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  1. Bandai's decal application and painting instructions for those reissued Imai and Arii kits are notoriously incomplete. You basically have to figure it out on your own from staring at the pictures on the instruction sheet and the box. I'm not sure it will help here, but you could always install the Google Translate app on your phone. You can take a picture of what you want to understand (even if it's on a computer screen) and it will attempt to translate it on the fly. It's not a perfect system, but you can get a decent understanding that way. I've used the take-a-picture-of-my-screen method wh
  2. Mandarake sells and ships their own items, and they're pretty meticulous about what they sell. In other words, their grading scale is conservative. I've received items with "damaged" boxes and couldn't figure out what they saw. I've also received "opened" items and it wasn't clear that anyone ever took the items out of their plastic trays. Sometimes they show pictures of the items and not just the box, but not always. I've only ever had one issue with a Mandarake purchase and it wasn't that bad.
  3. I suspect that the Japanese site will be updated faster and more frequently than the English one: https://tamashii.jp/special/tamashii_nation/ Still nothing Macross-related yet, as far as I can see....
  4. KiKi loose joint fixer also works really well. Not that you should have to use it on a brand new, re-engineered toy....
  5. Or take it out of the box, dump all of the parts into a flimsy plastic bag (like the kind you get at a supermarket), and slap a label on that.
  6. Really wish that Max would build out the rest of the VF-31 and VF-25 at this scale and sell full Fighter mode kits. I'd buy and build those. Just producing the nosecone is such a tease....
  7. I've permanently removed them from my list of stores to use. I don't even check their site anymore. Going through a proxy after release to get an item through an auction, even if I have to pay a fairly large markup, is preferable because the odds are much higher that the item is real and I'll actually get something for my money. It's unfortunate. I've had good luck with them over the past several years, but based on the recent experiences of other members, I know that luck will run out, so why take the chance.
  8. You're looking for the 1/72 VF-1 Valkyrie Weapon Set. Hasegawa seems to regularly reissue it, so you can generally get it for under $10. It's ¥800 at HLJ right now: https://www.hlj.com/1-72-scale-vf-1-valkyrie-weapon-set-hsg6 They do make a 1/48 version, too, but I think those would look comically large on a 1/55. Here's the hole placement on a Hasegawa wing: Here's my best guesstimate mapping of those holes onto an old beatup Jetfire wing I used for customization practice a few too many times: And here are pictures of the hobby drill I used and the a
  9. Current "easy" option is to repurpose the 1/72 Hasegawa armaments. They look decent on a 1/55, albeit a little small if you look closely. Still, I stockpiled a bunch of Hasegawa weapons sets a long time ago just for this task. It's possible to use a hobby drill on the wings to make holes that are *just* the right size to support friction-mounting the armaments. I did the math and mapped out where to place the holes if you want to go that route. I think I have a picture of that I can post if you're interested. Gluing on some small rubber circles with holes drilled into them is another option.
  10. I've seen some members post that the private courier service worked out for them, with their packages arriving in about a week (I think), but it was just too sketchy for me to try. For the few items I still had there earlier this year, I paid $5-10 each to have AE ship them across Tokyo to Tenso and then had actual shipping professionals with access to brand name courier services like DHL send them to me. Since then I've avoided AE and will continue to do so until EMS is an option again. With that said, their customer service has been less than stellar lately (based on what I've read here), an
  11. Anasazi37

    Hi-Metal R

    I know what you mean. It hurt to pay that much to get a set, but I put the UUM-7 effects on my Roy Strike and the RMS-1 effects on my Max 1J and they both look great.
  12. I'm also thinking that there are some potential upsides to this new approach. Shipping consolidation is definitely one of them. In a branch dedicated to mecha, maybe we'll also see more Macross items for sale and get support from staff who specialize in that area of collecting instead of having to be generally knowledgeable about everything sold in the regular branches. I'm not expecting that some Macross super-fan is going to work there, but having staff focused on mecha would be a good thing.
  13. So the six I saw in the video are the six that showed up online a few weeks ago. I was also wondering where they went. Maybe they moved all of the mecha stuff out of their main branch and into this new one across the street. I wonder if they'll do additional consolidation across all of their branches.
  14. This morning I started to see "Mechastore" as the location for some Macross items on Jungle's international site. A quick online search revealed that Jungle just opened a "Mecha Store" branch: four floors, 1500 square meters of space, all robots. They posted a quick video tour on FB: The tour guide blew right past the Macross stuff, but I managed to catch glimpses of it at 1:25 and 2:04. I spotted at least six HMR Monsters and lots of accessories for DX Frontier valks (screen caps below), but I suspect there's much more. This kind of specialization and investment on their part might
  15. Good point
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