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  1. Wow, that’s not good. I always use a combo of Microscale’s Micro Set and Micro Sol. You have to brush them on, but that kind of wrinkling doesn’t happen. Well, you get a little a first while the decal settles, but after that you’re golden. I guess really crappy decal film could still end up that way, but I’ve never seen that happen....
  2. I avoided the ghost toner method for the same reason. OKI makes a printer that handles white, too, but even at the $6000 price point registration is still an issue because you have to send the paper through twice. For big decals, not a big issue. For small decals, definitely a big issue.
  3. Thank you! Unfortunately, that will probably end up being a painful process due to misregistration. What might be a lot easier to do is print the decal, brush on some Liquid Decal Film to protect it, then cut it out using very thin and sharp scissors or a hobby knife. The film keeps the ink from chipping off during cutting if you’re using a laser printer and keeps the ink from running when dunked in water if you’re using an inkjet printer. Just be sure that the ink is fully dry before applying the film.
  4. I'm not exactly sure what you are asking. Are you planning to scan in the sticker sheet and print the graphic onto decal paper using either an inkjet or laserjet printer? If so, the white areas will come out transparent and the entire decal may not show up well if the surface you put it on is dark (i.e., grey).
  5. I really appreciate the thought. I started out with an ALPS MD-1300 about seventeen years ago and then moved to the MD-5000P a few years later. I've been using that model ever since. Temperamental little buggers....
  6. I have some good news and bad news for you all. I'll start with the bad news, otherwise the story won't make sense. I kicked off the print run last night, was several orders in, and...my printer died. I knew that I had been asking a lot of the old girl lately (she's 14!) and was hoping that she could hang in there just a little bit longer. Honestly, I'm amazed she lasted this long. These printers are notorious for breaking down and back in the day when I was making decals on a regular basis, I had two printers so I could keep one in active use and send the other out for repairs on a rotating basis. The good news is that I wouldn't have taken on this project and offered sets to you if I didn't have a backup plan. When I retired from making decals, I had just received my second one from the repair facility and instead of fixing the one I sent, they gave me a new one which I kept in its shipping box, unopened, until last night. I've moved that box across the country and back several times over the past 13 years, thinking (and explaining to my wife) that I was going to need that printer someday. So, we're still in business, but now I'm working without a safety net. Plamax has not only taken a lot of our money, and is now nickel-and-diming us on accessories, but also just cost me an irreplaceable printer.
  7. Thanks for posting that, @slide! It prompted me to take a closer look, and there's a lot more missing. Here's a quick analysis, based on scans of my stickers (missing stuff in red boxes). It seems like their minimalist set is overkill and their full set is anything but that. You only get part of what you need.
  8. And did anyone else notice that the yellow/red/green/blue decals for the legs that are shown in this preview pic aren't actually included on the $60 DX sheet? We might just be getting a subset of the sticker sheet....
  9. I'm still making them and I really appreciate the support. Several of you have already reached out to me to say that you want me to move forward with the print run. Since I can print sets on demand, it's not a big deal. I just didn't want to force them on anyone that is simply looking for a basic decal option.
  10. And I'll be there to help them
  11. I had a feeling that Plamax wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to nickel and dime us for the stuff we really want them to include with each kit: weapons and decals. I'm still planning on using my decals for my kits, but that's a personal choice.
  12. The good news is that Plamax realized they screwed up by only including stickers and have rectified the situation. The bad news is that I might have just wasted a lot of my precious free time on this project over the past few months and several of you have already gone through the trouble of placing orders and sending payment. Luckily I haven't started the print run yet. I'll PM everyone who has expressed interest and ask what they want to do. I'm 100% okay with refunding payments if you want to go with Plamax's decals instead.
  13. I compiled the list of everyone who has expressed interest (fifteen) and have reached out to each person via PM. I have already heard back from twelve of you, which is extremely helpful. At this point I think I can handle all of the orders. I'm really excited to see what you do with the decals.
  14. The full and minimalist sets are finalized! Preview pics are below. I'm not looking to make money on this activity, and we've already spent so much on the kit and shipping, so the prices are the same as what I used to charge fifteen years ago (roughly $20 per letter-sized sheet of printed decals). The full set takes up a little more than three sheets ($65) and the minimalist set takes up a little more than one and a half ($32). Please PM me with your order, including anything custom that you want. If it's simple stuff like different numbers, colors, and pilot names, I don't think that will cost you more because it doesn't take me long to make those changes. If you want something more complex, we'll have to talk. The limiting factor here is my ink supply, so I don't know how many orders I will be able to fill because I'm trying to keep some in reserve for the fighter kit coming out later this year. I will go through this thread and my existing PMs and make sure that I have accounted for everyone who has already expressed interest and the order in which they did so--just in case I need to put a limit on the print run and have to make some hard decisions about which orders I can fill. Prioritization based on order of interest seems like the most fair approach, unlike the completely broken who-can-refresh-their-browser-fast-enough preorder process for Bandai DX Chogokin valks. My desire is to help everyone, so hopefully it won't come to that. If I do hit my limit, I'm open to tracking down more ink to do another print run, but the sets will likely end up being more expensive as result.
  15. Okay, there are now *six* options for the display: blank (the original one), combat scene, tactical scene, tactical scene with DYRL Misa overlaid, just DYRL Misa, and just TV Misa
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