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  1. Yes, that's true. They could have resolved the inconsistency by including a Hikaru figure with a helmet rigged for space flight. You could make the case that Hikaru left Roy's name on the canopy in honor of him.
  2. I just noticed that in the official photos of the Tamashii Features 2020 event, where the Super Set was unveiled, Bandai conveniently left atmospheric-helmet-Roy out of the cockpit:
  3. My last EMS shipment (one SSP set for the 1/48 DX VF-1), posted on 18 Apr, entered a black hole on 17 Jun. According to Japan Post's site it was dispatched, but here we are a month later and...nothing. My best guess is that they packed it into a shipping container and it hasn't left the Tokyo airport because there are so few flights to the US. I'm guessing another month before it arrives, which would be consistent with the four month estimate Japan Post was communicating back in mid-April.
  4. Nice catch! As soon as my Max showed up, I put him in the iconic street battle pose (battroid mode), so I didn't take a close look at the pilot. He's indeed ready for space flight. It would be nice if Bandai provided two figures with each TV release (atmospheric and space versions), since they clearly have the molds and the means to do so, but that would be far too reasonable. So, recasting Max looks to be the way to go if we want a Roy or Hikaru in the TV 1S with Super Parts to be as accurate as possible.
  5. Much appreciated! You know, it says something about PO Madness that I didn't even bother to take a close look at the pictures posted on the Tamashii Nations site. I saw a Roy, I wanted a Roy, that was enough for me to start hitting F5 compulsively. Looks like he's geared up for atmospheric flight, not space flight. I'm still putting the Super set on it. And if someone did end up doing a recast of the pilot that I could paint as Hikaru, I'd be interested.
  6. Good point. For me, personally, I think it will be a "hard pass" if Bandai releases a Hikaru-specific TV VF-1S, since the only differences from the Roy would be the name on the canopy and the pilot figure. That's a $190 (best case) to $350 (worst case) purchase for two very small changes. Maybe they update the box, too. Meh. If someone wanted to do a resin recast of the Roy figure, which people could then paint so it's Hikaru, that would be a $10 solution. Come to think of it, we haven't seen the Roy figure, have we? He might be wearing an atmospheric flight suit--despite the Super set being announced at the same time. Makes my brain hurt.
  7. Wanted to give you all a sneak preview of the waterslide decal sheet I'm working on and ask if it's missing anything critical, based on what we know about past and upcoming DX releases. It currently contains: Pilot names for the canopy: 1st LT. Hikaru Ichijo, CPTN. Hikaru Ichijo, MAJ. Roy Focker, CPTN. Maximilian Jenius. They would be printed with and without the black background so you can either "paper over" the existing name on the canopy or apply a new one after carefully removing the existing name. Modex numbers for the vertical stabilizer: 001, 011, 012, 013. I put all four on there based on the decal sheet that is supposed to come with the Hayao 1A. Again, they would be printed with and without the black background. Skulls for the area behind the pilot Ejection seat triangles Skull for the heatshield The markings are either an exact match to what Bandai is using (skulls, modex numbers, and ejection seat triangles) or in the same style (pilot names). Some of the markings are designed to support @RedComet's custom Roy and Max 1S projects (and anyone else wanting to make those customs using the Hikaru 1S). There are duplicates of everything in case mistakes are made during application, but if you're used to working with waterslide decals, you could potentially dress up 2-4 valks with one set.
  8. @RedCometand I are working on a decal sheet for folks who want to fix reversed vertical stabilizer markings, add missing markings like the ejection seat triangles and the skulls behind the canopy, and enable Roy 1S and Max 1S conversions from the Hikaru 1S. We're even throwing in a Hikaru name for the canopy of the official Roy 1S.
  9. When you're dealing with third party sellers, items can be used. At that price, it's *probably* new. Others have noticed a downward trend in price of the Hikaru 1S on AJ since Roy's PO. I just checked the Amazon listing and it says "43 new" and "2 used" at different prices. When you click on the listings, you can filter by new or used under "Condition" on the left side of the screen. You can also quickly see which ones are fulfilled by Amazon.
  10. Yeah, it's unusually big. One MW member called the Max 1A a "narwhal valk" and ended up shortening the head laser. Carefully.
  11. I've been a customer for almost twenty years and built out a big chunk of my Macross toy and model collection through them. Excellent customer service and their Private Warehouse sets the standard for everyone else. Their website has gone through some big changes over the past year, and I don't think anyone here would say those changes were for the better, but you really only notice the issues when a large number of people are trying to buy the same item at the same time (like the recent preorder for the Bandai DX VF-1S Roy). That tends to not happen with model kits, so you'll be fine. I bought all three of the Plamax 1/20 Valkyrie kits through HLJ. Sure, they were a bit more expensive than other stores, but given the high price tag, I wanted to make sure that I'd be taken care of if something went wrong...which it did. Turns out the boxes for those kits are BIG, so the automatic shipping cost calculators most sites use (including HLJ) were coming back with estimates well north of $300, which is insane. I contacted HLJ customer support, shared my concerns, and they worked with their shipping department to lower the cost by a substantial amount--for everyone. To my knowledge, they're the only store to do that, which made buying these large kits much more reasonable. I've also sent feedback to their founder, Scott Hards, on several occasions and he always provides thoughtful responses.
  12. That's exactly why I use a "travel" card for these purchases
  13. I think there's enough demand for a more general "fix issues with current and upcoming releases" decal set. I floated the idea about 30-ish pages back and got a positive response. Ejection seat markings, skull markings for behind the canopy, correct modex numbers for vertical stabilizers, and now Hikaru's name for the VF-1S. Did I miss anything? Easy for me to do that and the entire set shouldn't cost more than $5 to make, depending on the printing method you use. Did you outsource the decals for your Roy conversions? What method did you use?
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