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  1. My recent hunt from Japan Trip, that SDF-1 take most of my luggage space!
  2. ntsan

    Hi-Metal R

    I am definitely interested on the VF-2ss
  3. I still play the 1/55 from time to time, while other is mostly for show only and only transformed like once or twice or never. Though latest VF-31 got really good poseablility
  4. I like the white paint of Arcadia 0s, but that is out of my budget atm.
  5. FInally got vf-0s, my fav valk in the series
  6. Ohh looks like the VF-25G superpart I got is the revised one. It hard to know where you got the later revision or early ones. With new Macross anime coming next year I really doubt they gonna reissue any Frontier stuff, I do like the VF-25 more than VF-31 though, but toy wise VF-31 is much improved over VF-25 era
  7. Thanks for the info! Is that why vf25g fetch higher price than s and f? Cos it only 1 run off?
  8. Yeah it is, only the 1/1800 SDf-1 or the 1/20 VF-1 can match it in size, 1/60 feels cute compare to her That sdf-1 look gorgeous, much better looking than TV version, pairs well with 1/100 scale wise
  9. Putting my Alto and Michael on the shelf My Macross shelf is still WIP lol
  10. Yeah it was sealed and unopened, I guess I need to buy nail polish to get joints firmer, it mainly the joint connecting to the body that is floppy
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