? Will Bandai make less next time? Where I've landed at the moment is that this kinda feels "just about right" with respect to Bandai, where if you missed out during PO Madness you can still easily get one after release on the secondary market at a price that isn't completely ridiculous. I'd love to have the kind of availability and pricing we used to get with Yamato (insert the usual comm
  13. Yeah, that's HLJ's original price for the Premium Finish version. They pick a price for pre-orders and stick with it until release. Can't say the same for some of the other shops out there. You're paying for convenience and good customer service. With HLJ, you know you'll get the item you ordered or your money back. No shenanigans where they ignore multiple support tickets you submit, keep telling you that stock is on the way, or try to give you store credit instead of a refund when they can't deliver.
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