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  1. Eh, somewhat? It’s a fairly elegant solution though, given that the cockpit ends up shielded and located in the torso. The “head” is really just a sensor turret with cameras and other imaging sensors. We don’t ever really see any other sensors at work, but I have to Imagine that it has FLIR, Light Amplification, and Thermal built in. Not to mention being a convenient place to put lasers for missile defense. And I think GERWALK should see more use. It has a lot of versatility that we never really get to see explored.
  2. I’m actually really happy to see that this thread is still here and active two and a half years after I started it! Y’all are great!
  3. Imperial Guard, Space Wolves, Necrons, and Tau. I’m just trying to reduce my Tau and Space Wolves, gonna eBay it.
  4. Thanks guys! I think that I’ll pull the models apart into assemblies and paint them that way. The one I’m really wanting to do is a Zeta Plus, which I want to do a Custom USAF low vis scheme on, with some nods to the original scheme.
  5. So after talking to my dad, and finding out exactly how static stability is determined, the VF-4 would be much more statically stable than the VF-1. The center of gravity is much closer to the mean aerodynamic chord of the wing. The VF-4 would definitely excel at high speed interdiction missions. Are there inboard hard points? I know that such hard points would be useable in fighter mode only based on how the ship transforms.
  6. Valkyrie Driver

    Hi-Metal R

    So, I just recently dipped my toe into the Hi Metal R pool with the VF-4. I love it. Now I want more. But first has to be the DX YF-19.
  7. So, I created a monster. My friend group is now totally obsessed with Gunpla. So far we’re all staying with the 1/144 scale. I’m the only one who has painted a kit (which was a real pain) or assembled a real grade. I do feel that I need to ask, what is the best way to paint a kit? Can I paint an HG kit after its been assembled? I have an Airbrush so that’s not a problem, but should I have primed it on the sprue first?
  8. I suppose that’s fair enough. It’s as good an explanation as any. Seems kinda like an F15 vs F16 kinda thing then.
  9. I feel that. I too have poor money management skills. I know. I want to build an AR-10 for 800yds, But I think the wiser course would be to learn the game with the rifle I have. I do want that. I’m already reloading for my .308 and it’s been an experience. Besides, I already started an AR build, and a Geissele trigger and charging handle are the next upgrades. I really like bolt action rifles. I want a Ruger Scout, because I want a brush gun, and I want a rifle that I can run some drills with, because if you can be a good rifleman with a Full power bolt gun, it will make You a better rifleman period. Most of my collection will probably come from my dad, so for now I’ll be content with my very utilitarian collection. Yeah. I only have the one, so far. But I’m in no real hurry to add to my collection. I just don’t have the space. what I do have is a ludicrous amount of Warhammer 40k minis that I want to get rid of...
  10. I only have the one, and I’m not very good with it yet. I can hit at 500yds, but Definitely not sub MOA. I’m also a poor man, so I have to work with what I’ve got.
  11. Yeah, AR’s are simple, but this is my first one, and it’s kinda special to me. The 1911 is custom built by me, from an 80% frame. The bolt gun I’ve had, but it’s been a project to build into a long range rifle, it’ll probably get re-barreled before long.
  12. Since the last time I was here I have had a bunch of weapons join my collection. Mostly because of my attendance of gunsmithing school. Here are a few of my new ones:
  13. I don’t know if this has been asked and answered, but does anyone know why the VF-4’s atmospheric flight characteristics are stated to be worse than the VF-1 or VF-5000? The design actually seems to be fairly sound aerodynamically. It has a lifting body and a decent amount of wing surface for control surfaces.
  14. All of a sudden I get a text update saying that my package will arrive this Thursday. Which is thrilling and disappointing all at the same time. Thrilling because it’ll be here soon, but disappointing because I turn around and leave for a Bolt Action tournament as soon as I get home that day...
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